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Anna Coward Pension Application Joel Coward Revolutionary War Pension Application - R2389
Anna Coward Affidavit
National Archives & Records Administration - M804-667

To the Commissioner of Pensions

This memorial of the undersigned the widow of Joel Coward respectfully shows…That her husband the aforesaid Joel Coward Deceased was prior to her marriage with him a revolutionary soldier. That she has no documents to present in proof of this, except such as is here presented, but upon her Oath she declares that the said Joel Coward entered the service of the United States at some period prior to the battle between the American and British armies near Camden South Carolina known as the battle of "Gates defeat" in August 1780-in which battle he was engaged as a private soldier. At what particular place he enlisted she is not able to state further than at some convenient place to his residence before said enlistment which was in the County of Marlboro-state of South Carolina. That he was a regular enlisted for three years. She cannot state whether her said husband enlisted under, but he served part (if not all) his period of service under Captain Herd, who must have belonged to the Command of "General Marion" or "Genl Gates" of the Carolina troops, that he served out the full period of his enlistment and was honorably discharged that she has no knowledge of this written discharge further than what is here presented [crossed out-"and that this said discharge"] she has heard him speak of it in his lifetime but knows not what may have [went?] with it-

The undersigned further declares that she was married to the said Joel Coward in the County of Richmond state of North Carolina on or about the 15
th day of December A.D. one thousand seven hundred and ninety [?] that the person who married them was by the name of Darby Hennigan who was a Babtist Minister-And duly qualified to Act in such capacity. That after her marriage as aforesaid and until the death of her said husband the said Joel Coward they lived together in the bonds of affection as man and wife up to the time of his death which took place on the 6th day of November A.D. one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, that after her marriage as aforesaid her said husband made five crops in the County of Marlboro state of South Carolina and then removed to the County of Hawkins in the state of Tennessee at which place they continued to reside up to the death of her said husband at the time aforesaid and at which place she said widow continues to reside. That her said husband the said Joel Coward was the time of his death aged fifty-nine years and that she said affiant is now aged eighty-- years. That the Family Record has been [thrown?] out and lost-that she is now and has always been since the death of Joel Coward a widow that this is the first attempt she has ever made to obtain a pension. That her bodily infirmity and inability to secure Counsel has been some of the reasons of its delay.

She makes this declaration in order to avail herself of this benefit of the act of Congress passed 29 July 1849 granting pension to widows of revolutionary soldiers married before the 1 day of January 1800 [?] The and that she may be placed upon the pension roll of pensioners under that Law who are paid at Knoxville in the state of Tennessee and that she may have the full amount of all back dues to her allowable under said act which has been by her heretofore unclaimed up to the date of her inrollment and that the same be continued to her during her widowhood.

She further must respectfully requests that the following proofs be received in substantiating her said claim and acclaims that such evidence is here presented is the best she at this late day is able to produce in absence of documentary evidence of which she [n?]one except what is here presented. She lastly states that she has been a member of the Methodist Church for upwards of sixty years.

                                                        Anna X Coward

State of Tennessee
County of Hawkins

On this the 21
st day of October A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty two personally appeared before me the undersigned a justice of the peace within and for the County and state aforesaid and chairman of the County Court within and for said County. The above named Anna Coward and made oath in due form of Law to the facts therein set forth. And in my presents signed the same.

And I Certify that this said Anna Coward with whom I am personally acquainted is unable from bodily infirmity to attend Court. And I further Certify that from my own Knowledge I believe her foregoing declaration to be substantially true and that she is the age she states.                         

In testimony whereof (having no seal of office) I herewith set my name and official seal in my own handwriting-done at the residence of the aforesaid Anna Coward o this day and year first above mention[??].

                                                        James H. Walker (seal) (his signature)
                                                        Chairman of the County Court aforesaid


William White (his signature)
John [Gotgon?] (his signature)