The surnames listed here are the Freedmen enrolled by the Dawes Commission from 1898 to 1914.  Those names that appear were either born in Indian Territory, were removed here from, East of the Mississippi, and/or lived in Indian Territory prior to the Civil War.   Some names listed were slaves others were free, what must be understood is that most had African blood and many were of African/Indian descent.

Aaron Seminole        
Abb Seminole        
Abbott Choctaw        
Abey Seminole        
Abraham Seminole        
Abram Chickasaw Choctaw      
Abrams Creek        
Adair Cherokee        
Adam Seminole        
Adams Cherokee Choctaw Creek Seminole  
Adamson Choctaw        
Add Creek        
Adkins Creek        
Ahaisse Seminole        
A-ha-la-ko-chee Seminole        
Ahaloke Seminole        
Ah-ho-he Seminole        
Ah-weep-ka Seminole        
Ainsworth Choctaw        
Alberson Chickasaw Choctaw      
Albert Chickasaw Seminole      
Alberty Cherokee Creek Seminole    
Aldrich Cherokee        
Alec Creek Seminole      
Aleck Creek Seminole      
Alecky Seminole        
Alex Creek Seminole      
Alexander Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole  
Alfa Seminole        
Alfred Chickasaw Seminole      
Alice Seminole        
Alicky Seminole        
Allen Cherokee Choctaw Chickasaw Creek Seminole
Alley Seminole        
Allie Seminole        
Alop Chickasaw        
Alrid Cherokee        
Alwell Cherokee        
Amesta Seminole        
Amey Seminole        
Amos Seminole        
Amy Seminole        
Anderson Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Seminole  
Andrew Creek        
Andy Creek        
Anna Seminole        
Annie Seminole        
Annoche Seminole        
Archibald Seminole        
Archockee Seminole        
Archole Seminole        
Ard Creek        
Armnstrong Cherokee Chickasaw      
Arnold Choctaw        
Arnsby Cherokee        
Asbury Creek        
Askew Choctaw        
Atkins Creek        
Augustus Chickasaw        
Austin Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek