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Private Residents

Abergavenny, The Marquess of, K.G., Nevill court also at 64 Eccleston square and The Carlton club, London, SW
Addie John, Heathcote, The Club, Monk st
Allen Thos., 4 Harringay ter. Brecon rd
Arnold Misses, Rockvilla, Chapel rd
Ashwin Manley J.P. 30 & 32 Lion st
Baker Edwd., Ashbrook, Windsor
Baker Misses, 10 Merthyr road
Baker-Gabb Fredk., The Willows, Pen. y-pound
Baker-Gabb Richard, The Chain
Baldwin Francis, 3 Frogmore streel
Barrett Mrs., 8 Brecon road
Batt Mrs. Nellsgrove, Lansdown road
Batt Miss, Old court, Castle street
Batt Mrs. Cae Kenfy, Monmouth road
Beddoe Daniel, 14 Merthyr road
Beveridge Thomas William, Melvin villa, Brecon road
Bews Rev. Charles L.Th. (curate, Holy Trinity), 19 Frogmore street
Bird Mrs. 23 Nevill street
Bishop Jos., J P, The Knoll, Brecon road
Bishop Joseph George, Brynhyfryd, Albany road
Black George Gordon McLean M.A., M.B., C.M., County Asylnm, Old Monmouth road
Bowen Rev. Thomas (Congregational), 16 Castle street
Bowser Rev. Edwin David B.A. (curate, St. Mary), 7 Oxford street
Bretherton Edgar Hubert, Capital & Counties Bank, Cross street
Brown William, 32 Merthyr road
Capper Edgar G. Trinity terrace
Carnegy Mrs. Jas. Anderson Ogilvy The Belchamps, Monmouth road
Chamberlain Thomas, Sparchford villa, Chapel road
Charles William Henry, Claremont, Monmouth road
Church Col. Hugh Backhouse (late 24th Regt.), Halidon, Monmouth road
Clarke Rev. Samuel Charles Berry (Primitive Methodist), 6 Trinity ter
Cocke Rev. Thomas Edward Cozens (Baptist), Fern villa, Western road
Cooper Walter P., Rockdale, North st
Cotton Charles Oswin, The Romans, Chapel road
Croxton Capt. Boydell, Brookfield, Monmouth road
Cunliffe Arthur Murgatroyd, BA, Clinton villa, Brecon road
Curzon Richard, 1 Marlboro' place, Windsor road
Daniel Charles John, Bailea Mawr, Hereford road
Davenport Arthur, Lloyds Bank, Cross street
Davey Norris, Havering house, Landsdown road
Davies Charles Edward Francis, Rose villa, North street
Davies Geo. Beechcroft, Stanhope pk
Davies John, 21 Albert road
Davies Mrs. Charles, Brynusk, Moumouth road
Davies Samuel Hugh Rattray, 30 Monk street
Davies William Philip, Greenfield, Windsor road
Davis Luther, Harringay terrace, Brecon road
Develin Mrs. 14 Trinity terrace
Domvile Henry William Russell, Pentre cottage, Brecon road
Dorchester James, 4 Monmouth road
Dudley Miss, HIlIwood, Brecon road i~
Edwards Mrs. M., 1 Hawarden terrace, Brecon road
Elkington Fred, St. Arvans, Albany rd
Evans Henry Charles, Highfield
Evans Jas. Western house, Western rd
Evans Mrs. C. Bryn Hyfryd, North st
Evans Mrs. E. 18 Merthyr road
Facey Frank Hy. Oakleigh, Avenue rd
Facey Samuel Henry, The Elms, Belmont road
Farquhar James Hervey, Preston villa, North street
Ferrers Henry Ferrers, The Hill
Foley Robert Murdoch B.A., M.B., 3 Frogmore street
Foster Edwin, BellaVista, Monmouth rd
