The surnames listed here are  the Freedmen enrolled by the Dawes Commission from 1898 to 1914.  Those names that appear were either born in Indian Territory, were removed here from East of the Mississippi and/or lived in Indian Territory prior to the Civil War.   Some names listed were slaves others were free, what must be understood is that most had African blood and many were of African/Indian descent.

Mabry Cherokee Choctaw      
Macken Cherokee        
Mackey Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Mackum Cherokee        
MaDaniel Cherokee        
Madden Cherokee        
Mahale Seminole        
Mahardy Chickasaw        
Mahardy Choctaw Creek Seminole    
Makins Creek        
Malinda Seminole        
Malven Cherokee        
Malvern Creek        
Malvery Creek        
Manac Creek        
Mandy Seminole        
Maney Seminole        
Manley Cherokee        
Mann Choctaw        
Manning Chickasaw Choctaw      
Mansfield Choctaw        
Manuel Creek Seminole      
Marcus Seminole        
Marcy Seminole        
Maria Seminole        
Markham Cherokee        
Marks Seminole        
MarpiyecherRiley Seminole        
Marshal Creek Seminole      
Marshall Cherokee Seminole      
Martha Seminole        
Marthla Seminole        
Martin Cherokee ChickasawCreek Seminole    
Martom Cherokee        
Marty Seminole        
Mary Seminole        
Mason Chickasaw        
Mathews Cherokee Creek      
Mat-ub-bee Choctaw        
Maturby Choctaw        
Matuth-hoke Seminole        
Maude Seminole        
Maupin Choctaw        
Maxwell Choctaw        
May Choctaw        
Mayberry Cherokee Creek      
Mayes Cherokee        
Mayes Choctaw Creek      
Mayfield Cherokee Creek      
Mayo Cherokee        
Mays Chickasaw Choctaw      
Mayson Creek        
Maytubbe Choctaw        
Maytuby Choctaw        
McAfee Choctaw        
McCain Chickasaw        
McCarty Choctaw        
McChristian Cherokee        
McClain Creek        
McClendon Chickasaw Choctaw      
McClish Chickasaw        
McCloud Choctaw        
McClure Cherokee        
McConnel Cherokee        
McConnell Cherokee        
McCooy Chickasaw        
McCoy Cherokee Choctaw Seminole    
McCrackin Cherokee        
McCulla Seminole        
McCullough Cherokee        
McCurtain Cherokee Choctaw      
McDade Cherokee        
McDaniel Choctaw Creek      
McDaniels Cherokee        
McDermott Chickasaw        
McDonal Chickasaw        
McDonald Choctaw        
McElroy Cherokee        
McGee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek    
McGeisey Seminole        
McGeisy Seminole        
McGilbra Creek        
McGilbray Chickasaw Creek      
McGilbry Choctaw        
McGirt Creek Seminole      
McGuire Choctaw        
McHenry Creek        
McIntosh Cherokee Creek Seminole    
McKee Choctaw        
McKellop Creek        
McKenzie Chickasaw        
McKinley Choctaw        
McKinney Chickasaw Choctaw Creek    
McLain Cherokee        
McMillan Chickasaw        
McNac Creek Seminole      
McNack Cherokee Creek      
McNair Cherokee        
McNeill Choctaw        
McQueen Cherokee        
McQuilla Choctaw        
McSimms Creek        
McSims Creek        
McWaters Cherokee        
Meadon Cherokee        
Meadows Choctaw        
Mecco Seminole        
Meggs Choctaw        
Meighbors Choctaw        
Meigs Cherokee        
Meley Seminole        
MelishkocheSakteke Seminole        
Melisse Seminole        
Melo Seminole        
Melton Cherokee        
Meney Seminole        
MeriwetherRose Creek        
Merrell Cherokee        
Merriman Chickasaw        
Merritts Choctaw        
Mesale Seminole        
Mesaley Seminole        
Metetakee Seminole        
Micco Seminole        
Middleton Cherokee        
Mike Chickasaw Creek      
Milam Cherokee        
Miles Chickasaw Choctaw Creek    
Miley Seminole        
Miller Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Millett Creek        
Milley Seminole        
Millie Seminole        
Mills Choctaw Seminole      
Milly Seminole        
Milsey Seminole        
Milton Choctaw        
Mimey Seminole        
Mimms Creek        
Mimmus Chickasaw        
Mina Seminole        
Minas Creek        
Minda Seminole        
Mingo Seminole        
Minner Choctaw        
Minnis Creek        
Minnus Cherokee        
Minsy Cherokee        
Mintfield Chickasaw        
Misselda Seminole        
Missena Seminole        
Missey Seminole        
Missie Seminole        
Mitchell Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Seminole  
Mitchile Seminole        
Moddy Chickasaw        
Mogee Seminole        
Mohuntubby Chickasaw        
Mokoyike Seminole        
Moleya Seminole        
Mollie Seminole        
Molly Seminole        
Molton Chickasaw        
Monacheke Seminole        
Monday Cherokee Creek Seminole    
Monkah Seminole        
Monroe Chickasaw Creek      
Montgomery Chickasaw        
Moody Creek        
Mooney Seminole        
Moore Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Moors Choctaw        
Moppin Seminole        
Morey Creek        
Morgan Cherokee Choctaw Creek Seminole  
Morotn Choctaw        
Morris Cherokee Creek Seminole    
Morrison Creek Seminole      
Morrow Chickasaw        
Mosar Seminole        
Moses Chickasaw Choctaw Seminole    
Mosley Choctaw Creek      
Moss Choctaw        
Mot-hoh-yeSilla Seminole        
Mulcussey Seminole        
Mulcy Seminole        
Muldrow Cherokee        
Mulgusse Seminole        
Mulleah Seminole        
Mullen Creek        
Mundis Cherokee        
Mundy Seminole        
Mungo Seminole        
Munn Choctaw        
Munnah Seminole        
Munson Cherokee        
Murchison Choctaw        
Mure Creek        
Murphy Choctaw Creek      
Murray Chickasaw Choctaw Creek    
Murrell Creek        
Murrill Creek        
Murry Chickasaw        
Musgrove Cherokee Choctaw      
Muthoye Seminole        
Myers Chickasaw Creek      
Myles Creek