Slave Narratives: Black Indians

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The WPA Narratives

To the Readers: You may find some terms or phrases offensive. The narratives have been transcribed as written, although they contain statements that may not be politically correct for the year 2000, they were terms used in the early 1900 (and even today) by all races.I am proud to say I am a Freedmen descendant, therefore to change their words would be a disservice to them, myself and to those who seek the truth.

Transcribed by Eleanor Wyatt : All names; Slaves, Slave owners and family members of both have been highlighted.

The narratives were copied word for word including most of the misspellings that occurred in the original. The spelling errors give some sense that the Federal Writers' Project employed writers who may have been somewhat less than Professionals

In this Texas collection there are interviews with over 600 ex-slaves, as well as interviews with whites old enough at the time to have remembered slavery. All narratives that displayed even the slightest change from those originally published have been included; in all but a few cases the changes are substantive. The interviews with whites provide a contrasting backdrop against which to read the ex-slave narratives. A few of the ex-slaves were interviewed together with a spouse or some other close relative, and in those cases two ex-slaves are presented. To view some of the items deleted for the ex-slaves narratives click the Dove at the bottome of this page

 Babino, Agatha
 Baker, Henry  Barber, James  Barclay, Delia  Barclay, Jim
 Barclay, Sarah
photo with narrative  

 Barker, John
 Barnes, Joe  Barnett, Amelia  Barnett, Darcus
 Barrens, Jake  Barrett, Armstead  Barrett, Harriett  Basard, Elvira  Bates, Henderson
 Bates, John  Beady, Wes  Bean, Abe
 Beckett, Harrison
 Bell, Frank
 Bell, Virginia  
photo with narrative  
Bendy, Minerva & Edgar

 Benjamin, Sarah
 Berliner, Sarah
Slave Owner
photo with narrative  
Bess, Jack
 Betters, Kate  Betts, Ellen  Beverly, Charlotte  Bibles, Della
Monroe "Mun" Bibles
 Bibles, Johnny :Slaveowner
Father of Monroe
photo with narrative  
Black, Francis
 Blackwell, Willie
 Blanchard, Oliver
 Blanks, Julia  Boldin, Quintin

 Boles, Elvira
photo with narrative  
Bormer, Betty
 Bowen, Charley  Boyd, Harrison  Boyd, Isabella
photo with narrative  
Boyd, James
 Boykins, Jerry  
photo with narrative  
Brackins, Monroe
 Bradshaw, Gus  
photo with narrative  
Brady, Wes
 Branch, Jacob  
photo with narrative  
Branch, William
 Bratcher, Minerva  Brice, Amanda  Brim, Clara
 Broadus,Henry  Broadus, Ned
Father of Henry
photo with narrative  
Brooks, Sylvester
photo with narrative  
Broussard, Donaville
photo with narrative  
Brown, Fannie
photo with narrative  
Brown, Fred
 Brown, Hattie Jane  
photo with narrative  
Brown, James
photo with narrative  
Brown, Josie
 Brown, Rosella
 Brown, Steve  
photo with narrative  
Brown, Zek
 Bruin, Madison  Brunson, Vinnie  
photo with narrative  
Bunton, Martha Spence
 Burleson, James  Burrell, Phoebe Jane  Burrell, Wesley  Bush, Sam  
photo with narrative  
Butler, Ellen
 Butler, Henry H.  Byrd, Dave
 Byrd, William
   Amazing Grace
Total 73

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