The surnames listed here are the Freedmen enrolled by the Dawes Commission from 1898 to 1914.  Those names that appear were either born in Indian Territory, were removed here from, East of the Mississippi, and/or lived in Indian Territory prior to the Civil War.   Some names listed were slaves others were free, what must be understood is that most had African blood and many were of African/Indian descent.

Tab Creek        
Tahike Seminole        
Talmascy Seminole        
Talmasey Seminole        
Tanner Creek        
Tanyan Seminole        
Tar-co-sar Seminole        
Tayeche Seminole        
Taylor Cherokee        
Taylor Chickasaw        
Taylor Choctaw Creek Seminole    
Tecumseh Chickasaw Creek      
Tecumseh Seminole        
Teel Choctaw        
Teller Seminole        
Tena Seminole        
Terry Cherokee        
Te-tah-ke Seminole        
Tewe Seminole        
Tewee Seminole        
Thahoyane Seminole        
Thasate Seminole        
Theodore Cherokee        
Thlocco Seminole        
Thocco Seminole        
Thomas Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Thompson Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole
Thornton Cherokee        
Thurman Choctaw        
Thursday Creek        
Tiger Creek Seminole      
Tikahche Seminole        
Timpson Choctaw        
Tinkshell Choctaw        
Tipkins Chickasaw        
Tipton Creek        
Tis Choctaw        
Tittle Creek        
Titus Choctaw        
Ti-u-na Seminole        
Tobey Creek        
Tobie Seminole        
Tobler Chickasaw Creek      
Toche Seminole        
Toles Chickasaw        
Toliver Creek        
Tolliver Creek        
Tolmochusse Seminole        
Tolomka Seminole        
Tom Creek        
Tommy Seminole        
Toney Creek        
Toney Seminole        
Townsend Cherokee Chickasaw      
Townsley Chickasaw        
Towser Chickasaw        
Triplett Chickasaw Choctaw      
Trotter Creek        
Tucker Cherokee Choctaw Creek    
Tulla Seminole        
Turner Choctaw Creek Seminole    
Tutter Chickasaw        
Twyman Chickasaw        
Tyler Choctaw        
Tyner Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw    
Typer Creek        
Tyson Chickasaw Choctaw