Submitting Records, Photographs, and Other Information.

You can submit any record or information in a Word document format. We will format the record or document for publication on our website. Please send photographs in .jpg format, if possible. E-mail as an attached file to: Fancher Family Association. Please be sure to include your name and e-mail address. The information you submit be show your name as the source, with an e-mail link that does not show your actual e-mail address on our website.

Submitting Your Family Lineage

We are unable to accept or post gedcom files because Rootsweb's Freepages does not support them. If you are using Family Tree Maker, you can submit a Genealogy Report, by selecting "View", then "Genealogy Report" and copying this information into a Word document. This is our preferred format, but we can accept any information in a Word Document format. If necessary, we will format it it for publication on the FFA website. Due to privacy issues, it is necessary to omit any living individuals.

Please be sure to include your name and e-mail address. To avoid spammers, we do not publish your e-mail address on the FFA Website, but provide an e-mail link instead. However, your name will appear, unless you specifically tell us not to include it. Questions.

How To Submit Your Lineage

We would prefer that you submit only the portion of your Fancher lineage that you have personally researched. If you know that your line of descent has been previously recorded in WHF, PBF or FFO, or already appears on the FFA website, you can begin your submission with citing the line of descent and then listing your own information. This will aid other Fancher researchers in making a connection to your family and avoid repetitive information appearing on the earlier Fancher generations. If your line of descent is unknown, please note same on your lineage. E-mail Your submission as an attached file to the Fancher Family Association.

See an example of a lineage.

ALL NEW INFORMATION MUST HAVE SOURCE CITATIONS. Someone else's gedom file is not an acceptable source citation. Neither are LDS Ancestral Files, or records that have been submitted to the LDS by Church members. How To Cite Sources.