Unknown EVILSIZER Connections

The following are family members found in Cemeteries, Census, Social Security Death Records, Family Trees Submitted to FamilyTreemaker CD's, and through EMail communications on line. If you have any additional information as to the parents of any of the listed persons, please advise me, so I can "connect" them to the family and advise the people that they now have a link to their heritage.

Adam Eibelshauseuser immigrated to the US in 1846 at the age of 18. (Source Hessian Immigrants Index to Family Names Book II; Immigrants from Hesse_Kassel 1840-1850) Never found in US Census.

Alexandra Evilsizer (Source SS Death Index) b 6/6/1901 Calif died 7/6/1981 Orange Co, Orange,CA. SS App says she was the daughter of Richard Henry HUGGETT born in London England and Mary Cullen. She was born in Kent Co, London, ENG.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA) - July 28, 1994
, 81, of Kent, July 21. (SSDI born 6/26/1913 issued NY died 7/21/1994 last res King Co, Kent, WA)

Alicia Catherine Evilsizer was born June 29 1981 in Contra Costa Co, CA and her mothers maiden name was PARKS.

Hazel Downard was born 1/31/1903 in Wellsville, OH and died 4/26/1941 Columbiana Co, E Liverpool, OH. She was married to Howard H Fisher and is buried in Springhill Cemetery. Her death certificate says she was born to Robert Downard birth place not known and Anna Evilsizer birth place Wellsville, OH.
1900 Bates Co, Bath, PA
Robert Downard, head, 6/1878, 21, OH PA PA
Anna, wife, 5/1883, 17 , md less than 1 year, no children, PA PA PA
Katherine Davis, mother in law b 10/1860, 39, M27y, 4/3 PA GER GER
(Robert Erwin Downard was not found in 1910, in 1920 he was a widower living in Beaver Co, New Brighton, PA. He died  1923 and death cert names wife as Jennie Edgell. This suggests Anna died prior to 1920 but not found in Ohio death certs. Hazel appears in the 1920 Census Columbiana Co, E Liverpool Ohio, a foster daughter for Lee and Elsie Herbert.

Anna L Evilsizer over age     18
William P Davis over age 21
Married 4/14/1910 in Golden Colordao by Ira D Hall, Minister, Golden, CO
(no census records located)

Annie Evilsizer, age 43 in 1930 Census of Hamilton Co, Cincinnatti, OH on 21 A Madison Rd. She is a maid working for Rev J P Summond and wife Grace and is single.

Barbara Ann Evilcizer born 8-4-1941 address 1611 James St, Springfield, TN married Claude (nmn) McCool, Jr born 7-11-1932 address 3215 Leawood Lane, Nashville, TN, 2/26/1972 in Robertson Co, TN. Barbara descends from unknown line of John Shaw Evilsizer and is a sister to Rita Caroline below who md James Worsham and Donna Jane below.

Barbara Ann Evilcizer born 8/4/1927 res same as Barbara Ann above indicates she may have been her mother who remarried. This Barbara married Elvin Ray Mason born 9/15/1940, Aug 13, 1968 in Robertson Co, TN.

Betty Sue Evilsizer age 34 living in Clarksville, Indiana married Louis R Wimp Jr age 21 living in New Albany, Indiana March 22, 1964 in Clay Co, TN.

Charles (Charlie) Evilsizer born Sept 1877 IN boarding with Wm M Phoebus in 1900 Census Butler Co, Vermillion Co, IL

Charlotte Evilsizer
1900 Cooke Co, Gainsville, Texas Film T623-1623 Book 2 Pg 130
Benjamin F Rook born 6/1845,45, Married 37yrs, roofer
Sallie A, wife, born 6/1846, no children
Lottie Evilsizer, adopted daughter, born 4/1890, OK, GER, TX

Christopher Michael Evilsizer was born 8-15-1985 in Los Angeles, CA and his mothers maiden name was CURL.

Claire Evelsizer was born Aug 11, 1896 and died Dec 20, 1935 in King Co, Seattle Co, WA. She was age 39 yrs 4 months and 9 days. Her father was named as John Evelsizer and mother not named.  No census records can be located not associated with an John.


Connie L Evilsisor was born  Aug 24, 1965 in Alameda Co, CA and her mother's maiden name was MORTON

Darline Evilsizer died Jan 26, 1936 Franklin Co, Buckner, IL age 1 year.
(No Evilsizer families in Franklin Co, IL for 1930 Census, need to identify parents)
Has another death on same day for Nadine Evilsizer,  age 1 yr. possibly twins.

Donna Jane Evilcizer born 5/15/1951 res 1611 James St, Springfield married Robert Lee Kaukas born 5/1/1943 res 2104 Carter St, Springfield, on May 24, 1974 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN. She is a sister to both Barbara Evilcizer above and Rita Evilcizer below. She descends from the line of John Shaw Evilsizer and her paretage is undetermined.

Edith Evilsizer born c1902 married Melvin K Merrick 9/16/1922 in Wexford Co, MI. She was the daughter of Norman A Taylor and May Evilsizer. Norman and Carrie May are found in the 1910 and 1920 Wexford Co, Michigan census, both say they were married 2 times. There is a step-son named Forest Warner indicating Carrie must have married previously to a Warner.  This Carrie May (Evilsizer) was born c1875 in Indiana and her parents born in Pennsylvania. It is not known who she is.

