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Extracted from: Guide to the Manuscript Collections.

These are Eastern Shore related items.
There may be others in the MHS collection, this was simply a rough search.

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ANNAPOLIS PORT OF ENTRY RECORD BOOKS, MS. 21 Vol. I contains a list of all ships entering the port of Annapolis, with time of entry, master's name, type of vessel, tonnage, armament, size of crew, when and where built and registered, name of owners, inventory of cargo, etc. Vol. 2 contains list of vessels leaving the port, with time of clearance, full details as in vol. 1, and destination. Entries made by Deputy Naval Officers. 2 vols., 1756-1775.

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY LAND PAPERS COLLECTION MS. 2298 Plats, patents, grants, and deeds of Thomas Daniell, Ezekial, Amelia, and Henry Gillis, John, Edward, and Nathan Dorsey, and Thomas and George French; two letters concerning the address of Chester Mills of Queen Anne's County and the vacation of W. M. Lansdale of Bladensburg, Maryland. 13 items, 1685-1792.

ARCHER, DR. ROBERT HARRIS, LEDGER, MS. 1080 Ledger of Dr. Robert Harris Archer for 1804-1815 with accounts for Baltimore City, Cecil County. Shows purchases of land in Cecil County, 18051815. 1 vol., 1804-1815.

ARCHER-MITCHELL-STUMP-WILLIAMS FAMILY PAPERS MS. 1948 Prominent and related families of Harford and Cecil Counties whose members include Congressman and Judge Stevenson Archer (1786-1848); Judge Frederick Stump (1835-1901); Dr. James Archer (1779-1815); Congressman and Dr. George Edward Mitchell (1781-1832); lawyer and Congressman Stevenson A. Williams (1851-1932); and naval surgeon Dr. Lewis J. Williams (1819-1888), who served under Commodore Matthew C. Perry and in the Civil War. Papers: family and business correspondence; biographical sketches and family genealogies; newspaper clippings; scrapbooks; drawings; photographs; wills; land and estate records; account books; receipts; bonds; agreements; indentures; legal commissions, opinions, and notes on cases; medical records; accounts of naval cruises and naval medical administration. Topics: family news; religion; education; legal profession; local history; politics and presidential campaigns; the Revolutionary War; the War of 1812; the Mexican War; the civil wars in the United States and China; descriptions of Africa, Central America, and Asia; United States foreign relations and trade; slave trade and race relations; Maryland þour and iron industry and general merchandising. Register available. See also Barbara S. Murray, "The Archer-Mitchell-Stump-Williams Family Papers (MS. 1948), " Maryland Historical Magazine 68 (Fall 1973): 330-32. 23 boxes and 2 items, 1712-1926.


BALTIMORE CUSTOMS HOUSE PAPERS, MS. 806 Letters to Samuel and Robert Purviance, 1767-1797; 171 items on the operation of the Port of Baltimore, permission to allow ships to land, health clearances, material on the operation of the committee of the Association of Baltimore. Package of ships' pass papers, 1797-1815, with some presidential signatures. Small group of papers of James McCulloh, Collector, 1795-1813, contains clearance reports, ships' losses, etc. c. 200 items, 1767-1815.

BALTIMORE CUSTOMS RECORDS, MS. 2301 Entrances and clearances of vessels for the port of Baltimore: date, name, and rig of the vessel; master and home port; port departed from and destination; owner's name; merchant consignee; description of cargo; dimensions of the vessel; armament; size of the crew. Microfilm only; originals in RG 36, National Archives. Register available. 2 reels (nos. 1454-55), 1782-1824.

BALTIMORE CUSTOMS RECORDS, MS. 2302 Abstracts of the register of vessels for the port of Baltimore, 1789-1801: name; rig and tonnage of the vessel; master; disposition of the vessel; summaries of all vessels whose registry was still outstanding as of 31 December 18 1 0 and 31 December 181 1. Microfilm only; originals in RG 36, National Archives. 1 reel (no. 1453), 1789-1801, 1810-11.

BALTIMORE CUSTOMS RECORDS, MS. 2359 Correspondence between the collector of customs at Baltimore and the United States Treasury Department: imports and exports; building, purchasing, and manning of revenue cutters; fines and forfeitures of ships and cargoes; appointments of customs officers and deputies; the purchase of Louis Point near Baltimore; the administration of the Marine Hospital. Baltimore collectors include Robert Purviance (1790-1806), Gabriel Christie (1806-8), and James H. McCulloh (1808-33). Microfilm only; originals in RG 56, National Archives. 2 reels (nos. 406-07), 1790-1832.

BALTIMORE CUSTOMS RECORDS, MS. 2180 Declarations of cargoes imported or exported by Baltimore merchants; information on the nature, amount, and value of the cargoes; the name of each vessel, master, and the port of departure; date of arrival. Register available. 1 box, 1800-10.

132. BALTIMORE SHIP DEPARTURES, MS. 1612 Entries for merchandise, ships departing from the Port of Baltimore, 1800-1810, with full details of cargo, signatures of owners and of port officials. (MS. on printed forms.) 50 items, 1800-1810.

133. BALTIMORE SHIPPING RECORDS, MS. 1171 Collection of photostats (originals in the Library of Congress) giving information on ships trading to Maryland, April, 1689-January, 1694. Include names of ships, place of origin, English or foreign built, build, tonnage, armament, name of master, day when entered, bond of navigation given in the plantation, certificate of bond given in England, last port of call, goods carried, when cleared, destination. 6 items, 1689-1694.

145. BARROLL FAMILY LETTERS, MS. 108 Miscellaneous group of correspondence of the Barroll family of Kent County, including Civil War letters. 1 box, 1845-1938.

167. BENSON, HARRY L., COLLECTION, MS. 120 Miscellaneous maps, etc., showing early land grants in Maryland; file cards showing location of early grants. Genealogical charts of Benson, Adams, Purnell, Wilson, and other families in Worcester County, 1790. Wills and other material relating to Accomac County, Virginia, 1663-1800. Atlas of land surveys in Somerset County, Maryland. Miscellaneous notes, drawings, photostats, etc., all collected or made by Harry L. Benson, and relating to land grants in early Maryland. 12 boxes and 3 vols., 20th century.

