Dawes Commission Enrollments,Census Cards

Enrollment Card/Census Card

Rhoda "Roberts" Pickens b. March 17, 1901
d. November 18, 1967

The links below are of scanned images (obtained from Mid Continent Library Indep., Mo.) of enrollment cards dated 1898. Both back and front are on the page. The names next to the links are those listed on the front of the cards, their parent's names are listed on the back. The term Jacket refers to the enrollment file some copies are of poor quality but were in the files. Some names listed here are not the head of the household, they are my bloodline.


Ben Pickens, Son of Jack Harris Pickens , Elizabeth Clay Pickens, Sim Pickens, Surrena Pickens, Roberta Pickens.

***Ben Pickens (son of Jack Pickens and Julia Harris Pickens) & Elizabeth Clay (daughter of Henry Clay and Isabella "Pickens" Clay) Jacket***

Ena Pickens, Viney Franklin, Johnson Franklin, Andrew Franklin, George Franklin, Letha Franklin, Irena Williams

Grant Pickens, Nannie Pickens, Henrietta Pickens, Elmond, Lyman Pickens

***Grant Jacket ***

Henry Pickens, Son of Jack Pickens and Julia Harris Pickens, Josie Pickens, Amanda, Alverson

***Henry Pickens Jacket ***

Isabella (Pickens) Clay, daughter of Margaret Ann Wilson(Henry Clay), Zeno Pickens, Samuel Pickens, Hezekiah, James Pickens, Delora Pickens, Bohanon Pickens, Lour Creasy Pickens, St Paul Pickens, Lovinia Pickens, Jennie Pickens

***Margaret Ann Wilson Jacket***
***John Wilson Jacket son of Margaret Ann Wilson***

***Isabella "Pickens" Clay Jacket***

Susan (Pickens) Jackson Daughter of Cornilus Pickens and Margaret Ann Wilson, Salina Dyer, McLean Jackson, Raford Jackson, Mattie Jackson, Enzy Jackson, Dora Jackson, Lela Bell Dyer

Salina Pickens Hawkins Daughter of Cornelius Pickens and Margaret Ann Wilson Culosh Hawkins, Mary Hawkins, Ben Hawkins, Joe Hawkins, Kay Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Mellette Hawkins, Bettie Lorena Williams

Caroline "Pickens" Williams Daughter of Cornelius Pickens and Lizze Cochran Lizzie Cochran, Mothe, John williams, Hercules Douglas, Ross Douglas, Willie B. Douglas, Addie Kinnick

Becky Pickens Bice Daughter of Jack and Julia Pickens, Lee Bice, William Bice, Mary James, Aleck Bice, Vernia Bice, Raford Bice, Jim Bice, Eliza Bice, Rosa Bice

Julia Pickens and Edna Pickens, Alonzo Brown, Emma Brown, Angie Franklin, McKinley Brown, Cleveland H. Brown, Samantha Brown

Margaret (Pickens) Christian, William Christian

***Margaret "Pickens" Christian Jacket***

Rosella (Pickens) Franklin, Russell Franklin, George Franklin, Houston Franklin, Julia Franklin, Annie Franklin, Gertie Franklin, Paudy Franklin, Adella Franklin

Walton Pickens, Ephraum Pickens, John Pickens, Terry, Pickens, Aaron Pickens

William Pickens, Carrie Pickens, Lizzie Abram, John Pickens, Thomas Pickens, Lif Pickens, Horace Pickens, Eddie Pickens, Eastman Pickens, Leon Pickens, Rodgers Pickens, Reese Belt Pickens, George Abram

***William Pickens Jacket***

***Elizabeth, 'Lizzie' "Pickens" Abram Jacket ***

Sim Clay, (son of Isabella Pickens) Rhoda Pickens, Cornelus Pickens, Elgy Pickens


Ned Roberts, Father: Stepney Roberts, Mother: Rhoda (surname unknown) Roberts

Dick Roberts, Son of Stepney and Rhoda Roberts, Mahale Roberts, Alex Roberts, Luginia Roberts, Guy Roberts

