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We’ve become accustomed to seeing various colored ribbons displayed to signify one cause or another. My website now carries this black ribbon symbolizing Melanoma Cancer and the fight for a cure.


My daughter Amanda is a Melanoma victim. April 15, 2006 at 31 years of age, Amanda went home to heaven. She no longer has to battle this horrific cancer and has left us with the duty of informing others of the early signs and ways to avoid this disease. Melanoma, if not caught early is a highly aggressive, incurable cancer, undaunted by most treatments.


I’m compelled to mention the struggle of countless others who are afflicted and can only hope with added awareness there will soon come a day when a cure is available. In Amanda’s honor The Amanda Faye Brown chapter of the Melanoma Education Foundation has been formed. Please visit this website to learn more of the early signs of Melanoma and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Amanda’s husband Michael,  is currently speaking at middle and high schools in Nevada, educating our youth in Amanda’s honor. I’ll likely soon be doing the same in Oregon.


Michael regularly updates the website Amanda started, with details and photos of family, friends and some of the happy events in their life. Please take a moment to visit their website and meet my eldest daughter Amanda and her wonderful husband Michael.



Ancestry of the following surnames and their related families

Now with … 1500+ surnames; 8,000+ entries; 10+ generations !!!

Andersen, Anthony, Batson, Dickerson, Gibson, Mann, Powers, Robison, Seaman, Skinner, Williams and many more!


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  Family Tree  Updated May 30, 2006

  In-Depth Bio’s

Over 1400 surnames & 7,000+ individuals!

I am currently updating to include more details including the documentation and records which have been found for each individual, Census, Marriage, Land Deeds, Obits, etc.


Personally written mini-biographies for the main surnames in my family. Here you will find information placed in sequence, as it happened during their lifetime.   LOTS of detail!


   Records & Documents

  What’s New!!!   

A large and always expanding, selection of transcribed records and scanned images of original documents. Birth, Marriage, Wars, Census, Taxes, Land Purchase, Cemetery, Probate, Obits and more! 


Listing of the recent changes and additions to my web pages. Check here for the latest information!

To stay current on the latest findings, add your name to the Update Newsletter


   Family Photos

  Vintage Postcards

100’s of photos & adding! Listed by surname and family groups, linked individually for faster loading. I am fortunate to have a large collection of family photos from the 1870’s to today.


A variety of cards mailed from 1900 through early 1940’s.  I have transcribed the messages, as they contain many names, events and details of the era.

Transcribed family letters listed here too.

   Truth & Lore

  Research Tips

Family stories and insights into the life and times of our ancestors.


Basic instruction for understanding legal land descriptions, calculating birth dates from month, day and year information often found on headstones, and more!


   Local History

  A Personal Comment  NEW !

Browse through bits of historical information I have collected of the states, cities and townships when my ancestors lived there. 


Please, do take the time to lean more about Melanoma Cancer. 50 years ago 1 in 500 was expected to have it in their lifetime, now it is 1 in 50! The Ozone layer is likely partially to blame, but no one knows for sure. Please take the time to earn how to protect your loved ones.


  A Great Genealogy Program

   Contribute or Correct  

I have tried ‘em all, and have found ‘the one’ that I think is the BEST and it’s FREE!  Simple to learn, easy to work with and has more features than most and out there. Rated Editors Choice by PC Magazine… Legacy by Millennia. I wouldn’t be without it!


“Data Input Form” where you can add to, or correct information presented on this site. With all of us working together we can soon be able to have a clearer picture of our ancestors lives!

  Family Researchers  


This page lists the researchers who are working on various branches of our family tree, their surnames and address so that you may contact them directly for more info!


*     I’m Almost Finished !!!  NEW !


I’ve been transcribing the genealogically important items printed in the 1855-58 Baraboo Republic Newspaper of WI and ALMOST have it ready for publication… Stay tuned !!!!!



From an old Irish headstone….

I hear ethereal whispers, persuasive, soft and still.

Daughter, if you don't remember us, who will?


Ahhh... These words ring so TRUE!

I really do think there is one in a family who 'has the calling' to become the family historian. There has always been a 'name for us' in each culture and timeframe but usually something similar to  'the storyteller'

As a genealogist, historian, storyteller... we seem to fear no one will listen, no one will remember or continue the cycle and all will be lost.... but time has shown there is always at least 'one called' who will pick up where we left off. I think our job is just to tell the story best as we can and leave enough information so the next one 'called' will have something to work with.

As to the often heard statement   'You’re so involved with dead people' heck, I talk to them all the time! Usually muttering something like "Where are you? Or why did you move there? But funny as it sounds I usually get a reply. Not by voice, but by some little scrap of unexpected evidence, which explains it all! I do think our passed relatives want to be found and counted, but sometimes they wait until the right moment to allow us to find them so our understanding might be a little better.


Another way to look at it is....

He who has the biggest tree will have the best family reunion some day!

I plan to have one heck of a big party!



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