180. BISHOP PAPERS, MS. 1204 Correspondence of George W. Bishop and his son, John S. Bishop, pertaining to the Worcester Locomotive Company, of which George Bishop was President, and also to the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia Railroad and the Worcester Railroad. Fragments and receipts of George W. Bishop. 55 items, 1874-1919.

187. BOHEMIA MANOR PAPERS, MS. 1556 Wills, deeds, and other documents relating to Augustine Herman an and Bohemia Manor, Cecil County, Maryland. Include copy of Herman's memorandum on the original foundation of the manor, his Letters of Denization, naturalization papers, wills, etc. Material on legal controversies among later holders of the property (Herrman family). c. 40 items, 1660-1791.

203. BORDLEY PAPERS, MS. 64 Thomas Bordley and family papers; correspondents include his sons, Stephen, William and John Beale Bordley; Samuel Chew, Patrick Hepburn, Daniel Dulany. Medical diagnoses and records. journal of Thomas Bordley's voyage to England. Volume with copies of letters of James T. Earle and family, 1830. Letters of William Hollyday, 1852-1860. Letters to James T. Earle, etc., 1830-1832. Patents, deeds and land records. Dr. James Bordley's correspondence and notes on the Tilghman, Lloyd, Frisby, Hollyday, Earle, and Tobins families. Data on Readbourne, Hollyday family house in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Sketch of the Tilghman family by judge Richard T. Earle. Virginia three pound note of 1773 signed by B. Dandridge and John Blair. Reply to an invitation from Mrs. Charles Carroll (Barrister) by Mr. and Mrs. Johnston of Bladensburg. 3 boxes, c. 1720-1955.

212. BOYD-HOOPMAN PAPERS, MS. 1208 Letters of Stephen Boyd of Harford County and other members of the Boyd family to Mary Elizabeth Hoopman (niece) at Lititz Seminary, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Letters to M. E. Hoopman from friends, 18361849. Miscellaneous items include photostat of land deed of Matthias Van Bibber of Cecil County to Andrew Shrager, December 16, 1709. Broadside of E. Cain of Harford County advertising for a runaway Negro, November 21, 1801. Broadside notice from Pennsylvania State Livestock Sanitary Board for quarantine because of foot and mouth disease, c. 1914. 500 items, 1709, 1801, 1836-1849, c. 1914.

MS. 1934 JOHN LEEDS BOZMAN PAPERS Fee list of Bozman (1757-1823), a lawyer of Talbot and Caroline Counties, 1788-1808; commonplace book of Bozman with notes of elections, slavery, and a wide range of topics, some related to his historical studies, ca. 1820; genealogical information on the Kerr, Bozman, and Leeds families; notes by John Bozman Kerr on families and individuals of Talbot and Caroline Counties. 1 vol., 1788-1876.

216. BOZMAN NOTEBOOKS, MS. 87 Extracts from Maryland State Papers, 1636-1658, made by John Leeds Bozman of Talbot County, Maryland, 1 vol. Rough draft of an enlarged edition of a pamphlet containing essays on several subjects concerning the Laws of Maryland, published 1802 under the title A New Arrangement of the Courts of Justice of the State of Maryland. 2 vols., c. 1800.

218. BRADFORD DIARIES, MS. 1077 Xerox prints of the typescript copy of the diary of Mrs. Phoebe [George] Bradford, housed at the Eleutherian Mills Historical Library, Wilmington, Delaware. Mrs. Bradford was a resident of Wilmington. Original diary the property of the Historical Society of Delaware. 2 boxes (1997 pp.), 1832-1839.

MS. 1802 AUGUSTUS W. BRADFORD PAPERS Receipts of Bradford (1806-81) and his wife for payments on household goods, household furnishings, and hardware supplies. 22 items, 1865-68.

MS. 1077.1 PHOEBE GEORGE BRADFORD PAPERS Sections of the diaries of Phoebe George Bradford (Mrs. Moses Bradford) (1794-1840) not included in MS. 1077: December 6, 1833-March 12, 1834; October 16, 1834-January 13, 1835; June 20, 1836-December 14, 1836; December 14, 1836-April 6, 1837; and January 21, 1839-April 15, 1839. Descriptions of social and daily activities, opinions of family matters and religion, and occasional references to national and local matters; commentary upon her work with the Female Bible Society, Female Hospitable Society, and the Female Colonial Society of Wilmington, Delaware; remarks on Negro slavery in the 1830s (particularly the colonization effort in Liberia) and the relationship between the United States and Mexico. Photocopies only; originals in the Historical Society of Delaware. Published as W. Emerson Wilson, ed., Diaries of Phoebe George Bradford, 1832-1839 (Wilmington: Historical Society of Delaware, 1976). 1 box, 1833-39.

MS. 1870 SAMUEL WEBSTER BRADFORD PAPERS Genealogical charts and records of the Bradford, Kell, and Skinner families: lists of deaths, marriages, births, and deeds of the Bradford family; biographical information on Augustus Bradford, Samuel Bradford, and William Bradford; letters from J. G. Bradford, 1879-95, concerning the genealogy of the Bradford family; letters of Samuel Webster Bradford (1856-1932) concerning the Bradford genealogy, 1895-1900; correspondence between Leonard Roden and Samuel Webster Bradford concerning the quality of different clays that were tested in the making of enamelled bricks, 1900-2; letter from Samuel W. Bradford to the editor of the Baltimore News, ca. 1890, concerning the preservation of papers found in the State House at Annapolis; undated material concerning the Maryland and United States constitutions; letters concerning a list of members of the Union Society of the Civil War, 1907. 2 boxes, 1632-1931.

225. BREREWOOD-BOURK ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 136 Accounts of Captain Thomas Bourk's Company (Dorchester County), Colonel Richardson's Battalion, Maryland, Flying Camp, June-December, 1776. job Brerewood's accounts of rents of lands of James and Hugh Eccleston, 1808-1816. 1 vol., 1776, 1808-1816.

