A Little History

Oklahoma Slave Narrative

  C. G Samuel

My father was a half African and my grandfather was a full blood African. My father had an African mark on his chest which was a circle with a small dot in the middle. I don't know what this mark was for. My father and mother with some of their children were bought by Wright Ferguson . Caroline Samuel , my mother, was a half Creek Indian. Both my parents have said sometimes a whole family of negroes would be bought for slaves, while sometimes only the man and woman or just the children. There was a parting forever of parents and children if they were sold off separately. The slaves loved to pray, they wanted to pray and they did pray. They knew that there was a Supreme Being but the masters would never want to hear any praying. The slaves were told that there was no God. If there was to be any praying the slaves should do it so that they could not be heard or that that they should pray under a pot.