The surnames listed here are  the Freedmen enrolled by the Dawes Commission from 1898 to 1914.  Those names that appear were either born in Indian Territory, were removed here from East of the Mississippi and/or lived in Indian Territory prior to the Civil War.   Some names listed were slaves others were free, what must be understood is that most had African blood and many were of African/Indian descent.

Nail Choctaw Creek    
Nalls Cherokee      
Nance Chickasaw      
Nancy Seminole      
Nannie Seminole      
Napoeche Seminole      
Narcome Seminole      
Nash Cherokee Choctaw Creek  
Natukse Seminole      
Nave Cherokee Creek    
Neal Choctaw Creek    
Neel Chickasaw      
Neioll Choctaw      
Nellie Seminole      
Nellsie Seminole      
Nelly Seminole      
Nelsey Seminole      
Nelson Cherokee Choctaw    
Ne-ma Seminole      
Nero Cherokee Chickasaw Creek Seminole
Nevens Creek      
Nevins Creek Seminole    
Newberry Chickasaw Choctaw    
Newell Creek      
Newman Creek      
Newton Choctaw      
Nicey Seminole      
Nichols Creek      
Nims Chickasaw      
Nitchey Seminole      
Nitey Seminole      
Nivens Cherokee      
Nix Creek      
Noah Seminole      
Noble Creek Seminole    
Noel Chickasaw      
Nokoseka Seminole      
Nokusile Seminole      
Nolan Choctaw      
Noland Choctaw      
Nolen Cherokee Choctaw    
Nolitubby Chickasaw      
Nomman Creek      
Nora Seminole      
Norfer Creek      
Norman Choctaw      
Norris Choctaw      
North Chickasaw      
Norwood Creek      
Noska Seminole      
Nourvle Choctaw      
Nowell Chickasaw      
NuksokocheSunday Seminole      
Nunley Choctaw      
Nunnally Choctaw      
Nunnely Choctaw