Mary Shaw-Anthony-Linden and son-in-law Fred Garfield Gibson & Mary’s great grandson Gene Leroy Gibson


This photo was taken 1928, most likely in Buffalo Co, Nebraska


This gets a little confusing, but will try to explain!


Mary Melinda Shaw (b. abt 1860 in NE) married William Anthony (b. abt 1860 in NE). ***See note below***


William & Mary’s daughter Charlotte Estella (Lottie) Anthony, (b March 1887 in Deuel Co, NE - d. March 12, 1964 in OR), married Fred Garfield Gibson (b. March 2, 1881 in IA- d. April 14, 1953 in OR) on December 12th, 1903 in Lexington, NE.



Lottie & Fred actually married and divorced each other several times, which was very unusual for the era. Lottie’s full name is actually


“Charlotte Estella Anthony Gibson-Pitts-Gibson-Witt-Gibson-Jensen” if you include all her marriages!!!


Fred and Lottie were parents of 5 children together, (Lottie also had 2 children with her 2nd husband, Pitts, before re-marrying Fred). Fred and Lottie’s children were Roy, Edith, Ethel, Howard and Earl.


Gene Leroy Gibson (pictured) is the son of Roy Gibson and Blanch Marie Anderson-Gibson.


***Mary Melinda Shaw-Anthony-Linden: I conclude from the information written on the back of this photo, Mary also married a man with the surname of Linden, as she is referred to as Great Grandma Linden. An interesting note to add is this… When Fred & Lottie married, Lottie was underage, only 16 and needed parental consent. Written on the marriage certificate is a note stating Lottie’s mother was present, consenting and was signed by her mother as Mary Wells. So if all information is correct Lottie’s mother had 3 husbands I can account for, Anthony, Wells and Linden. As I find additional information I will update….


This is the only known photo of Mary Melinda Shaw (appox. Age 68) & one of the few where Fred is a fairly young man (age 47)



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