Wesley C. Wheat


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October 25, 1846 - Murray, Georgia
Married Elizabeth Head - June 24, 1875 in Eastland, Texas
Death July 30, 1913 - Hale, Texas
Burial Irick Cemetery, Floyd, Texas
Parents Alfred M. Wheat and Amanda C. L. Eastland
Siblings Eliza, M.J., Alfred, M.P., Drucilla, John Franklin, 
Children Ammie Rella, Alice May, Ezra Herman "Jack", Mary M., Wesley, Charles A., Lucy C., Nellie Ida, Lillie L., Jewel Garland "Bug"



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Wesley C. Wheat and Elizabeth Head

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1880 Defective, Dependent and Deliquent Census Schedule

Eastland County, Texas


---Wesley was totally blind by the age of 20 and was self-supporting at the  time of this census.  His blindness was caused by "sore eyes".

Provided by Jana Denton Trent

1880 Agricultural Census Schedule

Eastland County, Texas


---Wesley owned 160 acres, 7 of which were tilled, 4 of permanent pasture, and 149 of woodland.  The farm was valued at $300.00, farm implements at $50.00, and livestock at $200.00.  In 1879 he paid $25.00 for farm labor.  Estimated value of all farm production in 1879 was $100.00.  The family owned 4 horses, 1 mule, 2 working oxen, 6 milk cows, 10 "other" livestock.  In 1879, 6 calves were born.  They produced 20 pounds of butter. They had 10 hogs. They had 10 chickens which produced 10 dozen eggs in 1879.  All 7 tilled acres were in Indian corn, which resulted in 20 bushels.

Provided by Jana Denton Trent



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