I wish to express my gratitude to two wonderful Danes, Martin Andersen and

Hans-Jørn Autzen. Both have been a tremendous help in researching my Danish roots, and have patiently worked with me as I tried to understand the landscape, culture and language of Denmark. Without their help much if not all of the information listed here would still be tucked away in the parish registers!  

Thanks guys, I couldn’t have done it without you!



Kristen Pedersen Dreier was born 1788-89 in Visborg Parish and died Nov. 6, 1873 in Bælum Parish, Aalborg County, Denmark.

Dreier translated means turner or wood carver. The surname often included either the man’s profession or his place of birth (if he had moved away from his birth village). This was done to distinguish him from others with the same name within the community. Per census records Kristen was listed as a farmer but most likely was also a woodworker. 


Kristen Pedersen married (about 1815 if my calculations are correct).  Else Jensdatter born abt 1793 in Bælum Parish and died May 6, 1866 in Bælum Parish. Else was the daughter of Jens Pedersen (born 1757) and Maren Mortensdatter (born 1762).


I find the Jens Pedersen family (Else’s parents and family) on the 1801 Census in Bælum:

1801 Census Aalborg County, Hellum Dist, Bælum Parish, Bælum Town, Family #50

Jens Pedersen, 44 (b~1757), Married, Head of house, Laborer

Maren Mortensdatter, 39 (b~1762) Married, Housewife

Anne Kirstine Jensdatter, 13 (b~1788), Child

Else Jensdatter, 8 (b~1793), Child

Morten Jensen, 5 (b~1796), Child


In 1834 I find Kristen Pedersen & wife Else Jensdatter on the census in Smidie, Bælum Parish. He is listed as a “Developer at Nørgaards Field”. Generally I have found developer means he was working a newly established farm on the outskirts of an established farm. This census is interesting as it adds another child to the family, which was not listed in the Parish Records of Bælum. All of these children are listed in the Parish Records except Jens Peter.

Census record 1834: Smidie, 113 a house

Kristen Pedersen 45, "Developer at Nørgaards Field" (Born ~ 1788-89)

Else Jensdatter 39, wife (Born ~ 1794-95)

Maren Christensdatter 17 (Born ~ 1816-17)

Marie Christensdatter 15 (Born ~ 1818-19)

Cicillie Christensdatter 13 (Born ~ 1820-21)

Jens Peter Christensen 10 (Born ~ 1823-24)

Kristen Christensen 8 (Born ~ 1825-26)

Ane Kristine Christensdatter 5 (Born ~ 1828-29)

Niels Christensen 2 (Born ~ 1831-32)


In this census 1840, you will note for both father and son Kristen are now spelled Christian. Marie is not listed with the family, nor is Cicillie or Jens.  2 more children are listed in the family, Anders and Jensine. What is not shown is the child Jensigne born 8-19-1837 and who died 10-22-1838. She was the older sister of Jensine born the year after her sister’s death and most likely named after her, with a small difference in spelling.

Census Record 1840, Bælum, no. 55, a house

Christen Pedersen, 51, Farmer, Married

Else Jensdatter, 45, Wife, Married   

Maren Christensdatter, 23, Child, Single

Christen Christensen, 13, Child, Single

Ane Kirstine Christensdatter, 10, Child, Single

Niels Christensen, 7, Child, Single

Anders Christensen, 5, Child, Single

Jensine Christensdatter, 1, Child, single


This census shows Maren and Ane Kristine have now left the family, or are working elsewhere and not counted with the family. It was usual for either a girl or boy to work on another farm from the age of 14-15.  Note Cicillie is not living with the family, but her daughter Christiane Pedersdatter is. Christiane was the illegitimate child of Cicillie and Peder Nielsen; she was born March 8th, 1843.

Census Record 1845, Bælum, no. 53, Hael farms

Christen Pedersen, 56, Farmer, married

Else Jensdatter, 50, Wife, Married

Christen Christensen, 18, Child, Single

Niels Christensen, 13, Child, Single

Anders Christensen, 10 Child, Single

Jensine Christensdatter, 5, Child, Single

Christiane Pedersdatter, 2, Foster Child, Single

 (Their grand daughter, child of Cicillie)


The 1850 census shows Marie has returned to the family. Niels and Anders have left.

