The surnames listed here are  the Freedmen enrolled by the Dawes Commission from 1898 to 1914.  Those names that appear were either born in Indian Territory, were removed here from East of the Mississippi and/or lived in Indian Territory prior to the Civil War.   Some names listed were slaves others were free, what must be understood is that most had African blood and many were of African/Indian descent.


Eagle Cherokee        
Easley Creek        
Eastman Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Eastmasn Chickasaw        
Easton Choctaw        
Eaton Cherokee        
Ebb Cherokee        
Echoille Seminole        
Edd Choctaw        
Edmond Seminole        
Edwards Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek  
Eights Choctaw        
Eights Chickasaw        
Eliza Seminole        
Elizabeth Seminole        
Ellen Seminole        
Elliott Cherokee Chickasaw      
Ellis Cherokee Choctaw      
Ellison Choctaw        
Elochee Seminole        
Elridge Choctaw        
Elsa Seminole        
Elsie Seminole        
Emartha Seminole        
Emarthla Seminole        
Emarthoge Seminole        
Emmy Seminole        
Emoche Seminole        
En-le-te-ke Seminole        
Epperson Creek        
Epps Choctaw        
Ervin Choctaw        
Escoe Cherokee Creek      
Es-ho-po-na-ka Seminole        
Estachuksehoke Seminole        
Estomethla Seminole        
Eubanks Chickasaw Choctaw Creek    
Eunasse Seminole        
Evans Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek  
Even Chickasaw        
Everett Creek        
Everhart Chickasaw        
Everidge Choctaw        
Evrett Choctaw        
Ewing Choctaw        
Ewings Choctaw