James Deane Letter

Papers of the Continental Congress
James Deane to Volckert Douw 10/15/1788
National Archives & Records Administration
M247-173 i170 v2 pg. 368
Transcribed by Billy Markland 2/23/2001

Transcriber's Note: This is a letter received by Volckert Douw, which he had copied, and then forwarded to the Continental Congress. The following transcript is of the copy received by Congress.

Fort Schuyler
Octr. 15. 1778


At the arrival of the goods at this Post the Indians expressed great surprise and Dissatisfaction at the high Prices at which they were stated. But as they made a very formal speech To M
r. Hanson upon the subject which I suppose he has transmited [sic] I shall not trouble the Commission With the repetition of it-I fear Sir we shall suffer much in our Interest & Influence with the Indians Unless some thing can be speedily done with regaining [?-cut off of film] To the Goods here as many of our friends are not only very naked but very indigent & in general altogether Unable to purchase at the fixt Rates-Our friends are under such constant apprehensions of Danger that they have not been able to hunt this season, I suspect will not unless affairs in the six Nations should soon assume a better aspect than they at Present were-Which we have little reason to Expect, as that people have now Collected their whole force together with the Delaware with a design to make some Desperate attack upon our frontier-I need not inform the Commissioner that the Oneidas have Destroyed the settlements at Unadilla. They have since been out upon similar excursion but took no Prisoner as the People were fled to the Enemy-A Party has likewise been forming to pay the Scots Settlement to the North of the German flats a visit which I have prevented-I could wish the Commission to express their sentiment to the Bearer upon the subject or favor me with their Instructions in the matter-

I am sir,
Your Most Obedient & Very Humble Servant,
James Deane

Volckert T. Douw, Esq.