232. BRICE-JENNINGS PAPERS, MS. 1997 Collection mainly relates to John Brice of Annapolis and Edmund Jennings, Chief justice and Secretary of State of the Province of Maryland. Includes miscellaneous business papers, 1732-1755, 1762-1792, those in the latter group chieþy relating to John Brice (include pages from invoice book showing goods shipped from London firms, etc.). Shipping receipts, 1730-1773, James Brice and Vachel Denton. Business papers of Colonel James F. Brice; plat in Cecil County, 1803; affidavit of worth of servant, Charlotte, 1853; inventory of John Brice's estate. James Brice's Soldiers' Guide from a newspaper, 1826. Family letters, 1830-1835; bills and receipts. Letter, c. 1700, signed by Daniel Dulany, Sr., (badly damaged). Copy (n.d.) of 1659 order to Dutch to leave land in Maryland. Deeds to Brice lands in Annapolis, 1713-1717. Two deeds from Cecil Calvert-to J. Smith, 1660, and to Richard Bartholmay (Bartholmay's Neck), 1672. Tobacco accounts, 1717-1740, John Brice, Edmund Jennings, Charles Carroll. Miscellaneous items, 1740-1758, and undated. Account book, 1807. Genealogical notes on Sarah Jennings, Duchess of Marlborough, and her will (n.d.). Deed of Thomas Jennings to Henry Dorsey. Business letters of Thomas Jennings and John Brice. Affidavit of Philip Jones re a boundary, 1746. Newspaper clipping, 1854, giving history of the Jennings family in reference to the Jennings estate in England. c. 170 items, 1660-1853.

233. BRICE PROTEST BOOK, MS. 138 Depositions taken before John Brice, Deputy Notary Public, being statements of masters of vessels concerning loss and damage sustained by the party making the protest, sealed by John Brice. Includes full copies of charter parties and agreements, with considerable data on the tobacco trade contained in the depositions. 1 vol., 1734-1743.

246. BROWN, CORNELIUS COMEGYE, ACCOUNT BOOKS, MS. 153 Account books of Cornelius Comegye Brown, fruit grower of West Reardon, Kent County. Mainly records of sales of apples, strawberries, peaches, pears; loose bills and receipts. Letter giving background material on the collection. 3 vols. and 1 box, 1851-1924.


CABLE LETTERBOOK, MS. 171 Letterbook and account book of Thomas Cable, merchant of Eastern Shore of Virginia, concerned in tobacco trade, shipments of general cargo to the West Indies. 1 vol., 1722-1757.

CAMERON FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 1222 Letters, business documents, and school copybooks: of and relating to the Cameron family of Cecil County, Maryland, 1728-1836. Include plats of Coxes Park. Also in the collection are the Cecil Whig, Elkton, July 3, 1852, and a broadside Address of Hon. Charles B. Calvert to voters of the 5th Congressional District of Maryland, July 8, 1863. 23 items, 1728-1863.

CAROLINE COUNTY RECORDS, MS. 199 Records of Caroline County, Maryland, between 1783-1827. Include Poll List, 1800, for General Assembly election, Road Books, 1801-1816, 1827, Tax List, 1845, Court Minutes, March, 1783-May, 1791. 1 box, 1783-1827.

CARROLL, CHARLES, OF CARROLLTON, LETTERBOOK, MS. 203.1 Volume WITH 45 letters of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, mainly to English friends, with comments on the political situation in America, reception of the Stamp ACT, ETC. CORRESPONDENTS courts. Include legal opinions, sworn statements before justices of the Peace, claims against estates, deeds to land, etc. Material relating to Orphans' Court, Cecil County. 2 boxes, 1810-1866.

CARSON, JOHN, PAPERS, MS. 1903 Merchant in Port Deposit, Cecil County: letters pertaining to the sale or rental of property, payment of debts, and orders for clothing, lumber, and animal traps from William Carson, John C. Clarke, Albert Constable, John C. Groome, John W. Randolph, George W. Richard. 1 1 items, 1829-53.

CECIL COUNTY POOR SCHOOL FUND RECORDS, MS. 2080 Accounts, bills, receipts of payments to teachers from the Orphans' Court of Cecil County, trustee of the poor school fund. 13 items, 1826-56.

CECIL COUNTY ROAD PETITIONS, MS. 1232 Petitions for laying out and opening roads in Cecil County, signed by the inhabitants. 18 items, c. 1801.

CECIL COUNTY TAX RECORDS, MS. 1929 Tax lists from the following hundreds of Cecil County: Manor, Milford, North Susquehanna, Octororah, South Milford, Back Creek, West Sassafrass, South Susquehanna, Bohemia Manor, Elk, Middle Neck, North Sassafrass. 1 box, 1761.

CHAMBERS, EZEKIEL, PAPERS, MS. 1233 Miscellaneous group of receipts, family and business (law) correspondence. Includes a partial list of taxables for Kent County, 1813. 1 folder, c. 1798-1862.

CHESTERTOWN 250m ANNIVERSARY PAPERS, MS. 1122 Press releases, newspaper articles, committee reports, schedules of events, and a souvenir program entitled The Chestertown Story, all concerning the activities connected with the 250th Anniversary Celebration of the foundation of Chestertown, Maryland, 1706. The history of Chestertown is included in The Chestertown Story. c. 43 items, 1956.

CLARK, JR., ERNEST, COLLECTION, MS. 2243 Letters of William Hammond to Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 1771, about the imprisonment of two Baltimore Iron Works Company servants for robbery, with notes by Charles Carroll the Barrister and Walter Dulany; letter of John Hancock to Samuel Smallwood, 1788, to accompany a copy of the proceedings of the Massachusetts convention to ratify the United States Constitution; letter of Levin Winder to Thomas Sim Lee, 1794, introducing John Landrath as a candidate for surveyor of Somerset County; petition of John Eager Howard, 1806, to the General Assembly of Maryland about the extension of a wharf on Light Street in Baltimore. 4 items, 1771-1806.

