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Freedmen of the Five Civilzed Tribes, Black Indians


About site owner: Eleanor Wyatt, a Chickasaw/Choctaw Descendant
and Aaliyah


The Scanned images found in this site were obtained from the Mid-Continent Public Library, Genealogy Dept. at Spring and 24 Hwy, Independence, Missouri (816) 252-7228. The Library's usual working hours are 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday, and 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

The viewer should obtain the roll number before searching these records.

I have posted a Surname Index to Freedmen Roll Numbers .  Some of you may need to find a blood or marriage connection, therefore I provide the ARC link for you. This information can be obtained online from the NARA/ARC, To get to the digital copies type in the first search box FINAL ROLLS, however this site is not user friendly (I hope to post the by blood at a future date). The site is listed by nation and is in alphabetical order but the links,  are simply page numbers. You will have to 'guesstimate' the location.  

Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes Roll Number

The Census Card  index is in numeric order with the Minor Roll numbers following each list. The images are the Final Roll of FREEDMEN and are referred to, in this site, as roll number. The Dawes Commission closed these rolls March 4, 1907. The images have been reduced in size and some distortion, from this process, has occurred.

The Monroe Mission Records provide a good source of slaves, slaveholders and free persons before removal, one may find information about ancestors listed by name.

The Dawes Commission gives a little history as to it's formation and who would be included in these rolls

The First Choctaw Trading Post is listed here to assist you in locating Slave owners.

Slave owners in Indian Territory is a list of Slave owners complied from several sources, the 1837 Census before removal, the 1847 census after removal, the 1860 slave schedules and the enrollment cards of Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes.

The 1860 Slave Schedules provides the name of the slave owner, with his slaves, although slave names are not listed ages, gender and race can be a useful tool in locating family groups.

Chickasaw Freedmen Background From the works of Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr., The Chickasaw Freedmen: A People Without a Country  gives the history of the Chickasaw Freedmen

Freedmen Surnames is an alphabetical listing of surnames particular to the Five Civilized Tribes, listed after each name is the Tribe that you will find these names.  This list was compiled to assist you in locating which tribes to search.

Indian Home Guard  an index of those who served during the  Civil War the list is not comprehensive, however it list more than 4000 names . This index does not distinguish the Freedmen and/or Indian from any other soldier.

The 79th and 83rd USCT (Unites States Colored Troops) is posted to assist you in locating those ancestors that fought in the Civil War. These names include those people of color that enlisted and fought for freedom.

Census Records that may list the names of your ancestor . Dunn Roll (Creek), 1890/93 Wallace Roll: Admitted Freedmen,1890/93Wallace Roll Authenticated Freedmen  (Cherokee), Chickasaw Census 1818, 1837, 1839, 1847, 1896 Freedmen census 'Choctaw Nation' , 1896 Dawes Commission Index

Slave Narratives Oklahoma Slave Narratives , 640 Texas Slave Narratives provide a wealth of genealogy information

History is the best source of knowledge so there are several links to histories (Please see links on home page) Also you will find the source and other useful information on the Home Page.

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