In the Garden

The Olive Tree In the Garden of Gethsemane (1997)

'The hour of parting was close at hand. Although the disciples could not as yet comprehend all it implied, Jesus was well aware of what lay ahead. After they had eaten, He had sought to comfort and prepare the eleven who had remained faithful. His ministry, His period of teaching was at an end, and He terminated these efforts with a lone prayer to the Heavenly Father. Then the paschal hymn having been sung, the party went across the Kidron Valley, and started up the Mount of Olives.

As they came to the great olive grove, which took its name-GETHSEMANE- from the olive press standing before it, Jesus turned aside beneath its sheltering branches...."

The olive tree pictured here was taken in 1997 in the present day location of the garden of Gethsemane, it has been dated before the birth of Christ and belived to be the Tree inwhich my Lord was sheltered.

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