79TH AND 83rd USCT

The 79th and 83rd United States Color TroopS

Kansas and Arkansas

This is NOT a comprehensive list of the 79th and 83rd United states Colored Troops.  I post this list since Kansas and Arkansas borders Indian Territory to the North and East.  It is known through many Slave Narratives that slaves escaped and joined the Union Army.  I have found the son of my great great great grandfather among these names.  An interesting point in locating him is that he enlisted not by his given name or the surname of his owner.  He enlisted using his father's given name Mobile as his Surname .  He enlisted  in the 79th USCT stating he lived in Leavenworth Kansas, however his home was in the Choctaw Nation.  He received a pension using his own name Bankston Stevenson with the AKA  Bankston Mobile noted on  his application.  Because of this occurrence  these names will be posted by Given and Surname in alphabetical order
79th USCT GIVEN NAME Arkansas 79th USCT SURNAME Arkansas

Colored Troop Regiments
79th Battles 83rd Battles
09 November 1862  Island Mound, Missouri 06 October 1863  Baxter Springs, Choctaw Nation
09 March 1863  Fort Scott, Kansas 30 April 1864  Jenkins' Ferry, Arkansas
  08 May 1864
18 May 1863  Sherwood, Missouri 19 December 1864 Fort Smith, Arkansas
02 July 1863  Cabin Creek, Kansas 01 January 1865 Arkansas
15 July 1863  Honey Springs, Choctaw Nation 17 June 1865 Ivey's Landing, Arkansas
21 August 1863  Lawrence, Kansas 13 July 1865 Little Rock, Arkansas
06 October 1863  Baxter Springs, Choctaw Nation  
19 November 1863  Timber Hills, Choctaw Nation  
17 February 1864  Horse Head Creek, Arkansas  
13 April 1864  Poison Spring, Arkansas  
15 April 1864  Poison Spring, Arkansas  
16 April 1864  Poison Spring, Arkansas  
18 April 1864  Poison Spring, Arkansas  
16 September 1864  Flat Rock, Choctaw Nation  
19 November 1864  Timber Hills, Choctaw Nation  
18 January 1865  Iny Ford, Arkansas  
25 March 1865  Roseville, Arkansas

            83rd REGIMENT INFANTRY

Organized from 2nd Kansas Colored Infantry December 13, 1864. Attached to 2nd Brigade, District of the Frontier, 7t h Corps, Dept. of Arkansas, to January, 1865. Colored Brigade , 7th Corps, Dept. of Arkansas, to February, 1865. 2n d Brigade, 1st Division, 7th Corps, Dept of Arkansas, to August , 1865. Dept. of Arkansas to October, 1865.
SERVICE. Duty at Fort Smith, Ark., until January, 1865. Moved to Little Rock, Ark., January 15-February 4, and duty there  until August. Moved to Camden, Ark., August 1-10, and duty there until October 9. Mustered out October 9, 1865 . Discharged at Leavenworth, Kansas, November 27, 1865. Regiment lost during service 2 Officers and 32 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 211 Enlisted men from disease. Total 245.  (Information provided by Ronald Walton)

1st Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Colored) (Later designated the 79th USCT)
Colonel James M. Williams, Regimental Commander
Lt. Col. John Bowles (assumed command after Williams was wounded)

Company A


Company B 

Capt George J. Martin

Company C


Company D


Company E


Company F


Company G


Company H


Company I


Company K


Company L


Company M