Eduard Herbert Evilsizer was born @1956. He married Debbie Lucas 3/18/1974 in San Antonio, TX and they divorced and he married Margarita Leonor Barrera May 19, 1984. They have two children I can find, Jessica Lynn born  May 24, 1985 and David Charles born 12/20/1988 both in San Antonio, TX

ELIZABETH EVILSIZER married James Arthur 9/11/1839 Kanawha Co, WV.
1840 Cabell Co, WV Census
1 male 20-29, 1 female 20-29

ELIZABETH R EVILSIZOR born 4/2/1981 OHIO died 9/14/2003. (SSDI)

.Emma Evilsizer is found in the 1920 Census of Tillman Co, Frederick, OK Ed167 Roll T625-1488
108/108 Mary B Stalford, head of house, 40, divorced, KS US US, owns milinery shop
Paul McKester, roomer, 22, single, works in shop
Emma EVILSIZER, mother, 50, widow, CA CAN CAN
(One of these ages must be incorrect because of only 10 years gap)

Esther Frances Evilsizer md Robert Harold Mehrley 1/1/1972 in the Norwood Methodist Church in Marietta, OH. She is a sister of Mrs Wiley Duval. They resided at 598 S 12th St in Coshocton, OH. Marriage appeared in the Coshocton Trubune Wed, Jan 5, 1972. Complete article in Dec 03 issue of Evilsizer Exchange

Etta Bell EVILSIZER was born in 1870 Champaign Co, Mad River, OH and died


Eunice Evilsizor
9/22/2007 9:48 AM
Troy teen pleads guilty to stealing from grandma
Seventy-eight-year-old cancer victim Eunice Evilsizor managed to save more than $9,000 and kept the money in a secret hiding place. ...(requires subscription)

Frank Ebelsheiser age 65 born Jan 1835 in Germany living with John Young, named as Father-in-law, 1900 Census Tazewell Co, East Peoria, Fondulac, ILL. Not believed to be of our line.

George EVILSIZER age recorded as "O" died Mar 19, 1833 in Manhattan Burrough, New York.

EVILSIZER, George shot and killed by George Herndon Missouri in KC Journal 6/5/1898. Wife was witness. George Herndon in 1900 census Johnson Co, MO.

Hanna Jane EVILSIZER born 2/1859 Jackson Co, WV. Read Family History

IDA MAY STOUT  was born @1865 to Jacob Stout and Helen Evilsizer. She married in Jay Co, IN to E Shellbarger Nov 8, 1884 Book C-E pg 549. No census records located other than 1870 and no marriage record for Helen.

1870 Noble Co, IN William Hall, 41; Joseph Hall, 79; Helen Stout, 29; Ida Stout, 3 IN


Harry R EVILSIZER divorced Helen W in Gadsen Co, FL Sept 1963

Infant Male

Personnel, Including Dependents and Civilian Employees, created 1/1/1961-12/1981
Country of Casualty-West Germany
Category-Non-Battle dead
Name– Infant Male Evilsizer
Personnel-Dept of Active Duty Army
Casualty Status-Non Hostile Dead-Died of Illness
Date of Casualty 9/24/1974 Reported 9/25/1974
Religion-Roman Catholic
Home of Record– Mascoutah, Illinois
Date of Birth 5/24/1974


Isaac Evilsizer-Guardian Bonds, Champaign Co, OH-Book 1-1805-1858 4/16/1831 William Taylor, guardian of Isaac Evilsizor, indentured his ward to John Miller

Isaac & George Eubelseizer
George is a possible son: (father died prior to census taken)
Found in 1860 St Clair Co, IL Census, New Athens Twp, Range 7 W, all inhabitants from Germany.
He was living in the household of John Bowen, 56, b KY, Rebecca 49, William 19, George 17, John 14, Emily 12, Susan, 10 and Jacob Koch 21m b NY. George is age 2. Also living next door is the Koch family from Hesse-Darnstadt Germany. Henry 35, Margaret 25, Henry 5, Caroline 3, and Margaret Lutz 55. I noted the Koch family as in the 1900 Census, Otto V Ebelsizer had in his household a Rosina Koch, born 1822 in Germany named as his grand mother. They were in Floyd Co, Greenville, Indiana. Since Ottos linege is proven by his mothers obituary, i assumed this Koch connection to be on his mother's side. Stranger things have happened.

I. N. Evilsizer and Sadie Rook had a daughter/son in Jay Co.,IND, 6/20/1894. The only Evilsizer family in Jay County IND in 1900 are the children of John and Mary Polly (Collins) Evilsizer. There was no child with initials of " I.N" and. It may have been his Son John W and wife Sarah, but no children are found in the census, assuming the infant died before 1900. She would also have to be 44 years old, so it is possible.


Census Place Penn, Jay, Indiana
  Family History Library Film   1254286
  NA Film Number   T9-0286
  Page Number   352B  
Daniel ROOK   Self   M   Male   W   28   IN   Teamster   OH   OH 
 Lucy A. ROOK   Wife   M   Female   W   28   IN   Keeping House   OH   VA 
 Jefferson ROOK   Son   S   Male   W   6   IN      IN   IN 
 Addie ROOK   Dau   S   Female   W   3   IN      IN   IN 
 William SWORDAND   Brother   S   Male   W   10   IN   At School   OH   VA 
 Sophia SWORDAND   Sister   S   Female   W   16   IN   At Home   OH   VA 



Belleview News-Democrat May 31, 1909 Junction City Kansas May 31
Death of Woman in Doubt
The dead body of Mrs J H Evilsizer, wife of a well known business man here, was found on the banks of the Republican River near here. Death was due to a shot fired from a pistol found near the body. Letters left by the woman indicate that she committed suicide, but the respective positions of the body and pistol have induced the coroner to institute and investigation.

