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After many many months of researching and hours trawling through document after document, I have amassed a phenominal amount of information regarding my family tree and I would like to share this with people who may be trying to research the same family tree as myself.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible but as you can imagine this amount of information and going back such a long time in the past may mean that some mistakes do occur.

I apologise now if you may find some mistakes, but these errors are not deliberate and I would very much like to hear from anyone if they have different information than myself and we can then make the mistake right. There are four core names which form the main basis to my research GEESON - CROMPTON - PERKINS - SKELTON

Below are just a few of the surnames of interest to my family are: GEESON - BRUNNING - KERWOOD - MANN - PAIN - SEA - ROBINSON - LACK - AMSELL - OSBORN - INGLE - CARTER -ARMISHAW - FAN - FAR - BAYLEY - DAINTREE AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON...... I hope you find these pages of interest and help.

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