Poul Andersen / Paul Anderson


Paul Anderson lived to the age of 95

September 30th, 1824 - June 14th, 1920


Paul Anderson was born Poul Andersen, son of Anders Lautsen and Kirstine Christensendatter (Kirstine was born abt 1791-1792). Lautsen & Kirstine were living in Gundestrup, Aars County of North Jutland, Denmark when Poul and brother Andreas (born March 3, 1827), were born. [I assume there were more children in this family and as I find information I will add it here].  Both Poul and Andreas were baptized at home, Poul on the day of his birth and Andreas when he was 2 days old. Their baptisms were published in the Aars Church, Poul on Dec 21, 1824 and Andreas on Sept. 23,1827.

The “Fathers”= “Godparents” at Poul’s baptism were:

Farmer Jens Pedersens wife Maren Rasmusdatter of Refshale

(Maren most likely carried the infant, a place of high honor)

Maid Margrethe Jensdatter of Gundestrup

Farmer Jens Pedersen of Refshale

Farmer Søren Waihuus of Gundestrup

Farmer Jens Jensen of Gundestrup

Poul was confirmed 1839 in Aars Church.


Sometime prior to 1855 the Anders Lautsen family (including Poul and Andreas), moved to Smidie in Bælum Parish.  Most likely they lived on the outskirts of Smidie as they were listed in some of the last entries in the local census.


In the 1855 Census of Smedie, Bælum Parish, Poul is listed as a “day laborer”, Andreas listed his profession as a shoemaker, and father Lautsen was listed as helping at the Bælum Vicarage (residence of the parish priest).


In the 1860 Census of Smedie, Bælum Parish Poul is listed as a “smallholder”. Definition of a smallholder is a farmer who may, or may not own the land he lives on, but works for the farm/manor. If he does own the land his house is built on it usually is a small portion of the main farm 1-2 acres only.


Poul married Jensine Christensdatter (later called Christensen) on December 3, 1859 in the Bælum Church, which is located not too far away from Smidie. Both are located within the Bælum Parish, in the Hellum District of Aalborg County, North Jutland, Denmark.

Best men at their wedding were:

Smallholder Anders Larsen of Smidie

Smallholder Anders Jørgensen of Smidie

I have found Anders Jørgensen on the 1860 and 1870 census in Smidie

Anders Jørgensen born 1808-09

Ane Kirstine Christensen born 1822-23

Kristine Andersen born 1857

Ane Katrine Andersen born 1861


Poul’s wife Jensine was the daughter of Kristen Pedersen Dreier and Else Jensdatter.  Jensine had 2 illegitimate children prior to her marriage to Poul.


Jensine’s 1st child was Søren Christensen Sørensen. Søren was born on March 20, 1858 and was baptized on May 4,th in the Bælum Church. His father was Anders Peder Sørensen of Nørgaard. (Note Søren was not named in the traditional fashion, as the naming patterns had already started to change to the standard practice of today where the same surname is handed down to each generation rather than the old custom of naming after the fathers first name and adding “sen” or “datter”).

The Fathers at Søren’s baptism were:

Maid Stine Larsen of Bælum Mølle (Mill)

Maid Christiane Pedersen of Bælum Mark (Field)

Farmer Jens Peter Christensen of Gjerding

Bachelor Niels Sørensen of Hales

Cottager Jens Christian Jensen of Skovhuse

(Maid=unmarried; Bachelor=unmarried; Cottager=living on a farm like a smallholder, but NOT working on the main farm, having some other profession).


Jensine’s 2nd child born before her marriage to Poul was Lise Andersen. Lise was born on July 12, 1859 in Smidie, Bælum Parish, and was baptized on September 18th in the Bælum church. Poul was the father of this child.

The Fathers at Lise’s baptism were:

Smallholder Anders Christian Nielsen’s wife of Terndrup

Cabinetmaker Niels Poulsen’s wife of Smidie Bro (Bridge)

Smallholder Jens Christian Andersen of Sjørvadsholm, Terndrup

Smallholder Niels Jensen of Smidie

Smallholder Andreas Andersen of Lillevangshuse (Poul’s brother)

Later when Lise came to America with her parents her name was listed first as Elise, then Eliza, Lizzie and finally Elizabeth.


Poul & Jensine married 4 months after Lise’s birth.

The 3rd child born to the couple was Anders Christian Andersen. Anders was born April 1, 1861 in Smidie, Bælum. (*See note below)

Anders was baptized in the Bælum Church on June 2, 1861.

