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Change – Addition



I have returned from vacation and have LOTS to add to this site! I’ll do my best to update all items within the next few weeks… I have new info of the Andersen, Christensen, Dickerson, Gibson, Huston, Kennett, Larsen, Logan, Powers, Seaman, Sheets, Shinn and Welton lines!

Items Added:

Family history of Kristen Pedersen Dreier and Else Jensdatter of Bćlum Parish, Aalborg County, North Jutland, Denmark.

Included in this bio are the census records for 1801, 1834, 1840, 1845, 1850, 1855 and 1860. Also included are the Arrival and departure records of Bćlum Parish and arrival records of Sřnder Kongerslev of Poul Andersen and Jensine Christensen (Kristensdatter).

Newly updated family history of Poul Andersen/Paul Anderson.

LOTS of more info! His parents, sibling, baptism records, parish records and census!

Revised the page “For No Good Reason” with new information!

Both of the above updates would not be possible without the help of Martin Andersen of Denmark! Although not related, he has been a great help in my research of the Andersen/Christensen families! Thanks Martin!



Items Added:

GenUtil a GREAT shareware/free program to calculate age and birth date from gravestone info! And will convert surname to soundex for you too! Download here!


Thanks to Mary June Butler I am able to add these obits, photos and also the bio of Matilda and Cyrus! Thanks so much for sharing Mary June!

Obit of Hulda Carson-Gibson

Obit of Matilda Gibson-Kennett

Obit of Valentine Kennett

Obit of Cyrus C. Gibson

Obit of Anna M. Crabbs

Autobiography of Matilda Gibson-Kennett…This is a MUST READ!! So interesting!

Headstone photo of Cyrus Gibson & Annie Missouri Crabbs-Young-Gibson

Photo and Bio of Cyrus Gibson & wife Anna Crabbs

 Gibson-Thompson Cemetery  of Greene County, Iowa Transcribed!!



Items Added:

1840, 1850, 1856, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 Census records for Gibson

Miller Cemetery, McPherson Co, NE “ Gibson” surname

1830 Census listing for Michael Mann

Bio of Archelaus Gibson & Hulda Carson

Bio of Albert Gibson & Mary Seaman

Family researcher Mary June Butler has identified everyone in this Gibson photo! 

Mary June also supplied this photo of Archelaus’ headstone and the photo of

Hulda Carson-Gibson, wife of Archelaus!

Additional researchers’ and their surnames listed on the “Family Researchers” page


New Information…

A HUGE “Thank You” to Dorothy Gibson Tuttle who has been researching the Gibson line for several years. We now have 3 more generations! (About 700 people!), added to the Gibson line, starting with Thomas Gibson 1674-1734 Virginia. All because of the many years of hard work and dedication Dorothy has devoted to the Gibson line! Details coming soon!


Betty Martin, researcher of the Huston line has added MANY new names to our Huston branch using the “Family Group Sheet Input Form”. Most I have been able to add to the family tree located at World Connect, and the rest will be added shortly! Thanks again Betty!


We have a “new found” family member, Mary June Butler! She has photos and information of the Gibson and Kennett families, which we will be adding to this site as fast as I can prepare them! (See photos mentioned above).


I have redirected the family tree link to the World Connect site, for the time being, while I update my gedcom to include all related documents and records of each individual and all the new additions! The family tree has now grown to almost 4,000 relatives, and more will be added soon!!


I have also added a “Quick Link” to this website. You can now reach this site with the address of A lot less typing and MUCH easier to remember!



Items Added:

Obituaries of Benjamin, Lucille  & Walter S. Batson

Obituaries of John T. Huston and Sarah E. Watts-Huston

Linked the “Family Researchers” Page, (*See who is working on what branches!)

Evergreen Cemetery, Beatrice, Gage Co, NE,  “Huston” surname

Riverside Cemetery, Gibbon, Buffalo Co, NE, “Anderson” surname

Marriage Certificate for Walter Huston & Amanda Francis Buck

Marriage Certificate for Claude Huston & Mildred Moses

Land Purchase & Parcel Map for Albert & Fred Gibson, McPherson Co, NE

New Information…

***I have recently discovered from fellow researcher Betty Martin, an error in the tree! John Thomas Huston married Sarah Elizabeth Watts…. NOT Sarah Elizabeth Mann as previously thought. This of course changes the tree considerably!!! As you know I am in the process of updating the gedcom and hope to have the new version posted shortly. I will of course be including this new information!


***I originally thought the Gibson family photo (used for entry page) included a family friend T. Ryon, from the caption “T. Ryon to Nebraska 15 days”…in reality the other man is Albert Gibson, father of Fred. The caption correctly reads, “Tyron, To Nebraska in 15 days”. Tyron is the township in McPherson Co, NE where Albert & Fred purchased 640 acres each!


***I have recently located the graves of Albert J. Gibson and wife Mary Seaman-Gibson in Miller Cemetery, McPherson Co, NE.



First I would like to mention I have added obits for Crystal Herndon/ Batson and Twyla Winemiller/ Bradley.  Crystal died Sat. August 4th, 2001

Janice and her mother Crystal have been a great help in researching the Batson line. Crystal’s recollections of growing up in the Batson Bottoms area of Worth Co, MO have been a priceless addition to our family history. I have sent a letter but would also like to add here my condolences to Janice daughter of Crystal Batson-Herndon. I am truly sorry for your loss Janice.