Census Record 1850

Christen Pedersen, 61, Farmer, Married

Else Jensdatter, 55, Wife, Married

Marie Christensdatter, 31, Child, Single

Christen Christensen, 24, Child, Single

Jensine Christensdatter, 11, Child, Single

Christiane Pedersdatter, 7, Granddaughter, Single


The 1855 census shows Christian and Jensine has left the family and Neils has returned.

Census Record 1855, Bælum Mark, no. 62, a farm

Christen Pedersen, 65, Farmer, Married

Else Jensdatter, 59, Wife, Married

Marie Christensdatter, 35, Child, Single

Niels Christensen, 22, Child, Single

Christiane Pedersdatter, 10, foster Child, Single, (Granddaughter)  


The 1860 census has a few more changes. Marie has left the family as well as Granddaughter Christiane Pedersdatter.  Jensigne (Jensine) has returned to the family and illegitimate son Søren is with her. Jensine is also listed in the 1860 census as living with her husband Poul Andersen. She is shown with her age being 1 year different. Also in the 1860 census listing with husband Poul is their daughter Lise. Lise was born to them about 4 months before their wedding. I can only assume Jensine is shown on both census because of her 1st born child Søren living with her parents.

Census Record 1860, Bælum, a farm

Christen Pedersen Dreier, 71, Farmer, Married

Else Jensdatter, 65, Wife, Married           

Niels Christensen, 28 Child, Single

Jensigne Christensen, 21, Child, Single

Søren Christian Sørensen, 2, Daughters Child


Census Record 1860, Smidie, Bælum

Poul Andersen, 36, Smallholder, Married

Jensine Christensen, 20, Wife

Lise Andersen, 1, Child


Poul Andersen married Jensine Christensdatter (later called Christensen) on December 3, 1859 in the Bælum Church, which is located not too far away from Smidie. Both are located within the Bælum Parish, in the Hellum District of Aalborg County, North Jutland, Denmark.


Below is a listing of the children of Kristen Pedersen Dreier and Else Jensdatter



















Jens Peter








Ane Kristine













8-29-1837 in Bælum Mark

10-22-1838, Bælum



2-8-1840 in Bælum Mark

1887, Nebraska USA





As a note:

Poul Andersen and his wife Jensine and their family left Bælum Parish in 1861 for Sønder Kongerslev Parish, Aalborg county. (See parish departure and arrival lists below).

Note no children were listed on the departure list and Søren was NOT listed as one of their children arriving in Sønder Kongerslev with them. Jensine is listed as going to Hurup (town close by), but is listed as arriving with Poul and the family. Why she is listed as going to a different destination I don’t know, but possibly to visit friends or relatives?


1861 Bælum Parish Departure List;

Poul Andersen, 37 years old, Moved to Sønder Kongerslev

Jensine Christensen, 20 1/2 years old, moved to Hurup

*Children NOT listed


Arrival l List for Sønder Kongerslev Parish 1861

19 Poul Andersen, 11-1-1861, Farmer from Smidie

20 Jensine Christensen, 11-1-1861, from Smidie

21 Elise Andersen, 11-1-1861, from Smidie

22 Anders Christen Andersen, 11-1-1861, from Smidie


Poul & Jensine immigrated to America in 1865.  Jensine’s son Søren did NOT go with them. I have not been able to locate him in the later Danish census, but am sure I will soon! The Poul Andersen family is not listed on the departure record of Sønder Kongerslev, so I do not know the exact date of their departure, if they left for America from Sønder Kongerslev or if they lived somewhere else from 1861 to 1885. As it was before the time the Danish Police kept records of families immigrating to other countries, I have no log to find their actual immigration date. I am sure I will eventually locate this information, but will take a bit more research!


For additional information of

Jensine Kristensdatter and Poul Andersen, please follow this link.





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