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Converted to HTML by Craig O'Donnell <[email protected]> who is interested in the surnames Fassitt, Tingle, Lynch, Bradford.

James Fassitt is not our branch of the family, but John Brevard is the father of Anna Brevard, who married Capt Jack Fassitt and is "our" William Fassitt's grandfather.


Officers of Militia.

Transcribed by Craig O'Donnell from ARCHIVES OF MARYLAND series vol 16. It contains all the matters for the date in question since it was just as easy to run the whole thing through the OCR software, but please don't ask me about anything that is not obviously Worcester County.


• Sat 30 Aug 1777

Ordered That the western shore Treasurer pay to Col Thomas Dorsey Three hundred pounds on Account.

 Commissions issued to

Thomas Marshall appointed Capt.
Philip Stilts first Lieut
William Davis second Lieut.
William Matthews Ensign,
Nicholas Merryman Capt
Humphry Chilcott first Lieutenant
Abraham Cole Senr second Lieut
Robinson Jones Ensign.
David Gist second Lieut.
Henry Butler Ensign
of Capt Murrays Compy
Robert Cummins Capt
Abraham Hicks first Lieut
John Miller second Lieut.
Samuel Tipton Ensign,
Stophel Shroad first Lieutenant
Matthias Backley second Lieut &
Henry Peckly Ensign
of Capt John Showers's Compy and
Charles Allen Ensign
of Capt Robt Lemmon's Compy
belonging to the Upper Batt. of Militia in Baltimore County,


also to

Darby Lux Col.
James Gittings Lieut Col.
Thomas Sollars Majr
Simon Pryor Capt
Thomas Miles first Lieut.
Kinsey Griffis second Lieut
John Griffis Ensign,
Benjamin Buck Capt
Joshua Buck first Lieut
John Weston second Lieut
of the Gunpowder Batt. in Balto County


also to

John Chapman first Lieut.
Joshua Chapman second Lieut
Robert Teves Ensign
in Capt Philips Compy of the Soldiers Delight Batt. in Baltimore County,


also to

James Trapnel second Lieut
of Capt Step. Giles Compy Gunpower Batt.



William Harvey Capt
William Scarf first Lieut.
Joseph Hart second Lieut
William Jeane Ensign
of the Gunpowder Upper Battalion Baltimore County,


also to

Basil Gaither first Lieut in Capt Briscoes Comp[any]
John Harwood second Lieut.
George Hanskins Ensign
in Capt. Simpsons Compy
John Bruce second Lieut.
in Capt. Owings's
Greenbury Gaither Quarter Master
belonging to the Sixteenth Batt. of Militia in Montgomery County.
[Worcester County:]
Zadock Purnal Col.
Samuel Handy Lieut Col.
John Purnal Robins Major
William Purnal Capt.
Littleton Robins first Lieut.
Joseph Ennis second Lieut.
Beletha Brittingham Ensign
John Postley Capt.
Isaac Evans first Lieut.
Jonathan Johnson second Lieut
Esaw Williams Ensign
John Ratliff Capt.
Sam' Hopkins Round first Lieut
William Stephenson second Lieutenant,
Thomas Ryley Ensign
Thomas Purnal Capt
Nathaniel Ratliff first Lieut.
James Quinlan[?] second Lieut.
William Gault Ensign
John Cox Capt
John Tull first Lieut
James Lawes second Lieut
Asa Cox Ensign,
John Purnal Capt.
Elisha Purnal first Lieut
Jesse Jones second Lieut.
Benjamin Purnal Ensign
Elihu Briddell Captain
James Fassitt first Lieut
Josiah Deal second Lieut
John Brevard Ensign
Matthew Purnal Capt.
William White first Lieut
Benjamin Mills second Lieut
John Jones Ensign
belonging to the Sinnapuxent Batt. in Worcester County.
John Done Col.
Robert Done Lieut Col.
William Morris Major
William Handy Capt.
Patrick Glassgow first Lieut
Joshua Townsend second Lieut
William Wise Ensign,
William Holland Capt.
Fisher Walton first Lieut.
George Lafield second Lieut.
Joshua Duer Ensign,
James Patterson Capt
William Smith first Lieut
James Hinson second Lieut.
Jonathan Henson Ensign,
John Stewart Capt
Barkely Townsend first Lieut
Nixon Davis second Lieut.
William Parker Ensign,
Isaac Lafield Capt.
Thomas Marshall first Lieut
Henry Dennis second Lieut.
Littleton Long Ensign
John Paramor Captain
Henry Ayres first Lieut
John Selby second Lieut.
Levin Hill Ensign,
Samuel Smyley Capt.
William Richardson first Lieut
John Outton Sturgis second Lieut.
John Ayres Ensign
George Spence Capt.
John Spence first Lieut
Jesse Ennis second Lieut.
William Bishop Ensign
of the Snow Hill Batt. in Worcester County.
Wiliam Hopewell Col.
James Martin Lieut Col.
Ebenezer Handy Major
Robert Handy Capt
George Parsons first Lieut
James Purdue second Lieut
Frederick Hill Ensign
Philip Quinton Capt
Bozman Schoolfield first Lieut.
James Townsend second Lieut
John Scott Ensign,
Samuel Horsey Capt.
John Sturgis first Lieut
Stephen Horsey Livingston second Lieut
Richard Mills Ensign
John Pope Mitchell Capt.
Elijah Shockley Capt.
James Thompson first Lieut.
John Richardson second Lieut
Jonathan Catheel Ensign,
Benj. Dennis Capt
George Downes first Lieut.
John Victor second Lieut
Levin Outton Ensign
Charles Bennett Capt.
Roland Bevins first Lieut
James Bennet second Lieutenant
Joseph Richards Ensign,
Isaac Houston Capt.
John Davis first Lieut.
George Gevans second Lieut
William Dennis Ensign
belonging to the Wicomico Battalion of Militia in Worcester County.
Commission issued to
John Philpot appointed Ensign of Capt. Sterretts Compy in Baltimore County
also to
William Hammond appointed Quarter Master to Col. Thomas Dorseys
Batt. in Ann Arr'l County.