Jacob Lee Evilsizor was born in San Diego, CA Aug 8  1982 and his mother's maiden name was KIRBY

Published on August 8, 2003, Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA)Police Beat Dubuque police reported the following: James R. Evilsizer Jr., 19, 2757 Broadway St., was arrested Wednesday on warrants for charges of domestic assault. He is accused of assaulting Jennifer Sheldon, 19, 2734 Jackson St., on Feb. 26, and Alicia Harmon, 19, no address given, on June 24, 2002. James R. Evilsizer, 19, 2757 Broadway St., was arrested Wednesday on a charge of domestic assault with injury.Evilsizer is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, Jennifer L. Sheldon, 18, 2734 Jackson, in the 200 block of E. 22nd Street Wednesday.

Janie L Evilsizer born @1952 married Lee T Hills Nov 6, 1971 in Santa Barbara CA. Her parents are not known.

Jay Alan EVILSIZER divorced Rachel 12/1/1982 in Volusia Co, FL

Jeff Evilsizor of Urbana who married Nora. Nora a granddaughter of Martha R Deaton Serr. Martha Deaton was the d/o ABC Deaton and Nora Davis

Jeffrey L Evilsizer married Georgiann Lewman in Denver CO 1/25/1986

John SHAW Evilsizer was born Nov 1832 in OH?. He married Martha A Page Jul 05, 1864 in Cheatham Co,TN. She was born May 1844 in TN.Census 1: 1870, Cheatham Co, Thomasville, TN- shows born 1840 Census 2: 1900, Robertson Co, Dist 9,TN Voters List: 1891, Cheatham Co,TN Dist 14,pg105. Family lore - John told his son that he was a stow-away on a ship from Holland at age 12. He never told his son who his grandfather was. If this story is true, then he would have arrived in 1844. Why does he never show in any census records of 1850 or 1860? If this is true, why did he always give his birth place and his parents birth place in the US? This line changed the spelling of the name to EVILCIZER

              Children of John Evilsizer and Martha Page are:
               i. Ellen E Evilcizer (Source: 1870 U S Census-Actual.), born Nov 01, 1865 in Robertson Co,Springfield,Tn. She married Alfred Jerome Mantlo Mar 06, 1896; born 1861 in Robertson Co,Springfield,TN; died May 11, 1921 in Robertson Co,Springfield,TN.
              ii. Andrew D Evilcizer (Source: 1870 U S Census-Actual.), born 1867 in Cheatham Co, TN.
             iii. Shelton L Evilcizer, born Apr 28, 1870 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN; died Oct 04, 1934 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN. He married Annie Mantlo (Source: Cemetery Listing-Grave Stone.) 1901, daughter of Alfred Mantlo and Tennie Palmer. She was born Dec 09, 1884 in TN, and died Jan 31, 1941 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN. Children of Shelton and Annie:
                      i. Cordice Evilcizer (Source: 1920 Census Records.), born Dec 04, 1899 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN (Source: Social Security Death Index- CD.); died Dec 1981 in Nashville, TN.
                      ii. Katie C Evilcizer (Source: Cemetery Listing-Grave Stone.), born Aug 18, 1902 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN; died Dec 29, 1944 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN.
                      iii. Herschel Evilcizer (Source: Evilsizers In The Law-Research Study.), born Aug 15, 1909 in TN; died Aug 13, 1992 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN (Source: Social Security Death Index- CD.).
                     iv. John W Evilcizer (Source: 1920 Census Records.), born Apr 02, 1914 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN (Source: Social Security Death Index- CD.); died Apr 1986 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN (Source: Social Security Death Index- CD.).
                      v. Lucille Evilcizer (Source: 1920 Census Records.), born 1920.
                     iv. John S Evilcizer (Source: 1900 Census Index.), born Feb 1878 in TN.

Joseph Evilsizer  born 12/27/1985.   From the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Des Moines, Iowa  Reported Missing 12/30/2000.
7/29/2014 A Dubuque man was sentenced to up to five years in prison Monday for swinging a machete at another man. Joseph R. Evilsizer, 28, of 1938 Washington St., No. 3, was sentenced in Dubuque District Court after pleading guilty to a charge of going armed with intent. According to a plea deal, a charge of first-degree criminal mischief was dismissed. Evilsizer is credited with time already served in jail.

Richard D BOND was born Jun 2, Noble Co, Center OH to David Bond and  Miss Evilsizer. The 1880 Census of Noble Co, shows the following, Noble Twp HH218
Richard Bond, 72 head
Maria, 62, wife (Nee Fowler)
Sarah C, 34 dau single
David , son, 24, single
Richard D, son, 22, (born 5/11/1858)
Prentice, son 18, (died 3/31/1924)
Sarah L, grand dau, 9,

David is found in 1900 Noble Co, Noble Twp born 11/1856 single, living with Mother Mariah. A widow. David was born in Noble Co OH 11/26/1855 and died 12/2/1934 Noble Co, OH.Wife is Sarah deceased.
This son Richard was born 2 days before the census in 1880 and no record.  No record in 1900 either.