The Fathers were:

Pensioner Jens Peder Pedersen and wife Kirstine Christensen of Sønder Kongerslev (*See note below)

Maid Mette Christensen of Smedie

Smallholder Anders Jørgensen of Smidie Mark (Field)

I have found Anders Jørgensen on the 1860 and 1870 census in Smidie

Anders Jørgensen born 1808-09

Ane Kirstine Christensen born 1822-23

Kristine Andersen born 1857

Ane Katrine Andersen born 1861

Smallholder Andreas Andersen, Bælum Mark (Poul’s brother)


**Note  – The obituary for Poul/Paul lists him to be the father of 12 children with Jensine.  In my research I have discovered 11 of these children (counting Søren). There was enough time between the births of these 3 children and certainly between the 3rd and 4th child (Fredrik, his info below) to allow for the birth and death of another child.

Per the Departure List of Bælum Parish, Poul and Jensine both left Bælum Parish in 1861, Poul going to Sønder Kongerslev and Jensine to Hurup. BUT the Arrival List of Sønder Kongerslev shows both Poul & Jensine arriving with children Elise (Lise) and Anders. All are listed as coming from Smidie, Bælum Parish.

Søren did NOT move with the family, but instead stayed and lived with Jensine’s parents. Why Søren did not move with the family and stayed behind I cannot explain.

Why Jensine is shown as going to a different location than her husband I don’t know, possibly to visit a relative, but her visit was brief as she arrived with her husband in Sønder Kongerslev.

 If the obituary was correct, I do think this other child was born in Denmark but did not survive to immigrate to the US with the family.

Generally when a family left one area for another, they had some relative in the new village, which would help them get established.  Poul & Jensine moved to Sønder Kongerslev and I note at Anders’ baptism listed in the first position (most honored) is Pensioner (Meaning retired) Jens Peder Pedersen and wife Kirstine Christensen of Sønder Kongerslev. Working with the naming patterns of the time, particularly of the elders, Jens Peder Pedersen could well have been the father of Else Jensen who was the mother of Jensine. IF this is the case, Poul & Jensine moved to be with her grandparents. I have been unable to locate proof of this and for now it is just speculation…but hopefully time will tell.


The 4th  (5th) child born was Fredrik. He was born December 8, 1863. His exact birthplace is not yet known, but most likely in Sønder Kongerslev. I have been unable to locate the Parish records as of yet, and have not found the family listed on the Parish Departure Record either. As I gather more information I will post it here.


Paul and family immigrated to the US in 1865. Most Danes took a feeder ship (smaller ship unable to withstand a open sea voyage) to either Germany or to England and then traveled to Liverpool to embark on their open sea voyage to the US. The fares to Canada were considerably less expensive than to a US port and most Danes chose this route, entering the US by way of Quebec or Montreal Canada. Working with the dates mentioned in the children’s obituaries I have concluded the family immigrated between the months of July and December. If they sailed to Quebec or Montreal they would have had to arrive before the end of October as these ports closed due to weather after this time. If by chance they arrived to Halifax they could have landed through December, as Halifax is a year round port.


In 1866 Poul (Now called Paul Anderson) was in Wisconsin, 1872 in Savannah, Illinois and was naturalized in Savannah, Carroll County, Illinois in 1876. In 1878 the family moved to Smith Center, Smith County, Kansas. The 1880 census finds the family to consisting of 10 children;




Birth Date

Death Date

Elizabeth (Lise)

Bælum, DK



Christon (Anders)

Bælum, DK



Fred (Fredrik)

Sønder Kongerslev DK



Lon (Lewis)




Christina J.





Carroll Co, Illinois




Carroll Co, Illinois



Matilda (Tillie)

Smith Co, Kansas



John Wesley

Smith Co, Kansas



William R. (Bill)

Smith Co, Kansas




In 1887 Jensine (now called Jensena) dies and shortly after the family moved to Buffalo County, Nebraska. January 1st, 1889 Paul married Ida Johnson born 1855 in Sweden, immigrated in 1866. They were the parents of;


Jensena Paulina




Anna Marie

Buffalo Co, Nebraska






Before 1951

Nellie Lena

Buffalo Co, Nebraska




Paul & Ida’s firstborn child’s full name is Jensena Paulina Amanda Anderson. She may well have been named after Paul’s first wife, as this was often the custom.

Paul was a farmer per the census records. All of his children were as well. The 1900 census lists Paul, Ida and family living in Sharon Township, Buffalo County, Nebraska. The 1920 census lists him as a widow and living with his daughter Jensena and her family in Shelton township, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

June 14th, 1920 Paul died and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Shelton, Buffalo County, Nebraska. I have not located the graves of either Jensine or Ida.


My cousin Judy Cole shared this photo with me. This is the only photo of Paul I am aware of. Thank You Judy!




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