COHN AND BOCK COMPANY RECORDS, MS. 1759 Princess Anne, Somerset County business specializing in grain, lumbering, box manufacturing, and poultry: ledgers, 1882-94 and 1896-04; journals, 1896-1902; daybooks, 1890-93 and 1901-04; cashbooks, 189498, 1900-04 and 1929-34; letterbook, 1889-1900; merchandise book, 1905-07; and business letters and miscellaneous accounts and cancelled checks, 1900-20 and 1924-29. 28 vols. and 2 boxes, 1882-1934.

CONFEDERATE SOCIETY OF THE ARMY AND NAVY OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES IN MARYLAND ACCOUNT BOOKS, MS. 258 Two account books listing annual dues paid by members of the society and disbursements, 1886-1891, 1890-1921. One volume with a descriptive roll of members of Company B, 21st, Virginia Regiment, 1861-1865, and a ticket for election of officers of the Society of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States in Maryland, 1888. 3 vols., 1886-1921.

CUSTOMS PAPERS, MS. 1249 Commercial papers dealing with the operations of the Baltimore Custom House, including clearances from quarantine, accounts of various Baltimore merchants, inventories of cargoes, etc. Some items badly burned. c. 125 items, 1796-1798.


DASHIELL COLLECTION, MS. 1804 Registers and official recordings of meetings and names of the members of Stepney Parish, Protestant Episcopal Church, Somerset County: parish decisions to collect money for church repairs; recommendation of parish rector, Joshua Reece, for priesthood, 1799; signatures of the members of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Maryland, Stepney Parish, 1799; a list of signatures of professing Christians at Stepney Parish, 1809-1812, 182022, and 1833; deed for sale of land in Broad Creek, Delaware, 1804; a letter of E. Isaac W. K. Handy to George Riall discussing the Handy family and expressing thanks for the use of Stepney Parish records, 1866; a letter of Benjamin Dashiell to C. M. Dashiell about the first register of Somerset Parish (1678), 1932. 7 items, 1799, 1804, 1808-12, 1820-22, 1833, 1866, 1932.

DAUGHERTY BANK BOOK, MS. 1106 Bank book, 1871-1888, of John B. Daugherty of Dublin, Maryland. Book is of Cecil National Bank, and shows deposits and withdrawals, and addressees of checks. At back of volume are dimensions of lots of land, origins unknown. 1 vol., 1871-1888.

DAVIS, DAVID P., PAPERS, MS. 232 Unindexed papers of the Davis, Cox, Cruikshanks, and related families of Cecil County, Maryland. Legal diaries of Nathaniel Cox, 1883-1887. Farm diaries of David P. Davis, 1865-1882, and family accounts, 1863-1947. Personal diaries of Maria L. Davis, 1918-1941. Correspondence of various members of the above families. Numerous accounts and other materials relating to St. Stephen's Church and Chapel, N. Sassafras Parish. 13 vols., 1 box, 1794-1949.

DAVIS, JOHN LEDGER, MS. 1475 By John Davis of Cecil County: labor, taxes, sales of corn and wheat, and some cotton accounts for 1868; a detailed inventory of the estate of James Round of Worcester County, 1774; notes on British activity in Cecil County, 1777; a song dedicated to George Washington. 1 vol., 1750-1781, 1868.

DICKINSON PAPERS, MS. 184 Dickinson family records, tracing family history back to 14th century in Cheshire, England. Copies of land records from Talbot County Courthouse, 1684-1709. Two scrapbooks with death notices of the family and miscellaneous clippings, 1893-1918. 1 box, c. 1875-c. 1918.

DIXON, JOHN A., ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 296 Records of general store in Church Creek, Dorchester County, Maryland, kept by John A. H. Dixon. 2 vols., 1858-1873.

DONE NOTEBOOKS, MS. 306 Vol. 1 has notes by Josiah B. Done on his maternal (Leeds) family, dated Princeton, 1858. Autobiographical letter of Rachel Ann Kerr Done, Baltimore, August 26, 1887. Vol. 2 has questions on history of Maryland and on geography, written by Rachel A. K. Done to teach her children, dated at Olney, near Princess Anne, Maryland, March, 1864. 2 vols., 1858-1887.

DORCHESTER COUNTY COLLECTION, MS. 1753 Collection of Dorchester County plats and surveys, 1702-1821; deeds and mortgages, 1752-1847; copies of wills, 1697-1834; and bonds, 1743-1847. Most pertain to the Goldsborough and Kerr families. Miscellaneous essays on history and literature read by the donor's mother, Charlotte D. Maslin, at her book club and the Shoreland Club, 1914-28. 1 box, 1697-1847, 1914-28.

DORCHESTER COUNTY LOYALIST NOTES, MS. 308 Volume of Burnaby's Travels Through North America, c. 1775, annotated with miscellaneous notes, stories, etc., by an unknown Dorchester County loyalist, resident on the Choptank River, c. 1777. Include remarks on Virginia trade in the West Indies, plan to clear the Falls of the Potomac, the habits of the Baltimore oriole, bundling as a method of courtship, and Pennsylvania on the eve of the Revolution. Book lacks binding and some pages are missing. 1 vol., c. 1775-c. 1777.

DORCHESTER COUNTY SCRAPBOOK, MS. 948 Scrapbook of news clippings, pamphlets, and short historical notes about the affairs of Dorchester County, and the Dorchester County Chapter of the Woman's Eastern Shore Society of Maryland. Membership lists, notes and correspondence relating to the Dorchester Chapter of the Womans Eastern Shore Society, 1933-1944. 1 vol., 1933-1944.

DORSEY, RICHARD, PAPERS, MS. 1653 Business and personal papers of Richard Dorsey (1780-1850), Baltimore merchant: correspondence on tobacco, corn, fish and þour with Washington Hall of Rolandsville (probably Cecil County); Larkin Lawrence Jacob and Mary E. Lookerman of Easton, Maryland; Thomas Biddle and Company of Philadelphia; William B. Dorsey of Ellicotts Mills, Maryland; Thomas Hammond of Shepardstown, Virginia; Thomas Langsdale of Savage, Maryland; other businessmen and relatives, mostly in Howard County. Papers of Richard Dorsey, Jr. of Elkridge Landing in Howard County, 1802-15, mostly about the estates of Edward Gwinn (1805), Acksah Gwinn (1834), and William Dorsey (1802). 9 boxes, 1799-1848.


