Slave Narratives: Black Indians

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The WPA Narratives

To the Readers: You may find some terms or phrases offensive. The narratives have been transcribed as written, although they contain statements that may not be politically correct for the year 2000, they were terms used in the early 1900 (and even today) by all races.I am proud to say I am a Freedmen descendant, therefore to change their words would be a disservice to them, myself and to those who seek the truth.

Transcribed by Eleanor Wyatt : All names; Slaves, Slave owners and family members of both have been highlighted.

The narratives were copied word for word including most of the misspellings that occurred in the original. The spelling errors give some sense that the Federal Writers' Project employed writers who may have been somewhat less than Professionals

In this Texas collection there are interviews with over 600 ex-slaves, as well as interviews with whites old enough at the time to have remembered slavery. All narratives that displayed even the slightest change from those originally published have been included; in all but a few cases the changes are substantive. The interviews with whites provide a contrasting backdrop against which to read the ex-slave narratives. A few of the ex-slaves were interviewed together with a spouse or some other close relative, and in those cases two ex-slaves are presented. To view some of the items deleted for the ex-slaves narratives click the Dove at the bottome of this page

 Maddox, Jack & Rosa  Majors, John   Malone, Julia  Malone, Melea  Manuel, Millie
 Maples, Ella  Marsh, O. A.
Slave Owner
 Marshall, Adline
photo with narrative  
 Martin, Eva
 Martin, Isaac

photo with narrative  
 " When the English
come to Virginia,
they brought us as
servants, but when
they got here,
everybody had slaves,
so we was slaves, too"

  Martin, James
 Mason, Sam Meredith
photo with narrative  
 Mathews, Louise
Mathews, William  Matthews, Maggis Whitehead
 Mauchison, Lucy  Mayes, Hiram  McAdams, Andy  McAdams, John  McCoy, John

photo with narrative  
 McCray, Bill
 McDonald, John  McDonald, William  McGade, Curley  McGillery, Lee
  Wife of Lee
  McGillery, Rosie
 McKeever, Duncan
Slave Owner

photo with narrative  
 McQueen, Nap
 McRay, Bill  McRay, Calvin Bell

photo with narrative  
 Merritt, Susan
 Mickey, Ann  Middleton, Cassie
photo with narrative  
  Civil War History
  Miles, Josh
 Miller, Anna
 Miller, Mintie Maria  Millett, Harriett  Mills, Tom
photo with narrative  
 Mire, LaSan

photo with narrative  
 Mitchell, Charley
 Mitchell, Peter
photo with narrative  
 Moody, Andrew
 Moody, Tildy
photo with narrative  
 Moore, Almont

photo with narrative  
 Moore, Jerry
 Moore, John  Moore, Laura  Moore, Van  Moore, Vina  Moore, William
 Morrow, Mandy
photo with narrative  
 Moses, Patsy
 Mosley, John  Mouton, Leo  Moye, Calvin
 Mullins, Hannah        Amazing Grace

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