The Militia who have been called in having generally left their Arms behind them and there not being public Arms enough to furnish the whole of the Militia who ought at this Time of Invasion to be in Service The Militia Officers are requested to borrow or purchase for the use of the public all the effective Arms they can and to forward them to such places as they may conveniently be ordered into the hands of the marching Militia and all persons who have effective Arms are desired to furnish their Arms either on Loan or Sale and they may depend on being paid the Value of their Arms lent in case of Loss Th Johnson


Commissions issued to

George Day Scott appd Col
John Stewart Lieut Col.
Esme Bayley Major
of Salisbury Batt
Thomas Hayward Col.
Peter Waters Lieut Col.
Thomas Bruff Major
of Princess Ann Battalion in Somerset County.

Volume 21.



• Thursday 27 May 1779 • Present as on Yesterday


Commissions issued to
Benjamin Tevis appointed Capt in the room of Thomas Philips
John Chapman 1 Lieut,
Joshua Chapman 2d Lieut,
Robert Tevis Ens.
Elie Dorsey Capt in the room of Richard Owings,
James Barnes 1 Lieut,
Johnny Sellman 2d Lieut
Tobias Talbot Ens.
Joshua Hurd Capt. in the room of Thomas Owings,
Thomas Wire 1 Lieut,
Thomas Greenwood 2d Lieut,
William Parker Ens.
Joshua Hartestiom Ens. of Captain Wm Hudson's Co


Thomas Chenoworth Ens. of Capt. Mordecai Gosnell's Co
belonging to the Soldiers Delight Batt. of Militia in Baltimore County


Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Benjamin Wailes, thirty three Pounds, eighteen shillings and nine pence and the further Sum of One hundred and thirty eight Pounds, eleven shillings and eleven Pence half penny for the use of James Bennett due him per Acc' passed by the Dep'y Aud.

That the said Treasurer pay to Benjamin Wailes Eight Thousand Pounds to be delivered over to William McBride and to be expended in the Purchase of Wheat & Flour & Accounted for

That the said Treasurer pay to Francis Dallam Forty thousand Pounds to be by him delivered over to Richard Dallam to be expended in the Purchase of Wheat & Flour & Accounted for

That the said Treasurer pay to Benjamin Wailes Two hundred and eleven Pounds, ten shillings for the use of Jos. Dashiell 'p Acct passed by the Dep'y Aud.

That the said Treasurer pay to Thomas Beard two Pounds, five shillgs for 3 Papers Ink Powder for the use of the Council

Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Thomas Dalziel Eighteen Pounds due him per Acct passed by the Dep'y Aud.

That the said Treasurer pay to Daniel Colter nine Pounds due him per 'p Account passed by the Dep'y Aud.

That the said Treasurer pay to Daniel Colter nine Pounds due him per 'p Account passed by the Dep'y Aud.

Robert Miles who was committed to the Custody of the Sheriff of Ann Arundel County appeared before this Board and entered into Recognizance in the Sum of Three hundred Pounds conditioned for his good behaviour during the War and also James Reid and Henry Sibel appeared and entered into Recognizance in the Sum of One hundred and Fifty Pounds each conditioned for the good the Behaviour of said Robert Miles during the present War.


Commissions issued to

James Bennett appointed Capt in the room of William Winder
Thomas Skinner 1 Lieut,
David Vance 2 Lieut and
William Byng Ens.
in the Salisbury Batt of Militia in Somerset County
also to
James Martin Lieut Col
William Holland Major,
Fisher Waltam Capt in the room of William Holland,
George Layfield, 1 Lieut,
Eliacam Johnson 2d Lieut,
belonging to the Snow Hill Batt of Militia in Worcester County
also to
Ebenezer Handy Lieut Col
Solomon Long Major,
John Davis Capt. in the room of Isaac Houston
George Gwins 1 Lieut,
William Dennis 2d Lieut.
Bartholomew Slatony Ens.
Richard Miles 2d Lieut,
Isaac Dixon Ens. of Capt. Horsey's Compy,
James Purdue Capt in the room of John P. Mitchell,
John Shockley 1 Lieut,
Jesse Brayton 2d Lieut
Joseph Brittenham Ens.
John Dashiell 1 Lieut of Capt R. Hands Compy
belonging to the Wicomico Batt of Militia in Worcester County
and also to
Josiah Dashiell Capt in the room of Capt Bridles,
James Fasset 1 Lieut
John Brevard 2d Lieut
belonging to the Sinepuxent Battalion of Militia in Worcester County.

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