Ann McDermott


Personal Information


1825 Queenstown, County Cork, Ireland
Married Edward Joseph Brennan - April 11, 1852
Death 1911 Tulsa Oklahoma
Parents Henry McDermott and Mary Neal
Siblings Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Michael, one unknown sibling
Children Philip, Henry, Theresa, Mary Ann, John, Joseph, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Edward Joseph Jr., Helen Claire, Bridgett, Ann



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Ann McDermott and Family 1907-1908 at the Murphy Home in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Top: Marie Wheeler, Edward Brennan, Ann McDermott, Helen Harmon

Middle: Frederick Wheeler, Ellen Brennan Wheeler, Janie Brennan Harmon, Bess Brennan Murphy, Thomas Murphy (standing next to stairs)

Bottom:  Daniel Wheeler, Marion Harmon, Eddie Murphy, Bernice Murphy

Photo courtesy of Sean Drury




1911 Eulogy of Ann McDermott Brennan, 

given by Jane McCauley Brennan



“Who shall find a valiant woman. Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her, and her children rose up and called her blessed.” 

My Dear Friends, one of the greatest, one of the most powerful in­fluences is the example of a good, a valiant, and virtuous woman. An example of this influence has been cited in the death of Mrs. Brennan. It is seldom, or ever, that we indulge in eulogy, but sometimes for the sake of those who are left behind, I think something should be said about it. This morning, we are laying to rest a Pioneer of this Parish. We are laying to rest a woman who was always interested in the Parish. Because she was such a hard worker in her day, she was the first President of the Christ King Women’s Club, and ever after she took an interest. I mention this because it is an example to women of this Parish - that is exactly why I mention it.

 You know, she had some sort of premonition of death. She sent for me and asked to be annointed, and was, and prepared for death. Now this is another example to us all because there are so many people who will seldom take time to call a Priest, not only the person who is sick, but the whole household - I know I want this before I die.

 Now, such a death as this must be a great consolation to those left behind. Nothing is more uncertain than death. Now, therefore, you who are left behind should take this example to yourselves when sick and see that your household is in order. This is the most important journey in our entire existence. Death is not so bad. The loss of a Mother, a great friend, but to her death was not bad. I can hear her say: “Do not grieve over me; simply remember me in your prayers.”

 To the family and friends I extend my sympathy. But I shall not use words this morning, for the time of death is the time for prayer; keep her memory fresh and plain, and so I say this morning let us pray for her. She, like everybody else, had her faults, and as we lay her to rest let us ask God to forgive her all of her sins and shortcomings.

 We ask God to give her eternal rest and may the Angels watch over her, and may the Martyrs receive her at her coming, and may she be with the once poor Lazarus. Amen.

PROVIDED BY:  Sean Drury

April 11, 1852

Perth, ON, Canada

On the 11th of April 1852 The undersigned Revd married at Perth Edward Brennan of Culligan son of Philip Brennan and Bridget Connors, Co. Waterford to Ann McDermott of Beekinch daughter of Henry McDermott & Mary Neal Co. Kilkenny. In presence of Patrick Doyle, Elizabeth McDermott (signed).




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