A David  Bond married Harriett Davis 4/2/1884 in Noble Co, OH

 I suspect this unknown Evilsizer lady is a  dau of Ebenezer Evilsizer who settled in Noble Co, OH (location, ,ocation, location). Dau Harriett born 1865 did not marry until 1888. She would be of child bearing years in 1880.

Julia Evilsizer was born around 1814 around Augusta Co, VA
She is found in the 1850 Census of Augusta Co, VA with husband Adam Blakney age 36 md about 5 yrs
She is found again with Adam age 45 in 1860 Augusta Co, VA
They appear in 1870 Belmont Co, Ohio Census Julia age 58, no children in the home
Joseph (below) not located 1880.
Joseph born 5/1861 found 1900 Bemont Co, Bellaire OH head of house, widower,  with son Fann born 1890, dau Gussie b 1893, dau Vern born 1895 and Lucinda Wallace age 71 his mother in law, a widow.
Joseph married Emma Wallace 11/7/1885 in Belmont Co, OH
Family disappears after 1900..
Had a son named Archie born 5/12/1887 died 5/29/1913 not found in 1900 or 1910 census.

Joseph Blakney 2nd marriage record in Bemont Co, OH 5/28/1903 to Kate Ford states he was age 43 born 1860 to Adma Blakney and Julia Evilsizer. Kate Ford was age 38 born 1865 in Belmont Co, OH to M S Johnston and Sarah Jane Hammond

Katelyn Noel Evilsizer born 11/30/1999 in Franklin Co, Columbus OH died 12/7/1999 Muskingum Co, Zanesville, OH

Mrs Katherine R Evilsizer died in Los Angeles CA 12/16/1969. She was born in Iowa 4/28/1912 and her mothers maiden name was Woodruff.

Kevin Lynn Evilsizor, 28 died Dec 17, 1987. Former res of Urbana. Survivors: wife, 4 children, mother, father, two sisters, twin brother, half sister, half brother, maternal grandmother. Services Bainbridge OH Dec 20, 1987 (no names mentioned in obit)

Kristen Evansizer was born July 26, 1971 in Alameda Co, CA and her mother's maiden name was Anderson

Laura Gisela Evilsizer  Jul 20, 1990 San Bernardino, CA and her mother's maiden name was CLOLONGER
her sister Melissa Ann born Nov 4, 1991 same county.

Lillie Mae SHAVER age 25 died 10/10/1926 in Fulton Co, Atlanta, GA.
            she lived 194 Forrest Ave, was married to F W Shaver, a domestic born in Georgia. The informant, her husband F W Shaver named her parents as J Davis and Betty Evelsizer. She is found in 1910 Census Bibb Co, GA with John Davis 63, wife Fannie, 62 and Lilly May, age 11.

LINDA A EVELSIZER was born 29 Nov 1974 and died 04 Feb 2003 SS# 475-86-8657 Issued in  Minnesota

Linda Gail Evilcizer age 20 res Springfield married Robert Michael Crawford age 26 res Springfield on April 12, 1963 in Robertson Co, Springfield, TN. Linda descends from the line of John Shaw Evilsizer and her parentage is currently undetermined.

Lois B Argabright Evilsizor died (see obit) 10/2/2009 Williamsburg, VA (Newport News)
No husband or parents named.

LUCINDA EVILSIZER married Samuel K Alexander Nov 12, 1892 Washington co, Lawrence, OH. Both single he 21, she 18.

We have no Lucinda Evilsizer other than in this same county at the same time, Lucinda Noffsinger who married Wm Patterson and then married Jonathan Evilsizer. He died in 1888 suggesting she re-married to Sam Alexander. According to the Lawrence Co, OH census records Samuel was born in 1827, and  so was Lucinda.  I suggest the ages could not be read and were transcribed in error. Until we can see the actual image, I think this is Lucinda….Samuel Knox Alexander was born 3/19/1827 and is a widower in the 1900 census. He died 7/19/1911. He buried at Moss Run Cemetery.


Lucy Jane Evilsizer- (Mother) and Gervase Joseph Hale-(Father) of Lawrence Raymond Hale born 2/12/1920 in Texas and died 7/13/1974 in Navajo Co, Arizona. Buried in Desert View Cemetery, Sec New City Blk 2 Lot 12. Gervase was an Indian and was found in the 1930 Census of Navajo Co, Winslow AZ age 35 but wife was Dorothy age 21. They were married at age 31 and 17, she born in NY. I was not able to locate them in the 1920 Census.
1/9/1920 Potter Co, Amarillo, TX, 1804 Johnson St
Gravas J Hale, head, 28, IN US France, stenographer for RR
Lucy J, wife, 28 IL ENG VA

Lula Evilsizer b 1891 MO living with Carl Gilbert in Jackson Co, MO 1900 Census, also names Roz Evilsizer as Sister-in-Law

Marie D Evilsizer (Marie D Verhines) marriage license, Genesee Co, MI 9/5/1952 to Darwin A Jensen

Mark D Evensizer was born May 14, 1967 in Los Angeles, CA. His mother's maiden name was CLITES

Mary Evilsizor  married James Johnson. She had brothers James and Fred Evilsizer. She also married Harry Mattox. Age and locations unknown.