Created & posted a homestead land diagram for McPherson Co, NE showing Albert J. Gibson & Fred Garfield Gibson’s homesteads, as well as the surrounding neighbors in 10 Sections of Townships 19 & 20.

Received for site content, the “Top 10 Sites” Award from Site, for month of July 2001.

I am a little closer to locating (I hope) the Nat. papers of Paul Anderson & Samuel Larsen.

Received this week the first (of many more hopefully!) additions to out family tree via the new input form. This information is from a newly found cousin, Diane Higgins! Thanks Diane!

I have been collecting information of Mordecai Batson of VA, trying to see if an actual connection can be made between Mordecai and possible son William Batson Sr.

Should soon be receiving the probate papers I ordered of the Robison/Dickerson connections in Sauk Co, WI. They are of Benjamin Calkin, Henry Dickerson & Thomas Dickerson. Hopefully this will lead to new discoveries!

I am in the process of creating a page listing of those who are researching our family (that’s you!) and listing the surnames and your e-mail address and/or web address. If you would like to be included on this list, please e-mail me the information, as you would like it posted. I will NOT add you to the list unless you do request to be added, so please don’t forget to e-mail me…

If you have made any new connections or discoveries within our tree, please let me know and I will post the information here!



Today I added a "Family Group Sheet Input Form”. You can access the form from my home page or here, from the "Contribute or Correct" link. It took some doing, but looks as though it will work out great!

Now .... how do you use this new "thingy"!!

Just fill out the form with any information you have on your branch of the family, which I don't have already posted. If you find I have something in error posted, please make the correction here. I will then be able to compile all our information into one group effort. The whole family working on the family tree! We should be able to soon have a clear picture of our tree and it will be much easier to see where we need to gather more info.



Quick note…This site has just been highlighted in the Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter! Posted on, Inc. You can see the posting at



I have located the marriage certificates of Emily Robison (m. 1860 John M. Baker) & Eunice Robison (m. 1865 James Caukin) and the land purchase record of their father Joseph Robison for the land in Sauk Co, WI 1858. They are on their way to me. Once I get them I will post them online.

I ordered the marriage certificate of John Wesley Anderson & Alta Elizabeth Robison m. 1906, Hall Co, NE. and will be posting it soon!

Mostly this week I worked on the html code, to allow Netscape browsers to view my pages correctly. I am almost done, but not quite!

I have added a new section which will be posted shortly, “Who, What, Where, When & Why”. This section will document the locations and timeframe of my main surnames.  New winners to my “Awards Presented” page; please visit them when you get the time!

You might have noticed the little transition code to the entry page, just something to perk things up a bit…please let me know what you think! I have been toying with the idea of adding a “jukebox” to the home page. This would allow you to choose IF you would like to listen to music while viewing my pages, and if so you can choose the titles or let it play randomly. Please offer your thoughts.

I have added a section for “Family History Publications”, but the link is not yet active…will be soon!

Well that’s about it for this week… Hope everyone is enjoying summer!




Created a listing of the websites who have qualified for my “Genealogy Award of Excellence”. Please check out their sites, all are worth viewing! (Link on my home page)

Added the "Genealogy Pages Web Ring" to this site.



Today I am posting my full-site revision! I hope you will now find it easier to navigate and more pleasing to the eye!  Once I get all the kinks worked out I will again start adding new content.


The family tree (gedcom) is currently being revised, and will have an updated version posted to this site shortly!


Please let me know if you come across any broken links (or other problems) and I will try to correct them quickly!


All the graphics and backgrounds used on this site as well as the photo frames you will see in my family photo section are my creations, I hope you like them!


New Section… “Web Site Awards”. This is a site award I offer to web site authors recognizing all their hard work and efforts. Everybody deserves a pat on the back from time to time!


New section…”Family History Publications”. This link will be active shortly!


Some of the larger categories have been divided into smaller sections for faster loading and a navigation link has been added to the bottom of each page to make it easier to get around.


Removed, (for the time being) the “Surname & Researcher” list from this site, as it quickly became too large to easily handle in its current format. I will be reformatting and adding it back to the site soon. Until then, all the messages are still available in my guest book; just use your “find” feature in your browser to locate a particular surname.


I would love to hear your comments and any suggestions on my site revision, please let me know what you think!



Updated my family tree & added over 100 people!

Created a "Funnies" page with "old time era" jokes.

Added article of the 1876 Richland Co, OH, Pioneer Re-Union- LOTS of surnames!

"How to read and understand legal land descriptions" from the research tips link on my home page.



Transcribed letters written to Blanch Anderson-Gibson 1920-1930's

History of John Melrose, Wood Co, W VA

Additional Obits.

History of all major Indian Wars and Conflicts in US

Additional census records

Story of the "Mad Stone" added to "Truth & Lore"

Family debate of Anderson-Andersen spelling added to "Truth & Lore"

Added more photos to the Gibson family index



LOTS more photos including;

The Batson School 1910 Class photo (with most identified!) also photo of the Batson Bridge 1915, both in Worth Co, MO.

More obits

Marriage & Death Certificates, some now and more to come!

Also listing of all early land purchases 1824-1848 of Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co, IL

More Family History Reports




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