EARLE'S MARYLAND SHIPBUILDING COLLECTION, MS. 2306 Data collected by John Goldsborough Earle (b. 1901) on the construction of approximately four thousand vessels in Maryland, 1680-1910: place and date of construction; name of builder; dimensions. Photocopies only; permission for publication must be obtained from owner. Register available. 2 boxes, 1680-1910.

EASTERN SHORE ARCHITECTURAL SURVEY RECORDS, MS. 2133 Correspondence between the Maryland Historical Society, the Eastern Shore Society of Baltimore, and Perry, Shaw, and Hepburn, Kehow and Dean (architects of Boston) about data gathered on historical buildings on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 33 items, 1950-51.

EBERLEIN, HAROLD D., MANUSCRIPTS, MS. 245 Notes collected by Harold D. Eberlein for a projected book on historic Maryland houses. Included are extensive copies from the Galloway papers in the Library of Congress. Photographic material formerly in this collection now housed in the photograph files of the Maryland Historical Society. 1 box, 20th century (? c. 1942).

ECCLESTON COLLECTION, MS. 2014 Colonial land records of Dorchester County: William Bowsey, 1663; William Mishen, 1688; James Billings, 1732; William Murray, 1734; Henry Trippe, 1743; Peter Taylor, Jr. and Sr., 1733 and 1735; David Murray, ca. 1751-71; Joseph Andrews, ca. 1751-71. 9 items, 1663-ca. 1771.

ECCLESTON HEIRS ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 322 Volume of accounts kept by William Williams as guardian of the estates of the heirs of Samuel Eccleston (d. 1802), Kent County merchant. 1 vol., c. 1809-1830.

EMORY, FREDERICK, HISTORY OF QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, MS. 336 Two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings from articles in Centreville Observer, January, 1886-May, 1887, by Frederick Emory, on the history of Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Also miscellaneous clippings, c. 1877-1898 on early Maryland. 2 vols., 1877-1898.

ENNALLS AND WEBB PAPERS, MS. 1270 Deeds and other papers relating to the estates of the Ennalls and Webb families of Dorchester County, especially Captain Thomas Ennalls. Include eight plats of property in Dorchester County and 25 deeds, indentures and business letters of the same families. 35 items, 1744-1819.

ENNALLS, JOSEPH, LEDGER, MS. 937 Ledger of Joseph Ennalls of Dorchester County, dealing with the sale of dry goods, groceries and maritime supplies. At back of volume is inventory of property of Captain Joseph Ennalls, deceased, 1762. Material of Ennalls as co-owner with Ennalls Hooper of the sloop Betty, 18 tons register, 1738. Inventory of the estate of Colonel William Ennalls, deceased. 1 vol., c. 1729-1762.

EVANS PAPERS, MS. 1271 Correspondence and other papers of the Evans family of Cecil County (Amos A. Evans, John S. Evans, et al.). Includes inventories, lists of taxable property, and a MS. poem. 17 items, 1831-1907.


FISHER, SIDNEY GEORGE, PAPERS, MS. 1837 Diaries of Fisher (1807-71) of his life at Mount Harmon in Cecil County: comments on agriculture, slavery, the South, and his social life. Photocopy of originals at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The diaries have been published in Nicholas B. Wainwright, ed., A Philadelphia Perspective: The Diary of Sidney George Fisher Covering The Years 1834-1871 (Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1967) and W. Emerson Wilson, ed., Mount Harmon Diaries of Sidney George Fisher 18371850 (Wilmington: Historical Society of Delaware, 1976). 1 box, 1838-50.

FISHER TRANSCRIPTS, MS. 360 Transcripts of papers in the Treasury and Public Record Office, London, made by Richard D. Fisher, many of them relating to Maryland. Included are Writs of Assistance, 1772; Maryland loyalist papers, 1771-1790; notes on the Revolution; transcripts of papers bearing 'cockets' - a seal belonging to the King's Custom House; index to Maryland documents in the British Treasury, 1753-1783; The Perils of a Surveyor of Customs in Maryland, 1775, by Robert S. Byrne, Sassafras; Sir Robert Eden correspondence, 1769-1777; Stamp Act papers, 1764-1771; papers on the brigantine Good Intent, 1770; Anthony Stewart papers, from 1774; clippings on the burning of the Peggy Stewart, 1774; United States (1814-1816) and Maryland (1847-1851) revenue die stamps. 12 vols., c. 1755-1851. Available on microfilm (no. 434).

FITCH FAMILY ALBUM, MS. 1807 Volume called "The Young Lady's Remembrancer Album" compiled and kept by the Fitch family: newspaper clippings of religious and romantic poetry; printed pictures of religious figures and Bible stories, many with inscriptions written in French; records of first communion of Harriett Ann Fitch (1818), Eliza Catherine Fitch (1817), Mary Lucinda Fitch (1825), and George Gorham Andrew Fitch (1825), in Saint Patrick's Catholic Church of Baltimore; certificates of admission to the Apostleship of Prayer and the Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1873), the Confraternity of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary (181 1), and the Confraternity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1849); handwritten notes recording the removal of family remains from the Old Cathedral Cemetery to Bonnie Brea Cemetery, 1887; records of death dates of various animal pets; copies of brief letters. 1 vol., 1811-1903.

FORMAN, MARTHA OGLE, DIARIES, MS. 1779 Diaries of life at "Rose Hill" in Cecil County: weather; social engagements; purchases; the estate's slave community; and miscellaneous other aspects of plantation life. These diaries have been published in W. Emerson Wilson, ed., Plantation Life at Rose Hill: The Diaries of Martha Ogle Forman 1814-1845 (Wilmington: Historical Society of Delaware, 1976). Pedley, 581-82 6 boxes, 1814-54.