Mary Evilsizer married Othel H Meadows sometime after 1949.  Othel was born 10/17/1924 in Hancock Co, New Cumberland WV. He was found with his parents in 1930 living in Nicholas Co, Kentucky WV. Othel died June 19, 1971 in Hancock Co, Weirton, WV. Parents Charles Meadows and Victoria Gibson who married 11/ 27/1902 in Nicholas Co, WV. Othel SS# was 233-32-6831 and he was a coal miner. His address was 422 Morton St in East Liverpool, OH (Columbiana Co). He died of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of sleeping in his car in the driveway with the motor running. It was ruled an accident. He buried in Fields Cemetery, Summersville, WV. His death cert names his wife as MARY EVILSIZER. The informant was Mary Barker.  The is a record of Carls marriage to Virginia Stowers in Nicholas Co, WV Dec 24, 1949 that name his parents, so we know MARY EVILSIZER was second wife. She is not known yet. See file on Mary Margaret who married Earl Hoffman... she prime candidate.

Melody A Evilsizor was born in San Diego, CA  Aug 22, 1964 and her mother's maiden name was Schmidt

Nancy Jane HARRIS was born 1/28/1839 in Illinois and died 4/2/1918 in Peoria Co, Peoria, IL
            Her death certificate names her father as Thomas Bags and mother a EVELSIZER. This is a puzzle because Nancy Jane FREEMAN married William Berry HARRIS 9/20/1865 in Mongtomery Co, IN. They are found with children in the census:
1870 Peoria Co, IL
William B Harris, 36
Jane 37 IL
Frank 9 IL
Alfred, 7 IL
Edna, 2 IL

1880 Peoria Co, Peoria, IL 225 N Elizabeth St
William B harris, 45 bricklayer PA PA PA
Jane, 46, wife,
Frank, son 18
Alfred, son 16
Edna, dau 11
Willie, son 8
Clarence, son 6

1900 Peoria Co, Peoria, IL 712 N Washington St
Peter J Philhower, head, 7/1869 IL NJ NJ contractor
Jennette S, wife 8/1869 m5y 1/1 IL IL IL
Harvey M Prescott, nephew, 9/1886, IL
Nancy Harris,  mother, 1/1839 widow, 6/4 IL VA Ire (relationship questionable)

1910 Peoria Co, Peoria IL 236 N Washington St
Jennie Harris, 72, IL PA PA, widow, 5/3


Nanny Evilsizer was born 06/1880 in OH, and died 08/1880 in OH (Source: (1) Mortality Records-Ohio-1880

Listed in Marburg Archivschule #7082 no age given , no place of origin GE, private, JAG-Courier Corps, deserted to enemy---10,1 777

Ona Winnifred Evelsizer died Nov 11 1919 in Ford Co, Gibson City, IL age not known

Otto Evilsizer -Military records reflect conflicting ages. Clemency memo says age 23 on 10/20/1919 and JAG form states age 33 on 10/7/1919. Private, First Class Company D, 7th Engineers went AWOL from his organization about 10/13/1918 near Montfaucon, France, and failed to rejoin until 3:00 p.m. Dec 27, 1918. Recommended remission of 3 years to confinement. Personal info states he was born in Illinois. His parents died when young and he was brought up in an orphans home.

PAUL RYAN EVILSEIZER, b. aft1900 was a child of Christine Johnson (dau of Carl William Johnson ), and an unknown Evilsizer

Marjorie Schomp (1905-1985) md 1) Paul Evilsizer (Elberstizen) and 2) Emmett Loren Ambler 1/5/1927 Santa Clara CA (See notes)


Phyllis EBELSHEISER - SSDI born 7/24/1917  died 4/6/2005 IA

Piqua daily call Miami County Piqua Ohio October 8, 1968
Fifth Birthday Celebrated
St. Paris -- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brunke, 122 W. Plum entertained in their home Sunday afternoon from two to 4 PM with a party in honor of their son Todd Wayne, who observed his fifth birthday Friday, October 4. After the guest of honor opened his birthday gifts the afternoon with spent playing games. Refreshments were served to the following guests: Robby Fitzgerald, Jeff Cornell, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kite and daughter, Mindy, Mrs. Beverly Adkins and children, Kim and Jeff, Mrs. Ed Copley and his children, Marcy and Eddie, Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Criswell and daughter, Kimberly, Mrs. Ruth Carnes, Miss Diane Ross, all of St. Paris; Randy Evilsizor and Ken Hutchison, Urbana; Ms. Jane Burchett and Ronnie Woodruff of Piqua: the honored guests grand parents, Mrs. Jeanne Evilsizor of Urbana and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Culp of Dayton; and his great grand parents Mrs. Flora Noble and Mr. and Mrs. Simon Maggert all of St. Paris.

