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Our Shared History-Desalyn Stevenson

Freedmen Who Applied for By Blood Citizenship case Numbers...Joe and Dillard Perry...Loula West...Mary Martin

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Black Indian Descendants of James Logan Colbert

Black Indians
Self Determination

Executions at Fort Smith

Beginners's Choctaw Grammar
As used in the 1800's

Cherokee Phonetic

Index of Freedmen Roll Numbers

1910 Oklahoma African-Natives
with degree of Indian Blood

1885 Chickasaw & Choctaw
Freedmen Roll

Dawes Index by Blood

Final Roll by Blood

Cherokee Roll

Choctaw Roll

Chickasaw Roll

Creek Roll

Seminole Roll

Slave Owner Debt: Choctaw Trading House

Indian Territory
More than the state of Oklahoma

Virginia Slave

Slave Owners in Indian Territory by Tribe

1860 Slave Schedule Index
Cross Reference by Nation,
County and Name

  Freedmen Surnames

Cherokee Slave

Choctaw Slave

Chickasaw Slave

Creek Slave

Creek Nation Slave Collection

Seminole Nation Slave Collection

1920 Berwyn, Carter County, Oklahoma Census

1920 Oklahoma Census Surnames: Roberts, Pickens, Stevenson, Whitaker

1930 Oklahoma-Counties, Townships and Ghost Towns

1930 Lone Grove, Carter County , Oklahoma Census

1930 Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma Census

1930 Berwyn Carter County, Oklahoma Census

1930 Akers, Carter County, Oklahoma census

Old Five Mile Cemetery Photos Enrollment Cards/Census Cards

Enrollment Cards/Census Cards

Broken Branches-Census Cards

Eli Roberts Interview (1937)

1896 Freedmen census 'Choctaw Nation'

Chickasaw Census
1818, 1837, 1839, 1847

1896 Dawes Commission Index

  1890/93 Wallace Roll: Admitted Freedmen

1890/93Wallace Roll
Authenticated Freedmen

Dunn Roll
Thanks to
Ronald Walton

Laney Colbert Stephenson/Stevenson case #241

Case Filed: To be placed on Rolls by Blood, Equity Case 7071 Names

Equity Case 7071 (Entire)

  Denson, Darden, & Moore Census, Texas

Smith County, Texas-Starrville Beat

Smith County, Texas-Tyler Beat

Wood County, Texas
1860- 1870- 1880

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Edmond Roberts and Sarah (Abram) Roberts

Charles Cohee, President of the Chickasaw Freedmen�s Association (1898)

The data posted to this site are resources for the Freedmen Descendants of the Five Civilized tribes, a means to locate information particular to the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee, and Seminole Freedmen of Indian Territory /Oklahoma. Census card numbers prepared by the Dawes Commission of 1898 have been the catalyst for this site. You should first obtain the roll number before searching. The index to these numbers can be obtained on this site so it is imperative that you click on the HOW TO USE THIS SITE link.  It is this researchers desire to reduce the many hours spent at your local genealogy libraries and National Archives searching for this information. My dedication is to the Freedmen descendants and... Researching the Freedmen of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations. Surnames of Roberts, Pickens, Stevenson, Colbert, Wilson, Harris, Abrams, Christian, Clay and others.

Twenty-five years of researching has produced the following information. The reader must know that some liberties have been taken, as with all data obtained of slaveholders little if any information about slave populations were well documented. This researcher is fortunate to some extent, as Indian Records before after removal, from Indian Nations east of the Mississippi, were maintained, thus documenting family surnames. Much of the information obtained for this site comes from the Dawes Commission and enrollment of the Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes. Who's Blood is This is the title of my works and the dedication of my web sites

A Freedmen Descendant,  I Know as Mother
Exzetta Pickens

In the year 1985 I started a search for my missing family, or perhaps I should say, the family that denied who I am. Much like a child that has been adopted, I set out to find my ancestors, that missing part of me. This web site is the results of that search to date; however, I want to share the 180-degree turn that I made over the past 10 years&.  Thus the Title of my works Whose Blood is This.

Unlike Alex Haley there are no stories handed down from the generations about my African ancestors, I am told by the government or this society that I am African-American, yet in all my searching I have found nothing to substantiate this title, so whose blood is this that runs through my veins. Though my complexion is of a dark hue, my African brothers don't claim me for my hair is to long, to straight or wavy, my nose is not broad, my lips are not full. My Irish/English brothers won't claim me for I am the product of our forefather sins; I am the reminder of the inhumane treatment against a people, so Whose Blood Is This that runs through my veins. My Choctaw and Chickasaw brothers won't claim me, although my features are much like their on, much like Judas, I or perhaps I should say my Freedmen ancestors were sold out... to the same government that labels me. So Whose Blood Is This. To my sons Eric   and Edward  Jalen and MaKenzie to whom this page is dedicated I write this so they will not spend twenty-five years searching for their blood. To my sister Unestine Denson Cannon I dedicate this site for she has always claimed me and truly knows Whose Blood Is This.

I will continue my search, for it is much like a drug addiction that keep me up at night searching the net, looking for my next hit. But it is not for the need to be accepted by a Nation. Rest easy my Chickasaw and Choctaw brothers, keep the thirty pieces of silver, I am not trying to get into your Nation, as you claim your heritage of the ancient spirits, know that because of the blood that run through my veins, I too have that connection. Rest easy my Irish/English brothers for I too forgive your inhumanities, you must some day acknowledge your sins and who I truly am. My African brothers I hold you harmless even though you can't or won't claim me, as you too must be asking Whose Blood Is This.

I have been told that my heritage held from the Kings and Queens of Africa, for which I have no proof. I have been told that I come from Chiefs and Kings of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nation for this I have limited proof. Of all the bloodlines that I can claim, the most important, claims me. It is the Blood of Jesus, Whose Blood Is This.  It is the blood of the Lamb, it is Alpha and Omega, it is King Jesus, and I am a true heir to this throne..... No research need.

Descendants of Stepney Roberts
Picture Links

Descendants of Jack Harris Pickens

Descendants of Cornelius Pickens and Margaret Ann Wilson

Descendants of Laney Colbert and Mobile Stevenson

My Dad's side of me:  Although oral history states that my dad's ancestors have a Cherokee heritage, I have found nothing to prove or disprove this statement.  I have found my great great-grandfather Cupid Moore in Terrebonne Parish, La. Although a known fact that Indians inhabited Terrebonne Parish for thousands of years, they were not today's Houmas Indians, but tribes of unknown origin.  Cupid was born in North Carolina and he may have simply end up there after fighting in the Civil War.  My great great-grandmother's surname still eludes me thus I post only 3 of my paternal.


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