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Descendants of John Williams



Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN1 WILLIAMS was born Abt. 1850 in Wales.  He married BRIDGET HARVEY.  She was born Abt. 1855 in Ireland.



                   i.    MONICA2 WILLIAMS.

2.               ii.    *JOHN MATTHEW WILLIAMS, b. July 1876, Rio de Janiero,( British Legation), South America; d. 14 November 1949, Lambton, NSW, AUSTRALIA.



Generation No. 2


2.  *JOHN MATTHEW2 WILLIAMS (JOHN1) was born July 1876 in Rio de Janiero,( British Legation), South America, and died 14 November 1949 in Lambton, NSW, AUSTRALIA.  He married *CATHERINE DAVIES 24 January 1906 in St Stephens R C Church, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia, daughter of *EDWARD DAVIES and *MARY HOUGH.  She was born 8 October 1885 in Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia, and died 6 February 1966 in Mater Hospital, Waratah, NSW, Australia.



                   i.    BRIDGET MARY3 WILLIAMS, b. 3 January 1907, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; d. 28 March 1985, Belmont, NSW, Australia; m. JOHN HENDERSON; d. 17 October 1976, Belmont, NSW, Australia.

                  ii.    *JOHN EDWARD WILLIAMS, b. 12 December 1908, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; d. 2 July 1998, Mater Hospice, Waratah, NSW; m. *EDNA ALICE OGLE, 14 November 1936, Methodist Church, Waratah NSW Australia; b. 5 February 1907, Lambton NSW Australia.

                 iii.    MONICA WILLIAMS, b. 24 November 1910, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; d. 12 November 2000, Gunnedah, NSW, Australia; m. DAN CHARLES JONES, 1934, Lambton, NSW, AUSTRALIA; b. 10 November 1911; d. 1985.

                 iv.    CATHERINE ITA WILLIAMS, b. 10 July 1913, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; m. JOHN LYDON, 1934, Newcastle; b. 22 September 1912; d. 22 February 1975.

                  v.    VINCENT WILLIAMS, b. 1915, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; d. 1916, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia.

                 vi.    ALFONSUS KIERAN WILLIAMS, b. 3 August 1917, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; d. September 1984, Newcastle, NSW, Australia; m. AVIS CLARICE WAKE, 14 November 1944, Church of England Church, Hamilton, NSW, Australia; b. 1 February 1914; d. 19 July 1987.

                vii.    PATRICK WILLIAMS, b. 1919, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; d. 1919, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia.

               viii.    WILLIAM CLARENCE WILLIAMS, b. 25 October 1920, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; d. 8 November 1982, Belmont, NSW, Australia; m. ANNE MALLOY, 6 March 1943, St Mary's RC Church, Newcastle, NSW, Australia; b. 13 January 1923.

                  ix.    ELLEN CLAIRE WILLIAMS, b. 1922, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia; d. 1943, Mayfield, NSW, Australia.

                   x.    CARMEL WILLIAMS, b. 16 December 1924, Wangat, Chichester Dam, NSW, Australia; m. BRUCE ANDREWS; b. 19 May 1923; d. 23 February 1999, John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

                  xi.    MARIE WILLIAMS, b. 25 January 1927, Lambton, NSW, Australia; m. DOUG WATT, 14 July 1980, Belmont, NSW, Australia; b. 14 February 1919, Grafton, NSW, Australia; d. 19 July 1986, Belmont, NSW, Australia.

                 xii.    BERNIE WILLIAMS, b. 2 May 1928; m. ELIZABETH EILEEN JONES, 26 August 1950; b. 21 February 1928.

                xiii.    MATTHEW WILLIAMS, b. 10 June 1929, Lambton, NSW, Australia; d. September 1970, Sydney, NSW, Australia of Cancer; m. MARY RILEY; d. 1970, Killed in car crash with youngest daughter, Kathleen in WA.