Rachel Evilsizer, photo in Oklahoma newspaper 4/24/2010 after tornado.
Describes how she managed to convince her 80 yr old grandfather, Clifford Trammell to take cover with her and a friend in a hallway of his Satartia home shortly before the tornado struck. A ceiling fan and falling panenling missed them by inches. The suffered minor cuts and bruises

Ray and Marie Evilsizer
Buried Livingston Co, MO - reported by Abandoned Cemetery Care Assoc.(no dates on cemetery report)
(Poss son of Albert Guy Evilsizer)

Fort Worth Register- Fort Worth Texas, Feb 8, 1902
After living for 99 years and 11 months in Indiana, Mrs Rebecca Evilsizer committed suicide. No reason is given for this act. But it is supposed she was afraid the newspapers would go to printing her picture as soon as she got to be 100 years old. ( No Rebecca Evilsizer found in Indiana nor any other state in any census) Also no death record in the Indiana Death archives)
Ohio Daily Statesman Feb 6, 1902 Centennarian's Suicide
Hartford City, IN Feb 5 - Mrs Rebecca Evilsizer, who would have been 100 years old March 12, committed suicide at the home of her son near South Whitley. She choked herself to death by stuffing a large handkerchief down her throat. She was thought to be sleeping when found dead.
(Also reported in the St Paul Globe MN and Bourbon News KY and Salt Lake City Herald)

Mansfield News Journel, Mansfield, OH Jan 30, 1960
General Hospital, Friday
Son to Mr and Mrs Richard Evilsizer 383 Bartley Avenue
( Need to identify which Richard)

Rita Caroline Evilcizer age 21 born 3-18-1953 address 1611 James St, Springfield TN married James Martin Worsham age 26 born 10-17-1947 address 1604 Rawls St, Springfield TN, 7/5/1974 in Robertson Co, TN. Riat descends from line of John Shaw Evilsizer, but I am not able to identify her parents. Rita is a sister to Barbara Ann Evilcizer who md Claud McCool (above). Also a sister to Barbara Ann above.

Robert L EVILSIZER born 1920 enlisted for WWII 12/4/1942 in Columbus Ohio, born Clark Co, OH as a Warrant Officer
4 years of high school, Civil occupation:Gunsmith, Diesel Mech, Camera Repairman, Instrument maker, Utility repair, Equipment maintenance
Single without dependents, Height72"  weight 122

Roberta Evilsizer
1940 Census enumerated 4/3/1940 Denver Co, 111 W Maple
Roberta Evilsizer, 55, widow, 4yh, born CO, same res 1935
Charles, son, 28, born Co, whsle meat salesman
(Neither ROberta or Charles found in any previous census.

Sarah EVILSIZER and husband Thomas PAYNE signed a marriage application for daughter Rosanna in jay Co, IN Mar 16, 1876. Having researched all the families in Jay County, I can't find a Sarah to fit with this lady. (1870 Randolph Co, Is a Rosanna Payne age 16, boarding) No Thomas Payne found in any Indiana Census.

1930 Peoria Co, Peoria, IL Dist 84 HH#315 E Melbourne Ave

Phillip Gruensfelder, head, 51 md age 26 IL ? OH own home $6000 Life Ins Agent
Iva Belle, wife, 38 md 23  IL US IL
Dorothy M, dau, 23, Il
Palmer P, son 15, IL
Miles R, son 10 IL
Sarah Evelsizer, mother in law 68 md age 26 IL France, France
In 1920 Phillip and Iva were in McLean Co, Bloomfield. Sarah B Palmer was in the home named as mother in  law a widow. This indicates she must have married an Evelsizer 1920-1930. Possibly John (1854-1931) who lost his wife in 1919. However he claims he is a widower living with his son Vernon in 1930. Death cert requested 8/2010 Death cert born 9/12/1872 no parents named, spouse John Evelsizer. She died 1/10/1941.

Piqua Daily Call Jan 10, 1968
Urbana Mercy Hospital Births
Shelly Evilsizor, 326 Taft

Susie Evelsizer was born Nov 1872 in McLean Co, IL she is found in the 1900 Census McLean Co, Bloomington IL at 802 E Grove St living with John Wyckoff, no relation given.

Scott Evilsizer TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (Feb Fri, 1998 - 23:35:02 EST) Damian Stambersky tied the game in the sixth inning with a two-run double, scoring Scott Evilsizer and Jabbar Wesley for Arkansas-Little Rock (3-8).

Shelton Larry Evilcizer, age 23 res Springfield married Mary Patricia Summers age 18, res Springfield 7/29/1960 in Robertson Co, TN.  Shelton descends from the unknown connection line of John Shaw Evilsizer. I am not able to determine his parentage.

Shirley Jean (Dunlavy) (Evilsizor) CUPPS was born 9/3/1930 in Urbana to Dean Dunlavy and Celeste Markin. She married (unknown) Evilsizor and had sons Terry who married Sheila and Phillip who married Cherie. She married Harold Cupps who survives. She died 5/28/2008 in Urbana.

Susan Frances Evelsizer was born  Nov 28, 1955 in San Mateo Co, CA. She married James Bevin in 1973 and divorced him in June of 1974.  Her mothers maiden name was Foster. It is not known who her father is.

Sandra Arlene Evensizer was born Aug 24, 1938 in San Francisco, CA. She married James Gregory in Los Angeles Jul 3 1968. Her mothers maiden name was McNeill. Seeking name of her father.