Francis Benjamin John, Highmead
Fricker Charles James, Carlton house, Avenue road
Gamble Leonard M.B. & C.M. The Westgate, Merthyr road
Gardner Edgar Frederick, 11 Nevill st
Gardner Robert, Maisemore, Albany rd
Glendinning James M.D. Larchfield
Gough James Theophilus, Woodbines, Pen-y-pound
Goulborn Ernest, 2 Tredegar villas, North street
Gregory Geo. Marlboro' p1. Windsor rd
Grene Thomas Kelly, Gt. Hardwick hoouse
Grey-Edwards Rev. Alfred Howell M.A. Oxon (association sec. C M S for Monmouthshire & South Wales), Lidstone, Monmouth road
Griffin Walter, 5a, Monk street
Gwatllin Alfred, Rivington, Hollywell road
Gwatkin William Henry, Bryn Glas, Western road
Haigh Jonathan, Staincliffe, Harold rd
Hampton Edwin, Ty Hyfod, Hereford road
Hanbury-Williams Ferdinand Pakington John, D.L., J.P., Nant Oer
Harris John Henry Gilbert, J.P., Hatterrall, North street
Harris Miss, 3 Hawarden ter., Brecon rd
Healey George, Endcliffe villa, Knoll rd
Heins Mrs. Delbury villa, Chapel road
Herbert Arthur J.P. Coldbrook park
Hiley Mrs. Rozelle, Brecon road
Hill John, Fairlight house, Western rd
Hill Samuel George, Claremont villa, Western road
Hill Mrs. 4 Hawarden ter. Brecon rd
Hilton Arthur Ascroft (2nd master grammar school), 17 Monmouth rd
Hodgens Benjamin Edgar, Bryn-redyn, Western road
Hoskins Arthur Winslow, Bank, Frogmore street
Hudson Joshua, Cholmeley,Hereford rd
Jackson John, Providence cottage, Hereford road
Jacob John Reginald, 38 Lion street
James David, 5 Frogmore street
James David Howell, The Old Bank house, High street
James Ernest T. Clanmore, Windsor rd
Jenkins Alf. Sunnybank. Monmouth rd
Jenkins Mrs Caroline, Edensor villa, Knoll road
Jenkins Mrs, Tan House, Monmouth road
Johnson Edwin Arthur, Derrystone, Chapel road
Jones John Merton, Little Hardwick
Jones Jn. Pryse, Dan-y-wern, Brecon rd
Jones Rev. William Sylvanus (Presbyterian & Nonconformist chaplain to the County Asylum), The Manse, Mount street
Jones Alex. Hayden villa, Hereford rd
Jones William, 7 Hereford road
Kennard Robt. Wm., D.L., J.P., Llwyndu court
King Richard Frederick, Monmouth rd
Kynch William, 36 Monk street
Lewis Mrs. L. Clifton villa, Western rd
Llewellin Mrs., Hill grange
Lloyd Miss, Blenheim, Monmouth rd
Lloyd Thomas Edward M.D., Woodhouse, Regent street
Lockhart Harold, Stanhope house, Avenue road
Lumb Edward Henry, Gwenarues, Windsor road
Manley Col. Francis Capel, J.P., The Firs
Marsh John Owen J.P., St. Ronans
Matthews Miss, 14 King street
Meelars Henry, 12 Hereford road
Minson Cecil, Milton lodge, Brecon rd
Morgan Edgar Charles, The Beeches,. Pen-y-pound
Morgan Lewis James, Hillcrest, Lansdown road
Morgan Miss Martha, Blyth cottage Hollywell road
Morgan Mrs. Osborne, Dan-y-Bryn, Hereford road
Morris Charles Lloyd, Hathern lodge. Brecon road
Morris Samuel, Cedar villa, Chapel rd
Nelis William F., M.D.(Durham), L.R.C.P.(Edin.), County Lunatic Asylum, Old Monmouth road
Nesbitt John, Whitwell, Hereford rd.