Zilphia (Roberts) Jones, Daughter of Stepney and Rhoda,Jack, Paris, Minimon Simpson, Lovard Simpson, Earley, Simpson, Nellie Bagley, Lester Abram

Susan (Roberts) Whitaker, Daughter of Stepney and Rhoda Roberts

Susan "Roberts" Whitaker Jacket (daughter of Stepney and Rhoda Roberts)

Edmond Roberts, Son of Ned Roberts and Sarah 'Stevenson' Roberts, Rachel Roberts, Jamena Roberts, Charley Roberts, Marcus Roberts, Jack Roberts, Laura Roberts, Rodie 'Rhoda' Roberts

****Edmond Roberts Jacket****

Jack Roberts, Son of Ned and Sarah 'Stevenson' Roberts, George Roberts, Willie Roberts, Lyman Roberts,Vester Roberts, Maude Roberts, Ben Carter Roberts, Lemuel Roberts

***Jack Roberts Jacket***

Alice James Roberts, Jack Roberts's wife

Laura 'Roberts' Colbert, Ned Robert's daughter, Andrew Colbert, Beulah Colbert, Bady Colbert, Sarah Colbert

****Laura "Roberts" Colbert Jacket****

Robert Colbert, Husband of Laura Roberts

Eli Roberts, Son of Ned Roberts, Mary Roberts, Cora Roberts, Ida Roberts, Simon Roberts, Saincy Roberts, Harvey Roberts, Noraola Roberts

***Eli Roberts Jacket***
Eli Roberts Interview

Isham Colbert, Son of Ned Roberts and Angeline Colbert, Henry Lee Colbert, Jimmie Colbert, Mark Colbert, Jane Colbert, Angeline Colbert, Fannie Colbert, Walter Colbert, Gracie Colbert, Emma Colbert, Albert Colbert

Stepney "Tuck" Roberts, wife Martha Pickens, Addie Roberts, Luvinia Roberts, Claudie Roberts, Murdie Roberts, Maree Roberts

***Stepney "Tuck" Roberts Jacket ***

Floyd Roberts, Son of Stepney 'Tuck' Roberts, Henry Franklin, Mary Franklin, Nicy Rose, Mitchell Brown, Izarah

William Roberts, Son of Dick Roberts

Mollie Brumley Daughter of Zilphia Jones, Audrie Brumley

Willis Paris, Son of Zilphia Jones, Nat Paris


Dave Stevenson, Son of Mobile Stevenson and Laney Colbert

Elsie Stevenson, Daughter of Mobile Stevenson and Laney Colbert, Mobile Richardson

Joe Stevenson, Son of Mobile Stevenson and Laney Colbert

***Joe Stevenson Jacket ***

Mack Stevenson, Son of Mobile Stevenson and Laney Colbert, Mineria Stevenson, Hardy Stevenson, Robert Stevenson, Rena Stevenson, Etta Stevenson, Ella Stevenson, Allen Stevenson, Linnie Murry

*****Mack Stevenson Jacket*****

Dick Stevenson, Son of Mobile Stevenson and Laney Colbert, Hannah Stevenson, Edward Stevenson, Elizabeth Lamey, Dewey Lamey, Robert Lamey

*****Dick Stevenson Jacket*****

Elmira 'Stevenson' Bruner, Daughter of Mobile Stevenson and Laney Colbert, Lany Colly

***Elmira (Stevenson) Bruner Jacket***

Matilda Stevenson Daughter of Bankston Stevenson,

Rena Stevenson, Daughter of Bankston Stevenson, Rachel Johnson, Aravilla Johnson

Ellis Stevenson, All listed are the children of Bankston Stevenson, Bankston is the son of Mobile Stevenson and Laney Colbert Nelson Stevenson, Santa Anna Stevenson, Isabella Stevenson Anthony, Lucy Stevenson

Robert Stevenson, Son of Dick Stevenson, Joanna Stevenson, Angeline Stevenson, Brown Stevenson, Doe Stevenson, Chaney Stevenson, Alfred Stevenson, Annie Stevenson, Della Mae Williams, Bebee Stevenson