Shayla Linn Evilsizer was born May 11 , 1995 in San Diego, CA and her mother's maiden name was DOGGETT

Thomas Evilsizer was born 05/1877
He married Nellie Summers 8/24/1912 Stoddard Co, Puxico, MO. Thomas over age 21 and Nellie over age 18 both from Stoddard Co, Kinder, MO. No record of this man in 1880 census at home and no record beyond 1910 census. Death records of Missouri show no record 1910-1960

Nellie Summers married Thomas Evilsizer 8/24/1912 Stoddard Co, Puxico, MO. The marriage record says they are both of Kender, Stoddard Co, MO both over the age of 21.  Thomas Evilsizer is unidentified… He is found for the first time in the 1900 census in Bollinger Co, Filmore,  MO. He is boarding with the family of Wm B Francis b5/1853 and wife Martha 6/1853 and their children. Thomas is age 23 born 5/1877 in MO and both parents born in MO. He is single and occupation a saloon keeper.  In 1910 he is located in Butler Co, St Francois, MO living with the SCOWDEN family. He claims he is age 36 born Indiana, parents born Indiana. Charles Snowden (Scowden) age 21 and wife Eva age 21 son Clyde. Thomas is single, a laborer of odd jobs. 

  Nellie died 6/29/1916 in Stoddard Co, Duck Creek MO. Her death cert says she was age 25 born Illinois, married and the daughter of James Summers. She died of malaria and George Tucker of Puxico was the informant on the cert.  She died of Malaria.  She was buried in Brown Cemetery.  Death certs are on line in Missouri for 1910 through 1960, but Thomas cannot be located. We know he was living when Nellie died in 1916. He has never been located in 1880 or after 1910. He remains a mystery.


Virginia M EVILSIZER 1926-2001 is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana. Who was she married to?

Wilbur W Evilsizor- born 8/1897 Source- 1900 Clark Co, OH Census-(In Clark County in 1900 were Henry Allen and Louise Eipper Evilsizer, but they did not marry until late 1897.Wilbur is living in the home of Lafayette Steinbarger and named as grandson, the son of his daughter Victoria Steinberger. In the 1910 Census he is living with John Zigler and named as stepson. There is a single woman in Clark Co in 1900 Lydia, apparent wife of John Ezra Evilsizor, but they did not marry until 1899. )

Willard Evilsizer born June 1876 in Missouri and parents born Missouri. Found boarding as farm laborer in the 1900 Census, of Las Animas Co, Hoehne, Colorado. Single, age 24.

Unknown Evilsizer
had child named Richard D Bond born 6/2/1880 Noble Co, Center, OH. Father David Bond, mother "Evilsizer"
The 1880 census enumerated 4 days after his birth in Noble Co, OH:
Richard Bond, 72, head
Maria, 62 (Nee Fowler)
Sarah 34, dau
David, 24, son, single
Richard D, son 22 (5/11/1858)
Prentice, son 18, singl
Sarah L, grdau, 9, OH
David Bond married Henrietta Davis 4/2/1884 in Noble Co, OH, his first marriage to Evilsizer not found. He again married Sarah L Dyer in 1901. Neither the child nor the mother is living that we can tell.

Evilsizer Spouses

Unidentified Females listed in the Social Security Death Indexes that were most likely born with a different name.

Albie Evilsizer b 11/20/1891, Iowa died 6/1979, Iowa
Alice Evilsizer b 6/26/1913 pr NY d 7/1994 Tacoma Washington
Anna Evilsizer b 5/19/1924 pr. ILL, d 1/9/1995, Illinois 61938
Betty Evelsizer b 3/15/1920, ILL d 10/1972 Peoria, ILL
Donna Evilsizor b 7/29/1930 died 2/27/1998 in Riverside Co, Indio, CA. She was issued SS# 546-38-3738 before 1951 in CA.

EVILSIZOR, Beverly J (28) MASON, John E (37) 9/17/1983 Champaign Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZOR, Charles Divorce from Deborah 7/22/1988 Madison Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZER, Deborah J (23) ROSS, Jarrell L (21) 6/21/1980 Clark Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZER, Denise (b1952) William A FORESTER (b 1956) 7/17/1981 San Diego Co, CA SDMI
EVILSIZOR, Easter D (48) Carl L Jones (49) 12/15/1984 Champaign Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZER, Esther F (58) MEHRLEY, Robert H (64) 1/1/1972 Washington Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZER, Eduard Herbert 1) Debbie Lucas
2)Margarita L Barrera
Bexar Co, TX
BExar Co, TX
EVILSIZOR, Evelyne Divorce from Clair 2/11/1963 Clark Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZER, George K (20) Melanie GENTILE age 20 6/5/1995 Dallas Co, TX TXMI
EVILSIZOR, Hoberta D (25) WALKER, Geroge T (38) 1/19/1985 Champaign Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZOR, Holly K (20) JACKSON, Keith A (26) 11/22/1985 Champaign Co, OH OGS
daughter of ALFIE WAGGONER
aft 1900 IL WFT Vol11 #4280
EVILSIZER, James Divorce from Doretha 2/10/1968 Clermont Co OH OGS
EVILSIZER, James Divorce from Judith 1/3/1962 Cleveland, OH OGS
EVILSIZER, James S (20) MOSCOVICS, Joyce E (24) 6/28/1986 Cuyahoga Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZOR, Jeanne (57) HUTCHINSON, Kenneth (49) 6/5/1983 Champaign Co OGS
EVILSIZOR, Joni L (22) SHAEFFER, Neil A (23) 8/5/1989 Out of State OGS
EVILSIZER, Margaret M (22) LUMA, Daniel E (30) 6/6/1990 Allen Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZER, Marjorie Emmett L AMBLER 11/5/1927 Santa Clara Co, CA Cert#2701507
EVILSIZOR, Michelle (18) NEWMAN, Dennis (25) 4/15/1989 Champaign Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZOR, Nancy S (18) LOWE, Ricky A (19) 3/16/1974 Champaign Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZOR, Peggy (39) Leo JONES (23) 12/9/1989 Champaign Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZOR, Peggy J (24) MATNEY, Jack L (33) 4/21/1979 Champaign Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZOR, Peggy S (16) TATMAN, Rickie A (18) 8/16/1974 Champaign Co, OH OGS
EVILSIZER, Rupe Francis Joyce PITTMAN aft1920 [email protected]
EVILSIZER, Sharon L (b1947) William P TUPUOLA (b1946) 7/9/1972 San Diego Co, CA SDMI
EVILSIZER, Thomas Nellie SUMMERS ? Butler Co, MO Mg Bk1Pg266
EVILSIZOR, Thomas Divorce from Deborah 9/9/1994 Champaign OH OGS


