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Most records of The Five Civilized Tribes were processed through the office of Indian Affairs. Records may be found in The National Archives or  Regional Branches. Some records can be found in genealogy libraries in your area, Research Libraries

  List of "Colored Persons on the Clifton Roll not on 1880 Rolls." 7RA-51 roll 2
1898-1939 Census.  Cherokee (North Carolina) M-595 rolls 22-26
1867-1897 Freedmen rolls and indexes (included Wallace Roll) 7RA-51 rolls 1-2
1898-1914 Index to Final Roll Dawes Roll  M-1186 roll 1
1898-1914 Enrollment cards Dawes Census Cards   M-1186 rolls 2-38
1898-1914 Applications for enrollment on the Final Roll Dawes Application M-1301 rolls 174-399
1878-1889 Lists of claimants and dockets of the Citizenship Commission 7RA-25 rolls 1-4
1906-1909 Eastern Cherokee Applications of the U.S. Court of Claims ("Guion Miller applications") M-1104 rolls 1-348
1908-1910 Index and Guion Miller roll M-685 rolls 1-12

Index to the Henderson Roll

T-496 roll 1

1848 Mullay Roll of Eastern Cherokee 7RA-06 roll 1
1851 Index to the Siler Roll M-685 roll 12
1851 Siler Roll of Eastern Cherokee 7RA-06 roll 1
1852 Chapman Roll of Eastern Cherokee M-685 roll 12
1852 Index to the Drennen Roll M-685 roll 12
1852 Drennen Roll of "Emigrant Cherokee 7RA-01
1867 Tompkins Roll.  7RA-04 roll 1  
1880 Index and census, schedules 1-6 7RA-07 rolls 1-4.
1880 Payment roll (Lipe Roll) 7RA-33 rolls 1-2
1883 Census.  7RA-29 roll 1  
1883 Census (an 1897 Sequoyah District missing)  7RA-56 rolls 1-2
1883 Payment roll 7RA-57 rolls 1-3
1886  Census 7RA-58 rolls 1-2
1890 Census (NO index), schedules 1-6 7RA-08 rolls 1-6
1893 Census (includes Delaware, Shawnees, and Freedmen) 7RA-54 rolls 1-2
1894 Payment roll and index ("Starr Roll") 7RA-38 rolls 1-5
1926-31 Baker Roll.  Eastern Cherokees in North Carolina  A-35
1896 Index to Old Settlers Payment Roll T-985 roll 1
1896  Old Settlers Payment Roll 7RA-34 roll 1
1896 Census 7RA-19 roll 1
1896 Index to census not including Freedmen 7RA-71 roll 1
1896 Applications M-1650
1896 Index and Dockets A-C of Cherokee Citizenship Cases 7RA-70. 2 rolls
1897 Index to Freedmen Payment Roll 7RA-51, roll 2
1897 Index to Freedmen Strip Payment Roll 7RA-51, roll 2
1897 Freedmen Payment Roll 7RA-51, roll 2
1907 Index to rejected applicants.  7RA-24 roll 1  
1910 Index and payroll 7RA-81 rolls 1-3
1910 Payment to intermarried whites 7RA-80 roll 1
1910 Index and Cherokee Equalization Payroll 7RA-82 rolls 1-4
1801-1835 Records of The Cherokee Indian Agency in TN M208
1852 Chapman Roll 7RA06
1852 Drennen Roll 7RA01
1883 Census and Payroll 7RA29
1880 Census and Index  7RA07
1867 Index To Tompkins Roll 1 75A51 
  Indexes: Cherokees By Intermarriage, Deleware Cherokees New Born Freedmen, New Born Cherokees By Blood 7RA81
1867 Tompkins Roll of Cherokee Citizens & Freedmen 7RA04
1867 Census 7RA04 
1896 Census 7RA19
1896 Index To 1896, Except Freedmen 7RA71
1890 Census 7RA60 
1895-1896 Old Settler Roll (with Index to Payment Roll of 1896 T985
  Delaware, Shawnee & North Carolina Cherokees 7RA81