FRANCE, JOSEPH IRWIN, PAPERS, MS. 2329 Maryland state and United States Senator (1873-1939): printed speeches, 1913-35, on cost of living, Russian trade, agriculture, Allied war debt, economic policies of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt; remarks and extracts from speeches, 1921-22, on Russian relief and Allied war debt; resolutions introduced before congress, 1921, about world economic problems, Russia, and Allied war debt; campaign literature, 192236, from United States senatorial and presidential races; newspaper clippings about his political campaigns, ideas on Russian relief, farm in Cecil County, a tribute to Sen. William E. Borah; correspondence, 1935, with Neale Smith about holding company legislation and the 1936 Republican party platform. Pedley, 951 46 items, 1913-67.

FREE NEGRO PAPERS, MS. 1281 Collection of seven items, 1824-1849, includes permit from Orphan's Court for Negro to leave the state and return; order for appearance at Orphan's Court of three free Negroes and children as being without visible means of support. Indentures for Negro children to be trained as servant, farmer, etc. Material pertains to Cecil County, Maryland. 7 items, 1824-1849.

FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 375 Ledger with accounts of Maryland troops in the French and Indian War; contains separate alphabetical listings for companies commanded by Colonel John Dagworthy, Captains Alexander Beall, Joshua Beall, Francis Ware, and Richard Pearis. Lengthy entries under Dagworthy, relating to a hospital, and a 7, 12% deduction from the pay of both officers and men. The lists of names also include dates of service, amounts of pay due, and remarks on each soldier. 1 vol., 1762.

FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR RECORDS AND CLAIMS, MS. 375.1 French and Indian War records consist of four small volumes of muster and pay rolls of Captains John White, Peter Butler, Elias Delashmut, William Luckett, John Middaugh, Joseph Chapline, Jonathan Hager, Thomas Norris, Henry Casson, Peregrine Brown, Peter Bainbridge, Stephen Ransberger, Moses Chapline, Joshua Beall, Tobias Stansbury. Accounts for provisions and for quartering troops. Maryland soldiers' claims, with orders to pay soldiers for time served. 4 vols., 1756-1770.

FULTON, JEAN BOYD, DIARIES, MS-1157 Diary of Jean Boyd Fulton of Salisbury, Wicomico County, describing family life and local events with much material on Protestant church life and teaching. 4 vols., 1876-1881.


GALE, GEORGE, PAPERS, MS. 1282 Collection contains political correspondence of Colonel George Gale of Kent County. Correspondents include Thomas G. Pratt, George L.-L. Davis, William Pinkney Whyte, James A. Pearce, and others. Included are two letters to President Franklin Pierce, one from Joshua Vansant, February 12, 1854, the other from J. Watkins Ligon, February 13, 1854. 40 items, 1853-1876.

GEORGETOWN, KENT COUNTY, RESURVEY, MS. 382 Resurvey of Georgetown, Kent County, made in 1787 by William Humphreys, surveyor, in accordance with an Act of Assembly after the loss of the original. Contains courses of all lots in the town, names of streets, and measurements. Copy of act included. 1 vol., 1787.

GILLINGHAM PAPERS, MS. 1286 Small collection of land items collected by H. E. Gillingham. Include bond of Joseph Ratcliffe to John Dixon, 1774, 1778. Agreement of John Dougherty concerning the land of William M. Catrup [Catrop], 1779. Deposition of John and Elizabeth Liddle concerning Catrup's land, 1779. Deposition of Isaac and Levi Faulkner of Talbot County, 1782. These depositions mainly concern land actions between William Marsh Catrup, John Dougherty, Joseph Ratcliffe, and John Dixon. Collection also includes order from Samuel Wallis to David McMechen to pay Samuel and Thomas Hollingsworth fifty pounds, April 26, 1786. Receipt from the Hollingsworths to Daniel Bawley for sixty pounds received from him, July, 1786. 6 items, 1774-1786.

GILMOR PAPERS, MS. 387.1 Material collected by Robert Gilmor, Jr., includes contemporary copies of many acts of legislation, especially relating to the militia in Maryland, 1689-1773. Material on the part of Maryland in the French and Indian War, including reports to Governor Sharpe, letters from other colonial governors (Dinwiddie of Virginia, Andrew Hamilton), letters from William Johnson (vols. 1, 2). Petition of Annapolis Clergy, 1753-1768, and other items on the controversy on the morals of Rev. Bennet Allen (vol. 1). journal of James Gorrells on Wilkins Niagara Expedition, 1761-1763. Surveys, 1751-1766, on Maryland boundaries with Virginia and Pennsylvania. Survey of the Potomac River. Surveyors: William Parsons, William Shankland, John Emory, William Killen, Thomas Jones (vol. 2). Papers on the Harmony Club, Annapolis, 1748-1773, members including Governor Eden, John Hall, Daniel Dulany, Jr. (vol. 3). Papers on Committees of Correspondence, 1770-1783 (vols. 3-4), from counties in Maryland, and also from Virginia, Boston, etc., some signed by Charles Carroll of Carrollton. Reports from Congress in Philadelphia. Letters of Thomas Johnson, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, John Hanson, General Greene, orders and papers concerning the Maryland Line. Constitution of the Independent Militia Company and lists of officers. Letters from and concerning Patrick Henry. Letters from John Adams. Pay orders of the British Army in Nova Scotia (vol. 3). Folio with colonial newspapers, printed reports of legal cases, deed to Fox Hall, Dorchester County, 1734, etc. 4 vols. and 1 folio, 1689-1845.

GILMOR, ROBERT, JR., PAPERS, MS. 387 Four bound letterbooks of Robert Gilmor, Jr., from France, Holland, Italy and Germany to his brother (?) in America, 1800-1801. Album of witticisms, 1828. Printed memoir of Robert Gilmor, Sr., annotated by Robert, Jr., c. 1840. Family memoranda booklet, 1813, with notes on Robert, Jr.'s friends and relatives, personal and business items. journal of travels in Europe (2 vols., 1829-1830) by Robert Gilmor (1808-1875), nephew of Robert Gilmor, Sr. Diary of Robert, Jr., 1826-1827. Extracts from the family Bible, made by William Gilmor (n.d.). Memo and private account of Robert, Jr., beginning in 1827. Printed catalogue of autographs in the possession of Robert Gilmor, Jr. (may be the MSS. in item 644), n.d. Undated typescript of a letter giving the itinerary of Robert, Jr., in Europe, 1825, and family history. 13 vols., 1774-1848.

