Cupid Moore Civil War Record

Jesse Darden Descendants


Julie Moore 1885 to 1959

Generation No. 1

JESSE1 DARDEN was born February 1844.

        Children of JESSE DARDEN are:

        i.         KATIE2 DARDEN, b. March 1864, Texas.

 ii.                    JESSE DARDEN

 iii.                  ULYSES DARDEN

 Generation No. 2

 KATIE2 DARDEN (JESSE1) was born March 1864 in Texas. She married (1) CUPID MOORE 1877 in Texas, son of CUPID MOORE and ANNETTE ?.  He was born 1858 in North Carolina.

   She married (2) ? BEHAM.   

        Children of KATIE DARDEN and CUPID MOORE are:

                   iv.    JULIUS/Julie3 MOORE, b. April 8, 1885, Texas; d. August 18, 1959, Oklahoma.

                    v.    LUTHER MOORE, b. September 1887.

                   vi.    ELL D. MOORE, b. March 1892.

                  vii.    JESSE L. MOORE, b. February 1896.

                 viii.    WILLIS MOORE, b. 1878.

                    ix.    CARRIE MOORE, b. 1879.

 Children of KATIE DARDEN and ? BEHAM are:

                      i.    GUSSIE3 BEHAM, b. 1899.

                     ii.    VEODA BEHAM, b. 1905.

                    iii.    GRACY BEHAM, b. 1903.

Generation No. 3

JULIUS/Julie3 MOORE (KATIE2 DARDEN, JESSE1) was born April 8, 1885 in Texas, and died August 18, 1959 in Oklahoma.  She married NICHOLAS BEE DENSON March 1907 in Guthrie, Oklahoma, son of HENRY DENSON and JANE.  He was born August 1883 in Texas, and died July 28, 1956 in Oklahoma.

 Notes for NICHOLAS BEE DENSON: Moved to Fouke, Precent #21, Wood county Texas before 1920. Family found in 1920 Census.  Family history: In Longview Texas prior to this move.

        Children of JULIUS MOORE and NICHOLAS DENSON are:

                     1.  CAUDIE MAE4 DENSON, b. 1917.

                     2.   GARLAND DENSON.

                     3.   MAUDIE MAE DENSON.

                   4.    NICOLAS DENSON, b. 1914.

                    5.    PERRY DENSON, b. 1915.

                    6.    JACK C. EVANS DENSON, b. November 21, 1900, Texas; d. Kansas City Missouri.

                    7.    CATHERINE DENSON, b. 1902.

                   8.     VERCIE JANE DENSON, b. 1910.

                   9.     BEATRICE DENSON, b. 1912.

                  10.    HOLLIE B DENSON, b. February 21, 1919, Hawkins, Texas; d. June 6, 1989, Kansas City, Missouri.

                  11.    ENNIS DENSON, b. 1904.

                  12.    JEWEL DENSON, b. 1901.

                  13.    NANCY DENSON, b. 1910.

 Generation No. 4

JACK C. EVANS4 DENSON (JULIUS3 MOORE, KATIE2 DARDEN, JESSE1) was born November 21, 1900 in Texas, and died in Kansas City Missouri.

 Notes for JACK C. EVANS DENSON: Jack C. Evans father was not N. B Denson but Unnamed Evans

        Children of JACK C. EVANS DENSON are:

                      i.    JACK C. EVANS JR.5 DENSON, b. February 2, 1926.

                     ii.    RAYMOND CURTIS EVANS DENSON, b. February 4, 1928.

                    iii.    UNKNOWN EVANS DENSON, b. July 7, 1930.

Notes for UNKNOWN EVANS DENSON: Information obtained from J. C Evans bible date without a name.

 HOLLIE B4 DENSON (JULIUS3 MOORE, KATIE2 DARDEN, JESSE1) was born February 21, 1919 in Hawkins, Texas, and died June 6, 1989 in Kansas City, Missouri. .    He married (1`) EXZETTA PICKENS February 27, 1942 in Oklahoma, daughter of SIM PICKENS and RHODA ROBERTS.  She was born January 27, 1922 in Oklahoma, and died January 12, 1960 in Kansas City, Kansas. 5 children were born to this marriage all are living He married (2) ROBERDA AMMONS.  9 children were born to this marriage 7 are living.  There is one child born to Videll Stevenson who is living 

I am the second child of HOLLIE DENSON and EXZETTA PICKENS

    ELEANOR DENSON, b. July 18, Kansas City, Kansas.

Generation No. 5

ELEANOR5 DENSON (HOLLIE B4, JULIUS3 MOORE, CUPID2, CUPID1) was born July 18, in Kansas City, Kansas.  She married ERNEST E. WAYNE WYATT November 11, 1967 in Kansas City Missouri, son of CYLESTER WYATT and TOMMIE SMITH.  He was born March 29, in Sedalia, Missouri.


                            ERIC DWAYNE6 WYATT, b. August 15, Kansas City, Missouri.

                            EDWARD TYRONE WYATT, b. January 25, Kansas City, Missouri.

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