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The Family Files

File Name


HAWES Ault, Bennett, Blauth, Bovee, Burdick, Carr, Charlebois, Dudley, Gaffney, Hawes, Jenks, Lashomb, Marshfield, McCarthy, McDermott, McGregor, McGregor, Merriam, Mider, Raymond, Scripture, Squire, Steverson, Thompson, Veal
HOLDEN Arnold, Austin, Barker, Bennett, Bibby, Burrows, Clayton, Coffin, Crago, Dewitt, Ellsworth, Flaharty, Holden, Hubbard, Kinnie, Lambert, Lawrence, Martin, Meck, Meyer, Orchard, Robinson, Root, Smith, Snell, Stokes, Taylor, Westcott, Weston
McDERMOTT Bennett, Bentley, Brennan, Brown, Burke, Carlin, Carroll, Corcoran, Dean, Duclon, Dunaway, Farmer, Hadsall, Harmon, Hart, Hawes, Huber, Humphreys, Kline, LeClair, Leeds, Lucas, Mahoney, Marshfield, McCauley, McClemonds, McConnell, McCormick, McDermott, Merriam, Merrill, Murphy, Neal, O’Leary, Peel, Phelps, Ryan, Thompson, Toombs, Wheeler, Wood
ORCHARD Austin, Barnes, Bibby, Brockway, Buzzard, Clayton, Harris, Holden, Lawrence, Malcolm, Martin, McMullin, McWayne, Moore, Murphy, Nelson, Orchard, Phillips, Pierce, Reed/Read, Sundstrom, Winsley
WHEAT Allen, Beck, Berryman, Burleson, Boothe, Burks, Casbeer, Chesney, Chesser, Collins, Cox, Crume, Davis, Dean, Duffy, Eastland, Freeman, Gatton, Hamilton, Hardin, Harris, Head, Howell, Johnson, Kirkham, Martin, McCarty, McCombs, Montgomery, Moseley, Murphy, Ogle, Ross, Sawyer, Strain, Walker, Wheat, Williams, Wilson


The Census Data

Includes all Family Lines

Canada New York State United States
1851 1855 1860
  1865 1870
  1875 1880
  1892 1900
  1905 1910
  1915 1920
  1925 1930


Fellow Researchers

This is a list of people who are researching some or all of the surnames found on this site.  If you would like to be included in this list, please e-mail me with your information.

Sean Drury

THE MCDERMOTT FILES - Descendant of Ann McDermott and Edward Brennan.

Lois Colton

THE ORCHARD FILES & THE HOLDEN FILES - Descendant of Ada Ruth Orchard and Emmette Holden

Jana Denton Trent

THE WHEAT FILES  - Descendant of Wesley C Wheat and Elizabeth Head

Nancy Buzzard

THE HOLDEN FILES & THE ORCHARD FILES - Descendant of Myron Holden and Julia A. Orchard



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