James Deane to Gen. Schuyler

Papers of the Continental Congress
Copy: James Deane Letter to General Schuyler 10/10/1778
National Archives & Records Administration M247-173 pg. ---
Transcribed by Billy Markland

Transcriber's Note: This is a letter received by General Schuyler, which he had copied, and then forwarded to the Continental Congress. The following transcript is of the copy received by Congress.

Fort Schuyler Octobr. 10th 1778


As the Seneca chief called the Great Tree, who was the summer past with GenL. Washington, returned thro' Oneida he gave our friends there the most solemn assurances that upon his arrival in his own country he would exert his utmost influence to dispose his tribe to peace and friendship with the United States, and that should his attempts prove unsuccessful he would immediately leave his Nation and join the Oneidas with his friends & adherents.

A long time having elapsed without hearing anything from the Great Tree, the Oneidas a few days since dispatched a runner to him desiring an account of his success.

The express returned yesterday, with the following intelligence which the Sachems immediately forwarded to me, by three of their Warriors, namely, that upon his arrival in the Sencas country he founded that whole people in arms and the two Villages Kanadasege and Jenesee, where he was, crowded with their Warriors were all collected from their more remote settlements. That upon the Great Tree's first arrival appearances seemed to promise him success, but that a rumour being circulated that the Americans were about to invade them, they had all flown to arms the Great Tree with the rest, and determined to chastise the Enemy, that dared presume to think of penetrating their country- That they are to be joined by all the Indians as far as the Omandagas, a Small party of which Tribe are also gone to meet them and likewise by those of the Several settlements upon the branches of the Susquehannah-That the Senecas were to march the eight and the Inigogas [sic] the ninth Inst.- That the whole party was to rendezvous at Kanahalo a place situated upon that branch of the Susquehannah called the Tayego branch and from thence were to proceed against the Frontiers of Pennsylvania or thro' Jersies [sic]-our Oneida friends rely on the Authenticity of the above Intelligence and beg it may not be neglected.

I am Sir with profound respect
Your most Obedt & humbl Servt
James Deane

Major GenL. Schuyler