Rosa 'Stevenson' Allen, Daughter of Mack Stevenson

Lula 'Stevenson' Hall, Daughter of Mack Stevenson, Jamison B. Hall, Rosa Arvilla Hall, Henrietta Hall

Adge Stevenson Son of Mack Stevenson Minerva 'Homedy' Stevenson, Etta Stevenson, Docia Stevenson, Norata Stevenson, Emitt Cears Stevenson, Arrene Stevenson

**Adge Stevenson Jacket**

Malinda 'Stevenson' Homedy Daughter of Mack Stevenson Edward Homedy, Solomon Homedy, Royal Homedy, Simon Homedy, Aretta Homedy, Thomas Homedy, Amanda Homedy, Jeanie Homedy, Mary Homedy, Frank Homedy, Clarence Homedy, Lawrence Homedy

Minerva 'Homedy' Patton Daughter of Malinda 'Stevenson' Homedy Nancy Patton, Maud Patton, Cornelia Patton, I Talerner Patton, Edward Patton

Elijah Stevenson, all listed are Sons of Joe Stevenson, Amos Stevenson, Riley Stevenson, Jackson Stevenson

Nancy 'Stevenson' Tyner, Daughter of Joe Stevenson, Alva Tyner

Philip Stevenson, Son of Hardy James, Harriett 'Cohee" Stevenson

Zach Stevenson Son of Philip Stevenson, Minny Stevenson, Tom Stevenson, Harriett Stevenson, Felix Stevenson

**Zach or Zack Stevenson Jacket**

July Stevenson, Son of Hardy James, Mary Ann Stevenson, Mitchell Stevenson, Geno Stevenson, Dave Grayson, Francis Martin, Walter Martin

Henry Stevenson, Son of Philip Stevenson, Jennie Stevenson, Lela Stevenson, Charley Stevenson, Carey Stevenson, Joanna Stevenson, Dixie Stevenson, Zeno Stevenson, Leon Stevenson

Ida 'Stevenson' Jones, Daughter of Henry Stevenson, William McKinley Jones

Flora Stevenson, Daughter of Dave Stevenson, Viney Stevenson, David Plummer, Estella Williams, Lorata Stevenson, Samuel Stevenson, Fleetwood Stevenson, Simpson Stevenson, Izara Williams

Elwood Stevenson, Son of Dave Stevenson, Nancy Wilson, Lula Crooms, Joe Stevenson, Merrimian Stevenson, Gracie Stevenson, Gertha Stevenson, Gavin Crooms, Fleetwood Crooms

Authur Stevenson, Son of Dave Stevenson, Newton Burney, Chris Burney, Sallie Stevenson

**Arthur Stevenson Jacket**

Thomas Stevenson, Son of Dud StevensonAlice Stevenson daughter of Caesar Stevenson, Amy Stevenson, Dud Stevenson, Gus Grant, Henry Stevenson, Houston Stevenson

Caesar Stevenson, Alice Stevenson

Henderson Stevenson, Son of Elijah Stevenson Robert Parris, Jennie Parris, Henry Parris, Cora Stevenson, William Parris, O'Neil Parris, Virginia Parris, Bela Parris Mary Parris

Ben Stevenson, Son of Cornielus Stevenson

Sallie 'Stevenson' Alexander, Daughter of Steve Stevenson Solomon Alexander, Nancy Alexander, Jep Alexander, Frances Alexander, George Alexander, Henry Alexander, Lee Alexander

George Stevenson Son of Steven Stevenson Frances 'Murray' Stevenson, Samuel Stevenson, Paul Stevenson, Nora M Stevenson, Pearl Stevenson, Annie Stevenson, Edgar Stevenson, Ollie Stevenson, Buena Stevenson

Monroe Stevenson Son of Alfred Stevenson Sephronia Hodges

Manuel Stevenson Son of Willie Stevenson Josie Stevenson, Serena Stevenson

Wavey Stevenson Daughter of Standwater Stevenson Althea Stevenson, Hattie Stevenson, Ethel Stevenson

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