Listed below are a few sites I have found to be so helpful in my research, in addition, I added links for some great FREE programs to make your files easier and more fun to work with. As time goes on I will add more…


#1 on my list is especially for the online census records!


Try's Census Images for 7 days FREE!!!


#2 on my list is the FREE Legacy genealogy program. I think I have tried almost ALL of the programs out there… and this is one of the best! Better than some I have paid up to $100.00 for! The free program is complete; jam packed with options and great sourcing abilities. If you want more options “all the bells and whistles”, the upgrade cost is only about $20.00, but most can get by on the free program quite well. I use it (Deluxe version) and I highly recommend it!

The official Legacy write-up:

Legacy 4.0 is a full-featured professional genealogy program that helps you track, organize, print, and share your family history. Includes source documentation, dozens of beautiful reports, expert merging capabilities, To Do list, pictures, videos, Web page creation, spell checking, Internet searching, relationship calculation, name tag printing and more. The program imports and exports standard GEDCOM files as well as directly reads PAF files.


#3 would have to be RootsWeb and US GenWeb. They used to be separate entities, but now are connected to


The following links are of no particular order of importance all are great in their own right.


Here you upload your gedcom and their system will process your file against all other uploaded trees and provide you with a 'smart match' locating your ancestor in your tree and where this person is also placed in another researchers tree. You can view their full tree and other trees that contain 'smart matches' for their file and also have the ability to contact the other researcher to further the discussion. A little over a year ago I posted to this site, and had little success (as not many files had been uploaded to cross reference from), but lately the activity has greatly increased.


The Geographic Nameserver site is a godsend to locate which county Rough and Ready, CA is in! (Note: you must spell the city name fully ie: saint george; rough and ready, but can use the 2 letter state code).


The USGS National Mapping site to find places, cemeteries, streams etc


For FREE LOOK UP's in several books and CD’s this is the place to go!


 Book Finder For locating a out of print book (or to glean the full details to complete your source information where a book is referenced)


To download EXCEL format census worksheets (no more messy handwritten census sheets!)


To download UncleGED (a great free companion program to Legacy, (and others). Creates html pages from Gedcom and can create location, occupation and timeline pages in a snap


KStableau, a charting companion for Legacy (and others)


Timeline Maker, a free program which makes LOTS of great timelines from your information or with timeline files (state, US History etc) free to download and use & combine to your hearts desire (all included events are sourced for you already)


WS_FTP free program to upload files to your website; 


PDF Factory a free version (but adds their company logo to each page unless you purchase). This program is great to add/remove/rearrange pages in a PDF document and works well with the Print Factory from the same company.







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