Early Land Entries

The following list is compiled from various sources including the

“History of Logan County, Illinois Vol.1” by Lawrence B. Stringer

Pioneer Publishing Company, Chicago, 1911


Names are only entered once in the year the first entry was made, even if there were subsequent land entries. At the time of the land entry, many of the townships had not yet been formed, but eventually all these land entries were incorporated into Mt. Pulaski, Logan County, Illinois. As you can see from the chart below, most of the land purchases were made in the years 1835, 1836 and 1837.



1835 Cont.

1837 Cont.

James Turley

James Powers

Charles Harper


George W. Surley

Philo Harper

Jeremiah Birks

John Johnson

Benjamin Rice

Robert Buckles

Stephen Lloyd

Leonard Woods


Leonard K. Scroggin

William Reynolds

William Everly

Abraham L. Copeland

Levi Stillman


Hiram H. Hedrick

John Fenner

John R. Burns

Samuel Meyers

Horace Hotchkiss

John Vandeventer

K.R. Barber



Hiram Starr

Allen Turner

John Lucas

Adam Starr

Andrew J. Houston

Robert Cass

Phillip C. Latham

James Adams

Thomas R. Skinner

Moses Patterson

Alexander Rigdon

Isaac L. Skinner

Edmund Sams

Turner W. Lloyd

Hiram Bowman

Ninian R. Cass

Jesse h. Luce


John C. Morgan


Michael Mann

William Buckels

Peter Brown

Lewis Barney

Robert Lawrence

David Winter

Luther Barney

Isaac Copeland

Hugh Laughlin

Thomas Lucas



George Girtman

John Sinclair

Cartmell Crockett

Robert Downing

Nathan V. Skinner


John Williams

Elkanah Glover

Richard W. Clark

George W. Turley

Isom Birks

George Mier


Abraham Myers


Abraham Lucas

John Skinner

Edward Power

Carter Scroggin

Riley Barber


Peter Buckles

Henry B. Truett

James Buckels

Charles Brady

S. Roberts



Washington Patterson

Samuel M. Copeland

Champney Pendelton

Granville Patterson

John Booker


Samuel Martin

Daniel S. Stafford

Rial Birks

Thomas Shoup

John M. Tomlinson


John Capps

Nathaniel Whittaker

John Voshall

William S. Bradstreet

Frank Schick

John Turner

David Winter

Andrew Danner

William Copeland

Andrew Hughs

John Buckels

Larkin Johnson

Alex G. Burnett


Barnabas Blue

George R. Spottswood

Daniel W. Daniels

Solomon Blue

Barton Robinson

Uriah Daniels

Charles Barney

George McDaniel

Samuel Dement

Roland Birks

Jacob G. Loose

George Tomlinson

John D. Copeland

Joseph B. Loose

John W. Dawson

James Morrow

Alex Lindsey

Jesse W. Lucas

James Wade

Squire Foster


John Shoup

John Scroggin

William Jackson

Isaac Constant

Alexander Shields

Andrew Buckels


Ann E. Umpage

George Brooker

Abraham L. Mann

William Armstrong

William Fredrick

David Birks

Samuel Wade

Henry King

Benjamin Constant

George Wade

Humphrey Scroggin

James W. Carrico



Charles Morgan

Thomas Houghan

John e. Downing

Cornelius Dunham

John Gillett

George Downing

Thomas J. Scroggin

Elisha Parke

James Braughton

Landen Key

S.B. Opdyke

John Sholl

Berry Constant

George Mayers

James a. Barnett


John Mayers

Joseph C. Laughlin

John Mann

William Marshall


Susannah Voshall

Christian Winkers


Lucien Barney

Samuel Harper



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