Archibald S. Welton

“Farmer & Stock Raiser, Section 12, Post Office, Deerfield”


Among other respected residents of Vernon County whom Ohio has given her may very properly be mentioned Archibald S. Welton whose name has been in this community for upwards of 15 years. Originally of Warren County of the Buck-eye State, he was born July 25th, 1823, of English ancestry. Solomon Welton his father was a Virginian by birth, and a true representative of the Old Dominion. His Great Grandfather came from England and had a land grant for property in Virginia, signed by Queen Ann. Mr. Welton's mother before her marriage was Miss Elizabeth Tullis. Of eight children in the family of his parents, Archibald was the third. He grew up in Ohio until 10 years of age, passing his childhood days in attending school, etc… and in 1833 he accompanied the family to Edgar County IL, where his father died. Returning thence to Ohio for a short time, he subsequently became located in Lee County, IA, and in 1846 went to Oregon where his home continued to be for 12 years and where he was married as subsequently stated. During this period he was engaged in both mining and farming, meeting with fair success to the efforts there, but finally he determined to return farther to the East, and accordingly came by way of the Isthmus from San Francisco, landing in New York. After visiting friends in Ohio he settled in Indiana, lived there several years and in 1872 as intimated, took up his settlement in Vernon County, where he has since closely applied himself to the cultivation and management of 520 acres. This is conducted in a practical and intelligent manner, and is made to yield substantial returns. One secret of this is perhaps the knowledge and experience, which is given it by Mr. Welton, whose long association with the calling, had rendered him well informed in all details of agricultural labor. On February 18, 1852, and Indiana lady, Miss Elizabeth Clinton, became his wife, and to them three children have been born: Charles, now a train dispatcher in East Kentucky: Thomas B. and David F., who aply (sic) assist their father working the farm. The stock industry also receives a large share of their attention, and in this direction as well they are meeting with encouraging success.


Source: History of Vernon County, Missouri, 1887, Pg. 580-581

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