Hannah Jane Evilsizer & William Riley Dailey

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.Hannah Jane Evilsizer was born 2/1859 in Jackson Co, WV She married William Riley Dailey 2/26/1878 in Jackson Co, WV.
There are 2 marriage records. One shows William Riley Dailey age 21 married Hannah Jane Owens age 19 and the other (same date) shows Hannah Jane Parsons.
They appear in the 1880 census of Jackson Co, Ravenswood, WV
William R Dailey, 24, OH OH OH
Hannah J, wife, 20 WV WV WV
Thomas, son, 2 WV
Peter, brother, 19, OH

They appear in the 1900 Jackson Co, Ravenswood WV Census
William Dailey, head, 4/1856, OH OH OH
Hannah J, wife, 2/1859, m22y 11/8 OH WV WV
Thomas D, son, 5/1878, WV
Sebastian, son, 3/1883, WV
Nancy C, 3/1886, dau WV
Rachel E, dau, 11/1888
Okie S, son, 7/1889 WV
Senna M, dau 8/1884 WV
William E, son, 9/1896 WV
Lottie M, dau 11/1899 WV

They appear in the 1910 Jackson Co, Ravenswood, WV census
William Daily, head, 54 m1x,
Hannah J, wife, 49, M1x
Sebastian, son, 27
Okey, son 21
Lennie, dau 16
Edward, 14 son
Lottie, 11, dau
Shirley, son 8

They appear in the 1920 Wood Co, Williams, WV 171 River Rd
William M Daily, 63 OH
Hannah J, wife, 60 WV
William E, son, 23 WV
Shirley F, son, 18 WV

Birth records of children:
    Sebastian Dailey born Jackson Co, WV 3/7/1882 to William Dailey and         Hannah Jane Evilsizer
    Rachel Elizabeth Dailey born Jackson Co, WV 11/18/1887 to William Riley and Hannah Jane Powers
    Lottie M Dailey born 4/6/1899 to William Daily and Hannah Daily

Death Certificates of children:
Thomas D Dailey born 5/27/1878 died 9/8/1956
Father William Dailey
Mother Jane Evilsizer
Informant Robert Dailey

Shirley F Dailey born 1/9/1902 died 9/1/1957
Father William E Dailey
Mother Jane Evilsizer
Informant Mrs Lena Dailey

William Edward Dailey born 9/14/1898 died 6/11/1959
Father William Dailey
Mother Jane Evilsizer
Informant Mrs Jane Dailey

Sebastian Wilmer Dailey born 3/17/1882 died 3/13/1952
Father William E Daily
Mother Hannah Jane Evelsizer
Informant Mrs Martha Jane Dailey

Death Certificate
Hannah Jane Dailey born 1/1859 Jackson Co, WV
Died 11/18/1930 Wood Co, Parkersburg, WV
parents named as unknown
Informant S W Dailey
Burial Rosemont Cemetery

1870 Census shows no Hannah Owens, Powers, Parsons or Evilsizer.
Jackson Co formed from Kanawha, Mason and Wood.

No marriages located for Hannah Powers, Owens, or Powers

Although when married, she did not use the name Evilsizer, all of her children's death certs identify her as Jane Evilsizer. Could not have married late in life, since a child birth certificate also names Hannah Jane Evilsizer.

Marriage License Rachel
  • 30 Nov 1905 - William DAILEY name on license
  • MERCER, B. C. [B. Cleveland] 19 born .........../residing Parkersburg, Wood Co., WV
  • DAILEY, Rachel E. 18 born Jackson Co./residing Jackson Co. [dau of William & Hannah Jane (Powers) DAILEY]

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