Choctaw Source

Source and Location


Most records of The Five Civilized Tribes were processed through the office of Indian Affairs. Records may be found in The National Archives or Regional Branches. Some records can be found in genealogy libraries in your area, Research Libraries

1868 Census Rolls  7RA20
1868 Payment roll  7RA-20 roll 1
1895 Payment rolls  7RA-20 roll 1
1895-189 Census Rolls  77RA20 
1897 Census roll  7RA-20 roll 1
1898-1914 Applications for enrollment of the Final Roll Dawes Applications   M-1301 rolls 400-402
1898-1914 Enrollment cards Dawes Census Cards  M-1186 rolls 92-93
1898-1914 Enrollment cards Dawes Census Cards  M-1186
1898-1914 Index to Final Roll- Dawes Roll  M-1186 roll 1
1901-1902 Allotment Schedules  7RA20
1913-1940 Census Seminole (Florida)  M-595 rolls 486-487.