Eleanor Wyatt, Chickasaw/Choctaw Descendant

About Aaliyah

                                    Aaliyah                                       P-Dub                                            


Aaliyah is a long hair pedigree Chihuahua whose papers are longer than she .  She will be five in October of the year 2001.  Aaliyah's human parent is my eldest son, Rick. Although she has not had any puppies of her own she is the proud mother of an orphan part Himalayan Cat named, PennyWise (P-dub).  P-dub was abandoned at the age of 2 weeks, and found by Rick.  Rick bottle feed this kitten every two hours until he was about 6 weeks old;  P- dub was placed in the bed with Aaliyah for warmth and motherly love. Aaliyah, allowed this kitten to nurse on her although she had no milk.   P-dub is 3 years old and more than 50% larger than Aaliyah but recognize this Chihuahua as his mother.  The dog and cat are NOT owned by my son, but are adopted by him, thereby making this odd pair my grandchild and my great grandchild.  As I watch these two animals and the love the family has for them, I find myself thinking of my ancestors being owned by slave masters and understanding how they too could love, and care for them.    Until now I could not understand How, when reading slave narratives, the slaves would love and praise their slave masters.  I know if Aaliyah and P-dub, could talk they would tell you the same.

As we search for those ever so elusive ancestors, even without finding them, we can gain so much insight about them if we take the time to look around us for answers. I do not condone slavery by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a better understanding of the institution.  I feel that Aaliyah and P-dub have enlightened this once closed mine about the subject of slavery.


                                                                            Kane                                       Chyna

My youngest son, Edward has also adopted a Rottweiller named Kane and a Pit bull mix named Chyna.  Although they don't have  a history, as colorful as Aaliyah and P-dub, they too are my grand children and are loved as well.

Knowledge is everywhere