Charlotte Estella Anthony- Gibson-Pitts-Witt-Jensen


Charlotte (Lottie) Anthony was the daughter of William Anthony and Mary Melinda Shaw. Lottie was born in March of 1887 in Deuel County, Nebraska. She married Fred Garfield Gibson December 12th, 1903 in Lexington, Nebraska. They were the parents of 5 children, Roy Romaine, Edith Pearl, Howard Erv (Dutch), Edith Deonie and Earl. Lottie was a small and vivacious woman, strong willed and rather non-conforming. She and Fred were actually married 4 times, and divorced 3 times, (Very unusual for this era). Fred & Lottie’s first divorce was about 1920. The mid 1930’s the Gibson family moved to the Mill City area of Linn County Oregon. Lottie was Fred’s wife at that time. Sometime later Lottie married Mr. Pitts and then remarried Fred Gibson, married Mr. Witt and once again married Fred. After Fred’s death in April of 1953, Lottie married Henry R. Jensen. Lottie and last husband Henry Jensen are buried in the Hillcrest Memorial Park, Medford Oregon.






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