GINN-SHELDON ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 389 Ledger of store at Middletown, Delaware, kept by John Ginn, mainly showing sale of cloth, staple foods, etc., 1825-1851. Later accounts in the same volume are those of William T. Sheldon at Cecilton, Maryland, with sums received and spent. Newspaper clippings from Cecil Democrat include list of voters for 1870 and miscellaneous advertisements. 1 vol., 1825-1851, 1865-1869, 1870.

GLASS NOTEBOOKS, MS. 392 Transcripts, maps, clippings, and MS. notes on a wide variety of subjects relating to Maryland history, up to 1650, and from 1900, including Indians, churches, estates, accounts, wills. Copy of records of St. Martin's Church of Worcester Parish, 1722-1833. Material compiled by David W. Glass, Sr. 15 vols., 20th century.

GOLDSBOROUGH AND HENRY RECORD BOOK, MS. 397 Record of cases handled by the law firm of B. J. Goldsborough and D. M. Henry during 1856. Over some of the pages printed lists of the registered voters of Dorchester County for the year 1882 have been pasted. 1 vol., 1856 (1882).


HAMMOND HARWOOD HOUSE COLLECTION, MS. 1303.1 Papers compiled by Mrs. Miles White, Jr.: a list of Maryland churches owning antique silver; a list of silver pieces in several Maryland churches; a short history of Somerset Parish; a history of a silver service presented to Somerset Parish in 1712; a resolution on the death of W. T. Thalin from officials of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1894. Pedley, 714 5 items, 1894.

HANDY ACCOUNT BOOKS, MS. 1027 Vol. 1, Colonel George Handy's account book as Treasurer of Washington Academy, from 1784. Vols. 2-3, ledgers of George Handy, Jr. as Clerk of Somerset County, Maryland, with fees for various services. 3 vols., 1784-1826.

HARDING, WALTER E., RECORD BOOK, MS. 2297 Income and expenses of Walter E. Harding, his mother, Amelia Harding, and brother, Philip: accounts with the Eastern Shore Railroad Company which rented the family home in Elkton, Maryland; Walter and Philip's board in their Baltimore home; tobacco and newspaper subscriptions; labor; household furnishings; repairs; maintenance; fuel; groceries; clothing; books; travel; entertainment. 1 vol., 1836-40.

HAVRE DE GRACE LICENSE AND ENROLLMENT RECORDS, MS. 1898 Licenses and enrollments for ships engaged in coastal trade for the district of Havre de Grace, Maryland. Lists names of schooners, sloops, and owners. 1 vol., 1813-17.

HARRISON COLLECTION, MS. 432 Notes and drafts of articles by Dr. Samuel A. Harrison on Talbot County history, many published in Talbot County newspapers; include 58 MS. vols. of the Annals of Talbot County, interspersed with news articles. The War of the Rebellion in Talbot County, MS. volume. 7 vols. of scrapbooks of clippings of Dr. Harrison's articles, c. 1880-1890. Miscellaneous notes and letters of Dr. Harrison, c. 1880s (1 box), and letterbook, 1870-1660. MO for lectures given at various clubs, etc., on Talbot County history and schools, 1866-1886. MSS. of various articles which appeared in newspapers, and of others not known to be published-subjects include the Lloyds of Wye House, St. Paul's Parish. 66 vols. and 7 boxes, 1790-1890.

HARRISON JOURNAL, MS. 432.1 journal kept by Dr. Samuel A. Harrison of events in Talbot County, Maryland, during the Civil War. Full daily entries with newspaper clippings attached, showing reactions of the community and items of interest. 1 vol., 1861-1865.

HEMSLEY-THOMAS PAPERS, MS. 1311 Deeds and indentures, 1659-1837, relating to various properties in Talbot County, Maryland. Among the principals concerned is William Hemsley, þ. c. 1674. Letters to Governor Philip F. Thomas, regarding appointments of midshipmen, military affairs, railroad passes, the operation of the Baltimore Customs House, and the Old Defenders of 1814. (Letters to Thomas cover 1847-1891.) 150 items, 1659-1837, 1847-1891.

HENRY, JOHN, SURVEY OF Worcester COUNTY, MARYLAND, MS. 1111 Survey field book of John Henry, Deputy Surveyor of Worcester County, Maryland, 1742-1755. Reports of surveys in Worcester and Somerset Counties. Hand-drawn maps of the areas surveyed. Collection has index. 1 Vol., 1742-1755.

HEPBRON FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 2410 Letters from Sewell Hepbron and his wife Martha P. Hepbron, farmers in Madisonville, Ralls County, Missouri who had emigrated from Maryland, to Thomas Sewall and Mary A. E. Hepbron in Kent County, Maryland: farming in Missouri, especially prices for wheat, oats, corn, and hemp; slavery; cholera outbreaks; death of children; and the California gold rush in 1850. Register available. 31 items, 1837-53.

HERRMAN, AUGUSTINE, NOTEBOOKS, MS. 437 Eight notebooks of data on the life of Augustine Herrman of Bohemia Manor, collected and arranged by Paul G. Burton. Some notes on the Herrman family are also included. 8 vols., c. mid 20th century.

HICKS FAMILY GENEALOGICAL PAPERS, MS. 1154 Genealogical collection compiled by Admiral Thomas Holliday Hicks in the 1930s includes manuscript, typed, and photostat material-land grants, wills, deeds, etc., and correspondence with relatives and research workers. Photostat chart of the Hicks family of the Eastern Shore and miscellaneous printed material. Material relating to Governor Thomas Holliday Hicks, grandfather of Admiral Hicks. Ten letters of Dr. Mary A. Waters to Admiral Hicks, 1933-1934. Envelope of items on the Dorchester County Agricultural Society. 3 boxes, 1659-c. 1934.