NAME DOB County Born Add'l Info Source
AUSTIN, Kimberly S 9/29/1964 Miami Co, OH Mother Evilsizor OGS
CARROLL, Diana L 7/16/1960 Champaign Co, OH Mother Evilsizor OGS
COLLINS, Carol A 5/21/1973 Champaign Co, OH Mother Evilsizor OGS
COPEN, Nathaniel G 1/8/1986 Miami Co, OH Mother Evilsizor OGS
EVILSIZOR, Aaron 2/25/1989 Clark Co, OH Mother NEFF OGS
EVILSIZOR, Aaron T 8/30/1989 Shelby Co, OH Mother SMITH OGS
EVILSIZER, Alicia Catherine 6/29/1981 Contra Costa Co, CA Mother Parks CABI
EVILSIZER, Amanda 7/9/1985 Madison Co, OH Mother ROBERTS OGS
EVILSIZOR, Anna M 1/25/1961 Clark Co, OH Mother MATTHEWS OGS
EVILSIZOR, Catrina L 2/14/1981 Madison Co, OH Mother SWIGART OGS
EVILSIZER, Christopher Michael 8/15/1985 Los Angeles Co, CA Mother Curl CABI
EVILSIZER, Cody L 4/4/1978 Muskingum Co, OH Mother EVILSIZER OGS
EVILSIZER, Cynthia D 3/29/1960 Cleveland, OH Mother PEECOCK OGS
EVILSIZER, David Charles 12/20/1988 San Antonio, TX TXBI
EVILSIZER, Edward D 7/24/1967 E. Cleveland, OH Mother TILEY OGS
EVILSIZOR, Elizabeth R 4/2/1981 Logan Co, OH Mother Evilsizor OGS
EVILSIZER, James S 2/9/1987 Lake Co, OH Mother MOSCOVICS OGS
EVILSIZER, Jessica Lynn 5/24/1985 San Antonio, TX TXBI
EVILSIZOR, Joshua T 6/7/1977 Butler Co, OH Mother TANNER OGS
EVILSIZER, Laura Gisela 7/20/1990 San Bernardino Co, CA Mother Clolonger CABI
EVILSIZOR, Lisa M 8/15/1977 Montgomery Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
EVENSIZER, Mark D 5/14/1967 Los Angeles Co, CA Mother Clites CABI
EVILSIZER, Melissa Ann 11/4/1991 San Bernardino Co, CA Mother Clolonger CABI
EVILSIZOR, Michael V 7/15/1968 Champaign Co, OH Mother FERRYMAN OGS
EVILSIZOR, Noel C 6/23/1977 Clark Co, OH Mother BAILEY OGS
EVILSIZER, Patricia K 1/30/1961 Medina Co, OH Mother STAUBIN OGS
EVILSIZOR, Raymond G 5/6/1978 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
EVILSIZOR, Wendy G 3/26/1970 Clark Co, OH Mother KELLEY OGS
FOY, Jennifer M 5/29/1980 Logan Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
FOY, Joshua M 10/5/1977 Logan Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
JACKSON, Emily K 8/8/1986 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
JACKSON, Laura E 8/8/1986 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
JOHNSON, Darryl K 6/18/1963 Champaign Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
JOHNSON, Kevin L 5/6/1965 Champaign Co, OH Mother EVILSIZER OGS
JOHNSON, Vickie J 1/29/1960 Champaign Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
KNOTTS, Cary J 11/3/1979 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
KNOTTS, Tyson J 7/25/1977 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
LOWE, Andrea C 12/10/1983 Logan Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
LOWE, Christopher M 11/11/1980 Logan Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
LOWE, Jeffrey A 8/20/1982 Logan Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
LOWE, Leigh A 1/17/1977 Logan Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
LOWE, Maria E 10/13/1979 Logan Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
McINTOSH, Robert E 3/22/1964 Cleveland, OH Mother EVILSIZER OGS
MILLER, William E 4/16/1983 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
ROGERS, Catherine J 1/22/1961 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
SCHULZE, Robert E 3/22/1964 Cleveland, OH Mother EVILSIZER OGS
SCHULZE, Jeffrey C 9/19/1959 Franklin Co, OH Mother EVILSIZER OGS
SZABO, Carolyn 10/25/1965 Cuyahoga Co, OH Mother EVILSIZER OGS
TATMAN, April S 4/2/1976 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
TATMAN, Greg L 3/24/1980 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
TATMAN, Jason A 3/11/1978 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
WILLIAMS, Nick A 9/22/1965 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS
WILLIAMS, Robert S 9/28/1963 Clark Co, OH Mother EVILSIZOR OGS


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