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1. CHRISTIAN OLSON was born in 1830 in NORWAY. (1) He died on 5 Jul 1890 in MONEY CREEK, HOUSTON, MN.(2) From register of deaths, Christian Olson, Male, White, Widowed, Age 60,

Place of Birth, Norway
Attending Physician:
Cause of Death: Suicide
Place of Death: Money Creek
Occupation: Farmer
Names and Birthplace of Parents: Not Known, Norway

AGNETTE OLSON was born on 22 Oct 1840 in NORWAY. She died on 28 Oct 1888 in MONEY CREEK, HOUSTON, MN.(3) Death register lists Agnette Olson, female, white, married, Age 48 years,
6 days
Place of birth: Norway
Attending physician:
Cause of death: typhoid fever
Place of death: Money Creek
Occupation: Housekeeper
Names and Birthplace of parents: unlisted CHRISTIAN OLSON and AGNETTE OLSON had the following children:

child2 i. THEODORE OLSON was born in 1866.
child3 ii. IRENE OLSON was born in 1868 in MN.(4)
child4 iii. AMELIA OLSON was born in 1870 in MN.
child5 iv. OLIVE OLSON was born in 1873 in MN.
child6 v. CAROLINE OLSON was born in 1875 in MN.
child7 vi. ALEXANDER OLSON was born in 1877 in MN.
child8 vii. REBECCA OLSON was born in 1879 in MN.
child+9 viii. JULIA OLSON.
child10 ix. JOHN OLSON (Private).

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