Left to right:

Children on horse; Edith, Howard (Dutch) and Roy,

Mother Charlotte Estella (Lottie) Anthony, Father Fred Garfield Gibson and Fred’s father Albert J. Gibson


I believe this photo to be taken in McPherson Co, NE. about 1910. The back of the photo says “To Tyron Nebraska in 15 days”.


1900 finds Albert Gibson, wife Mary and children “Ike”, Fred and Cora living in Lincoln Twp. of Dawson County, NE.


1903 Fred marries Charlotte Estella Anthony in Lexington, and is listed as a resident of Sumner Co, NE. Cora marries in 1905 and Ike in 1911.


1910 census of Tyron Twp lists an “Andrew J. Gibson, wife Mary & son Fred. Although there are several inconsistencies in the census listing I do feel this their listing. This was a quite rural area with a very small population. The census listing was a “supplemental sheet” for McPherson County and only lists 6 families, this being the 5th family listed. It is quite possible a neighbor or the census taker himself supplied the information.


1912 Mary Seaman, wife of Albert died and is buried in the Miller Cemetery in McPherson Co, NE.


The US Government offered land in Tyron and there was a mini land rush of sorts, Albert and son Fred (and his wife Charlotte and children) took advantage of the offer,

and homesteaded about 640 acres each in Tyron Twp. of McPherson Co, NE in May of 1913.  *see map* 


I believe this photo to be the family homestead in Tyron.


1917 Fred is listed as an “Alive Resident” of McPherson County.


1917-1918 WW1Draft Registration in McPherson County, NE: Fred Garfield Gibson, b date 3-2-1881 WW1 Civian draft Registered in Tekamah City, Arizona Precinct.


 The 1920 census finds Albert living alone in the Tyron Twp of McPherson Co, NE.


Fred and family had left Tyron as of 1920 and were living in Kearney, Buffalo Co, NE. They were living with a family of German descent. While not listed as boarders, I would think they most likely were.


Many families who had purchased land in Tyron gave it a few hard years of labor, only to find the land was not all that productive, and moved on.


Albert died in 1924 and is buried next to Mary in the Miller Cemetery.


The history of Tyron is rather interesting, and as time permits I will be preparing a page regarding its history, which of course will be posted to this site.



Note: This is the photo used for the entry page of this website.



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