The surnames listed here are  the Freedmen enrolled by the Dawes Commission from 1898 to 1914.  Those names that appear were either born in Indian Territory, were removed here from East of the Mississippi and/or lived in Indian Territory prior to the Civil War.   Some names listed were slaves others were free, what must be understood is that most had African blood and many were of African/Indian descent.

Baby Seminole        
Bachelor Chickasaw        
Bagley Choctaw        
Bailey Chickasaw Choctaw Creek    
Baker Cherokee Creek Seminole    
Baldridge Cherokee        
Ballard Cherokee Creek      
Banks Choctaw Creek      
Barber Choctaw Creek      
Barden Cherokee        
Bardner Choctaw        
Barker Cherokee Creek      
Barkus Seminole        
Barley Choctaw        
Barlow Cherokee Chickasaw      
Barnes Cherokee Creek      
Barnett Creek Seminole      
Barney Seminole        
Barr Chickasaw Choctaw      
Barrett Choctaw Creek      
Barricklow Seminole        
Barrows Choctaw        
Bary Choctaw        
Bassett Choctaw        
Bates Creek        
Batt Creek        
Battie Choctaw        
Battiece Choctaw        
Battiest Choctaw        
Batts Creek        
Beam Cherokee        
Beams Choctaw        
Bean Cherokee Creek Seminole    
Bear Creek Seminole      
Beard Seminole        
Bearden Choctaw        
Beasley Chickasaw        
Beaver Creek        
Beavers Choctaw        
Beck Cherokee        
Beckwith Choctaw        
Becky Seminole        
Beeson Cherokee Choctaw      
Belcher Choctaw        
Bell Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Belvin Choctaw        
Bemo Seminole        
Bend Chickasaw        
Benge Cherokee        
Bennett Chickasaw Seminole      
Benson Choctaw        
Benton Cherokee        
Berlone Cherokee        
Berry Cherokee Creek Seminole    
Berryhill Creek        
Betsy Seminole        
Bettie Seminole        
Bibbs Choctaw        
Bice Chickasaw        
Bidden Choctaw        
Biggs Choctaw        
Billy Creek Seminole      
Binks Choctaw        
Bird Cherokee Choctaw      
Birdson Cherokee        
Birdsong Choctaw        
Birney Creek        
Birt Chickasaw        
Bishop Chickasaw Creek      
Black Cherokee Chickasaw      
Blackburn Creek        
Blackhawk Cherokee        
Blackstone Creek        
Blackwater Chickasaw Choctaw      
Blackwell Cherokee        
Blair Cherokee Choctaw      
Bledsoe Choctaw        
Block Chickasaw        
Blocker Choctaw        
Blue Chickasaw Choctaw      
Blunt Cherokee Choctaw      
Bly Chickasaw        
Blythe Cherokee        
Boatwright Choctaw        
Boldin Choctaw        
Bolding Choctaw        
Bolin Cherokee        
Bonham Choctaw        
Boone Cherokee Creek      
Bordon Choctaw        
Bottley Seminole        
Boudinot Cherokee        
Bower Chickasaw        
Bowers Choctaw        
Bowleg Creek        
Bowlegs Creek Seminole      
Bowles Cherokee        
Bowlin Cherokee        
Bowman Creek        
Boyd Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek  
Boyles Choctaw        
Brack Choctaw        
Bradberry Creek        
Bradford Cherokee Creek      
Bradley Choctaw        
Brady Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Brannon Cherokee        
Brasco Choctaw        
Brashears Chickasaw Choctaw      
Braves Cherokee        
Break-bill Cherokee        
Brewer Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw    
Brewster Creek        
Breyson Chickasaw        
Briggs Choctaw        
Bright Chickasaw        
Briley Choctaw Creek      
Bristor Creek        
Broadnax Creek        
Brooks Chickasaw Creek      
Brown Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Bruce Cherokee Choctaw Seminole    
Brumley Choctaw        
Bruner Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Bryant Cherokee Choctaw Seminole    
Buck Seminole        
Buckler Cherokee        
Buckley Chickasaw        
Buckman Choctaw        
Buckner Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Buddington Cherokee        
Buddy Seminole        
Buffington Choctaw Creek      
Buford Cherokee        
Bulger Choctaw        
Bull Seminole        
Bullocks Chickasaw        
Bumpus Creek        
Bunn Creek        
Burden Chickasaw Seminole      
Burgess Cherokee Creek Seminole    
Burks Choctaw        
Burnett Creek        
Burney Cherokee Chickasaw Creek    
Burris Choctaw        
Bursby Cherokee        
Burton Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Busby Choctaw        
Butler Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Byrd Cherokee Choctaw Creek