James Logan Colbert

James Logan Colbert

Black Man

Long before The Trail of Tears someone (Europeans I would imagine) decided if there was one drop of BLACK blood in a person, regardless of the other millions of blood cells, that person was Black.

The Chickasaw Indian Nation since the signing of the Treaty of 1866 has (and still do) deny that black Indians were part of the Chickasaw Nation.  James Logan Colbert and his descendants Ruled the Chickasaw Nation , until the lands of Indian Territory was taken from them.  James Logan Colbert was a Black Man according to the one drop rule therefore either the Chickasaw Nation is nonexistent by their own standards or Black Indians were a part of the Nation. 

Daughters of James Colbert, Chickasaw Nation

Lydia Colbert Cohee

Laney Colbert Stevenson

You be the Judge as evidence by the following