Newton Frederick William, Selborne villa, Western road
Nicholls William Henry, 17 Cross at
O'Donoghue Daniel, Glenthorne, Windsor road
Owen Charles, Bryntirion, Station road
Palfrey Thomas, The Cloisters, Pen-y-pound
Pardoe Mrs., 34 Chapel road
Pardoe Richard, Heathfield, Windsor rd
Paton Frederick Erskine M.B., C.M., J.P., Leven house, Lion street
Payne Mrs. Riverdale, Brecon road
Pennefather de F., Plas Derwen, Monmouth road
Phillips Rev. John Robert (vicar of Holy Trinity), Holy Trinity vicaroge
Phillips Philip Cecil, Edenhurst, Western road
Philpott Geo., Norfolk house, Hollywell rd
Price Alfred, 2 Harringay terrace, Brecon road
Price Mrs., Cae-Derwen
Price John, 71 Mill street
Price John Thomas, 21 Brecon road
Price Miss Maria, 12 Merthyr road
Price Robert, Elmsgrove, Hereford road
Prosser Misses, 12 Regent street
Prosser Mrs., 14 Castle street
Pugh Hubert, Belgrave house, Brecon road
Pye Mrs. Tivoli villa, Monmouth road
Rees, Gwilym, Malakoff house, Brecon rd
Rees William Phillips, 4 Pen-y-pound
Rose Winifred, Glenview, Western rd
Rosser John Reginald, Gwernvale, Brecon road
Rosser William Henry, Radcliffe house, Monmouth road
Rutherford John Thomas, 26 Lion street
Saies Harry Vesey, Ashfield, Albany road
Sampson James, 1 Tredegar villas, North street
Saunders Mrs. Ashley villa, Chapel rd
Saundry Mrs. Linton villa, Knol road
Savory Guy, Elerslie, Western road
Scattergood Mrs. 7 Brecon road
Seargeant Henry, Glancybi grange, Chapel road
Seargeant Percy Harry, Hillbrook, Avenue road
Seaton Gervase Douglas, Glendower, Belmont mad
Sharp Rev. James (Wesleyan), Westward Ho, Windsor road
Shaw Phillip Henry, Hereford road
Sifton Thomas Headland M.A. (head master, Grammar school), Clunmore villa, Western road
Stanway Henry Griffin, Sandhurst, Windsor road
Steel Samuel Hopkins, M.B., J.P., Dyne house, Pen-y-pound
Steel William Dyne, M.D. & C. M., J.P., 7 Nevill street
Steel Elmes Yelverton, Thornbury villa, Brecon road
Straker Edgar, 37 Frogmore street
Straker James, Linda Vista
Sugden William, Lynwood, Windsor road
Tatham Arthur Leopold, MB, 52 Castle street
Tennant James T., 16 North street
Thomas David Francis, Moreton, Brecon road
Thomas Frederick, 16 Merthyr road
Thomas Mrs. Tyhyfrydd, Brecon road
Thomas John Gearing, Normanhurst, Hereford road
Thomas Miss, 5 Marlboro' place, Windsor road
Tomkins Thomas Harrill, Lyndhurst, Stanhope park
Tomkins Thos., Stanhope villas, Chapel rd
Tongue Miss, 3 Harringay terrace, Brecon road
Townsend George Wiliam White, 2 Marlboro' place, Windsor road
Trowe Thomas, Albany lodge, Albany rd
Tucker Mrs., Ambleside, Monmouth rd
Walford Jas. Berry, The Chapel house.
Watkins Mrs. E. W. 2 Hawarden terrace, Brecon road
Watkins Mrs. A., Park villas, Hereford rd
Watkins Mrs., 18 North street
Webber Jas. Lindisfarne, Monmouth rd
Wheeley Lieut-Col. James Seager, DL, The Pentre
Wheeley Lieut-Col. William Henry, DL, JP, The Pentre
White William, Fairlea, Belmont road
Whitfield Rev. Frederick William Garforth, MA, (vicar of St Mary's & surrogate)
Widdowson Charles, 23 Albert road
Williams Major William, 3 Marlborough place, Windsor road
Williams Evan, Bodlondeb, Chapel rd
Williams Evan Grffith, Lower Bryntirion, Station road
Williams Evan James Bishop, Aenon, Pen-y-pound
Williams Isaac Thomas, Birchfield, Albany road
Williams John, Westholme, Mount st
Williams Wm., Rock cottage, Windsor rd
Williams Mrs. W. H., Tytan villa, Chapel road
Williams Mrs. Rosehill cottage, Commercial street
Wilson Mrs. Rocklands, Chapel road
Wray Rev. Charles Austin O.S.B. (Catholic), St. Michael's, Pen-y-pound
Young Rev. Sidney Rogers (Baptist), The Hawthorns, Hereford road

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