Provine, Scott, Williams

Fairbanks House in Dedham, Massachusetts, ca. 1637
Oldest wooden frame house in America.

Some Family Histories and tidbits we have found or compiled:

My maternal line histories:

Buchanan Family: George (1746-1813) and Margaret (McAfee) Buchanan

Lanier Family: Clement>John>John>Sampson>Lemuel>Sarah

Provine Family: descendants of John Provine (1751-1792)

Scott Family: James (1758-1811) and Nancy (Cassidy) Scott

 Williams Family: descendants of Garrett or Jarrett (ca. 1743-1824) Williams (md 1-Sally Lanier; 2-Winifred Lanier)

My paternal line histories:

Forrester:  James > William > Shadrack > Silas

McConnico:  Rev. Garner McConnico (1770-1833), Baptist preacher

Relationship Chart - find how you are related to a common ancestor (goes up to 9 generations)

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