William Stennett was transported from England to Maryland in 1661. He was probably from Lincolnshire, England. Later on he acquired land in Calvert Co., Maryland, called "Stennett's Ramble".


About 1750, Benjamin and James Stennett, brothers who were grandsons or great-grand-sons of William Stennett, acquired land patents in Amherst County, Virginia. This area was then being settled by people from the coastal areas of Virginia and Maryland. Benjamin was a carpenter.  James had a son, John, born ca. 1735-40


John Stennett served briefly with the County Militia during the Revolutionary War. He and his family moved to Mercer County, Kentucky about 1794. By 1810, he and son Charles were living in Washington Co., KY.


Charles (Born ca. 1775) married Nancy Short about 1797. Nancy Short was born in Virginia but may have lived later in Tennessee before coming to Kentucky. Charles was a Constable in Washington County and served in the Kentucky Militia as a Lieutenant during the War of 1812. He bought a land grant in 1817 in Shelby Precinct, Edwards County, IL; Moved there in 1824, lived in Wayne County, IL by 1840 and presumably died between 1840 and 1850. All Stennetts that lived or now live in Edwards County, IL are his descendants.


His children were as follows: James, John, Richard, Daniel, Charles, Jr., Jackson, Jacob, Rhoda (married Robert Dorothy), Nancy (married Leonard Bond), Mary (married a Mounts), and Elizabeth (married a Mounts).


Of Charles' various children, Richard moved to Iowa and later to Oregon, Daniel moved to Iowa, Elizabeth moved to Iowa, Rhoda moved to western Illinois, while John presumably died in Wayne County, IL in the 1850's. Jacob died while in the Civil War, and Jackson disappeared after 1850. Present-day Stennetts in Edwards County are descended from

         Charles Stennett Jr. (Born 1812).


John Stennett married (ca. 1828) Mary Fowler (born ca. 1811). She was the daughter of Thomas and Dorcas (?)Fowler who were in Gibson Co., IN then Thomas presumably died before 1818. Mary had two brothers, Reuben (born 1813) and Ethan (6orn 1815) and two half-brothers, Thomas and Uriel Emmerson. Dorcas Fowler married Uriel Emmerson in 1818 in Gibson Co., IN then moved to Edwards Co., IL. Later, Dorcas married a Nash and finally John Abby in the early 1860s. Dorcas (born ca. 1795 in New Jersey) was still alive in 1880 in Edwards Co., IL.


 John Stennett's children were Isaac, William, Nancy (married Joseph Crackel), Elizabeth (married first a Wilson, second James Bell), Julia (married a Gassaway), George, and Robert. By 1880, all of John's known descendants were either in Logan or Macon County, Illinois.


Robert Stennett (great-grandfather of the writer, Joan Stennett Madden, of Lincoln, IL) married Isalean Allison in Logan Co., IL. Isalean was born in Edwards Co., IL in 1844 and was the daughter of Harrison Allison (born 1811) and Sarah Huston. Harrison in turn was a son of Isaac Allison and Jane Hunt.

Sarah Huston (born ca. 1815) was the daughter of James Huston and Mary Batson. The former was a brother of Henry Huston, while the latter was a sister to William Batson. Both William Batson and the Huston brothers were in Edwards Co., IL by 1818.


Harrison Allison married, secondly, Sarah Umbenhower in 1849, and Clarissa Huston Shores in 1863 in Macon County, IL. Clarissa was the daughter of Benjamin Skinner of Edwards County. Harrison Allison moved to Logan County by 1850 while most of his siblings moved to Jasper County in the 1830s. In 1865, Harrison in turn removed to Oregon, near McMinnville.


 Among the Stennetts who moved to Red Oak, Iowa, Wayne, a son of Daniel, developed a flourishing business in the 1850's and a village "Stennett" was named after him. There are still Stennetts in the Red Oak area.


George Stennett, a brother to Robert and a son of John, was in Logan County by 1860 and married Elizabeth Huston, a granddaughter of the aforementioned James Huston. George and family moved to Holdridge, Nebraska in the 1880s and died in 1923 at the age of 83.


“History of Edwards County, Illinois” Pg. 481 & 482

(Sometimes called History of Edwards County, Vol. 2)

Submitted by Patrick & Joan Stennett Madden of Lincoln, IL.




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