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On October 19, 1888, Congress of the United States appropriated $75,000 to be divided between the Cherokee , Shawnee and Delaware Indian tribes. The Wallace Roll of Cherokee Freedmen in Indian Territory was created by John W. Wallace. The Cherokee citizenship of most ex-slaves of the Cherokee were disputed by the Cherokee tribe, thus the establishment of their status was important to determine their rights; to live on Cherokee land and to share in annuity and other payments, including the special $75,000.  A series of investigations were conducted. The investigations were conducted by John W. Wallace, 1889-1890; Leo E. Bennett, 1891-1892; Marcus D. Shelby, 1893; James G. Dickson, 1895-1896; and William Clifton, William Thompson, and Robert H. Kern, 1896-1897.  John W. Wallace compiled the original rolls of Authenticated, Admitted, Rejected Freedmen, and Free Negroes. This is a partial transcription of the Authenticated and Admitted Freedmen only.  The Roll's intent was to identify Cherokee Freedmen entitled to a share of this money. The Wallace Roll was set aside as "fraudulent" by the United States Court of Indian Affairs,  in a decree issued May, 8, 1895. The complete Roll can be obtained from the Mid-Continent Genealogy library, Kansas City, Missouri. Wallace Report, Cherokee Freedmen- 197 pages

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