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Memoirs of Chesapeake Bay Waterman William T. Hooper
Compiled and edited by Gladys Ione Hooper
To the radiant memory of
the Narrator
William Thomas Hooper Sr.
and All His Loved Ones and Shipmates Who Have Dropped Final Anchor in the Eternal Harbor.


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Chapter I
Chapter II
The Bay Area
Chapter III
Development of Sailing Ships
Chapter IV
Types of Sailing Ships
Chapter V
The Changing Scene
Chapter VI
First Voyage Before the Mast: the Annie Hodges
Chapter VII
Other Voyages on the Hodges
Chapter VIII
Hairbreadth From Eternity
Chapter IX
Unprofitable Season on the Henry W. Ruark
Chapter X
First Voyage on the Arianna Bateman
Chapter XI
Rough Voyage on the Bateman
Chapter XII
Lumber Cargo in a Strong North Wind
Chapter XIV
Near-Miss on a Collision Course
Chapter XV
York River Lumber Run: Symphony of Nature
Chapter XVI
Father's Voyages on The Bateman
Chapter XVII
Cold Climb up a Dredge Line
Chapter XVIII
Icebound: The Long Walk Home
Chapter XIX
Crabbing the Old Ground
Chapter XX
Aground in the Moonlight
Chapter XXI
The Kate Burton: a Happy Ship
Chapter XXII
Dredging the Morning Star
Chapter XXIII
Stormy Voyage to Salisbury
Chapter XXIV
The Day the Shores Capsized
Chapter XXV
Tough Luck in Patuxent
Chapter XXVI
Crabbing the Lucifer
Chapter XXVII
Sad Fate of the Lucifer

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