The surnames listed here are  the Freedmen enrolled by the Dawes Commission from 1898 to 1914.  Those names that appear were either born in Indian Territory, were removed here from East of the Mississippi and/or lived in Indian Territory prior to the Civil War.   Some names listed were slaves others were free, what must be understood is that most had African blood and many were of African/Indian descent.

Rabbit Seminole        
Radford Choctaw        
Ragen Creek        
Ragsdale Cherokee Creek      
Raiford Seminole        
Railback Choctaw        
Randolph Chickasaw Creek      
Ratcliff Cherokee        
Ray Cherokee        
Read Choctaw        
Rechardson Choctaw        
Record Choctaw        
Rector Choctaw Creek      
Reddick Choctaw        
Redmon Creek        
Redmond Creek        
Redmouth Creek        
Reed Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Reeder Choctaw        
Reese Cherokee Chickasaw      
Reeves Cherokee Choctaw      
Reid Cherokee        
Rentie Choctaw Creek      
Renton Seminole        
Renty Seminole        
Reynolds Cherokee Chickasaw      
Reynolds Choctaw        
Rhoda Seminole        
Rice Choctaw Creek      
Richard Creek        
Richards Choctaw Creek      
Richardson Cherokee Chickasaw      
Riddle Choctaw        
Rider Cherokee        
Ridge Chickasaw Choctaw      
Riffington Choctaw        
Riley Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Ripley Seminole        
Riston Choctaw        
Rivers Chickasaw        
Roach Cherokee        
Roane Creek        
Robbins Creek        
Roberson Cherokee        
Roberson Creek        
Robert Seminole        
Roberts Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole  
Robertson Cherokee Creek      
Robins Creek        
Robinson Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Robison Creek        
Roby Chickasaw Choctaw      
Rodgers Cherokee Creek      
Rodville Chickasaw        
Roe Cherokee Creek Seminole    
Roebuck Cherokee        
Rogers Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Rollen Chickasaw        
Rorex Creek        
Rosanna Seminole        
Rose Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw    
Ross Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Roster Cherokee        
Rowe Cherokee Creek      
Roy Chickasaw        
Russell Chickasaw Choctaw Creek