HICKS PAPERS, MS. 1313 Letters to Governor Thomas Holliday Hicks concerning the disturbed state of affairs during the first months of the Civil War and the effort to keep Maryland loyal to the Union, 1860-1862. Correspondents include George W. Childs, Thomas J. Davis, John F. Dent, S. Guiteau, Anthony Kimmel, J. M. Lucas, W. R. Mortimer, William C. Payne, William Louis Schley, B. Everett Smith, E. W. Hickney, Edward L. Thomas, George Vickers, and James C. Welling. Of particular interest is a letter from Hicks to President Lincoln, May 26, 1862, concerning the preservation of the Union. Included in the collection are notes by Anna Ella Carroll on the letters received by Hicks from 1860-1864. 23 items, 1860-1864.

HICKS, THOMAS H., PAPERS, MS. 2104 Papers from the Maryland governor (1798-1865) in the early months of the Civil War to Governor Magoffin of Kentucky, Governor Burton of Delaware, J. J. Crittenden, Winfield Scott, Secretary of State William H. Seward, and President Abraham Lincoln and others: secessionist activities in the South and Maryland and the raising of troops and supplies for Maryland; an attempt to kill Lincoln as his train passed the Back River Bridge, 1861; severing of communications between the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Western Shore of Virginia; an anonymous letter to Hicks urging him to support the South, ca. 1861; printed form letter from Gov. A. W. Bradford to James A. Waddell about the formation of a committee for recruiting in Dorchester County, 1862; letter from Hicks to Waddell about efforts to displace Waddell's son as collector of customs in Vienna, Maryland, 1865. Pedley, 486, 765-66 19 items, 1860-65.

HOLLINGSWORTH PAPERS, MS. 1849 Family letters of the Hollingsworth family of Baltimore and Elkton, Maryland. Correspondents: Lydia E. Hollingsworth (d. 1865) and her sister Ann Maria of Nancy (d. 1847), daughters of Thomas and Ann Hollingsworth of Baltimore, to their cousin Ruth Tobin (d. 1818) and their aunt Mrs. Ruth Hollingsworth (1745-1817) of Elkton; Deborah Cochran (ca. 1770-1821), sister of Ruth and Ann Hollingsworth; after 1818 mostly addressed to Ruth Tobin's sister Rachel or to her niece, Sarah Elizabeth Moody, of Wilmington, Delaware, and Kent County; Samuel Hollingsworth, brother of Thomas and husband of another Adams sister; Levi Hollingsworth; William Cochran; Eliza Ruth Hollingsworth; Sally C. Gibson; Sarah Tobin Moody, sister of Ruth and Rachel Tobin; George Adams; P. 0. Porter. Subjects: news of family and friends, marriages, illnesses, and deaths; mentions of the Ridgelys, Chestons, and Merrymans; family business matters such as the distribution of bank stock dividends to the estate of Ruth Tobin; references to Baltimore social doings and personalities, such as Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, Dr. James Kemp, and the building of a new Saint Paul's Church, 1814 and 1817; accounts of functions honoring Oliver Hazard Perry and the civilian side of the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812; five letters in 1827-28 from William Cochran describe his travels in the United States and Great Britain; description of the destruction of the Hollingsworth-John B. Morris home on South Street, Baltimore, by a mob in August 1835. Transcripts only; location of originals unknown. Pedley, 362, 782-83 113 items, 1802-37.

HOLLINGSWORTH LAND PAPERS, MS. 1605 Collection of indentures and grants relating to the holdings of the Hollingsworth family of Cecil County, Maryland, especially Friendship and Clair Mont in Cecil County. 10 items, 1741-1840.

HOLLINGSWORTH PAPERS, MS. 452 Administration accounts of the estate of Levi Hollingsworth, 1822-1838, with inventories, including copper mill equipment (1 vol.). Account book (unidentified), 1823. Miscellaneous personal and financial papers, letters, etc., of Zebulon, Mrs. Jean, Colonel Henry, and Levi Hollingsworth. Fragments of several MS. maps of Cecil County roads and land. Miscellaneous land papers, commissions, etc., include Nathan Dorseys medical diploma from Medical College of Philadelphia, 1787, and commissions to posts in Pennsylvania. Brief naval diary of John Dorsey, 1804. 2 boxes, 1732-1891.

HOLLYDAY ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 454.1 Ledger kept by Colonel James Hollyday (1722-1786), of Readbourne, Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Concerns transactions in wheat and tobacco, purchases of slaves, dealings with and payments to carpenters, physicians, sheriffs, and tailors. Accounts include those of William Anderson and John Hanbury & Company (London), Speirs & French (Glasgow), James & Drinker, and Willing & Taylor (Philadelphia). 1 vol., 1746-1784.

HOLLYDAY DEEDS AND PLAT, MS. 831 Grant to Seth Forster of Choptanke Island by Cecil, Lord Baltimore, 1659. Grant by Cecil, Lord Baltimore, to John Morgan, 1661, badly damaged. Patent for 50 acres called Winton's Addition from Charles Calvert to Nathaniel E [ .. ], 1667. Declaration by Charles, Lord Baltimore, concerning Peregrine Frisby's title to land in Cecil County, 1746 ( ? relates to Baltimore Fields Resurvey). Indenture between Mabell Hall of Liverpool, England, legatee of Lawrence Knowles of Talbot County, and James Knowles of Queen Anne's County on the one part, and on the other part Matthew Tilghman of Talbot County. Petition to the justices of the Provincial Court by Matthew Tilghman and J. Nichols against Risdon Boyman concerning Sherwoods Neck, with plat, n.d. Collection named for donors, Misses Clara G. and Elizabeth T. Hollyday. 6 items, 1659-1759, and n.d.

HOLLYDAY, HENRY, ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 454 Account book of Henry Hollyday of Ratcliffe Manor, Talbot County, from 1745-1790, with accounts with merchants in London, merchants and planters in Chestertown and the nearby countryside. Names mentioned include William Anderson and John Hanbury & Company (London), Sarah Croft, Catherine Fleming, Matthias Cole, William Hughes, William Nichols, Thomas Ringgold. 1 vol., 1745-1790.

HOLLYDAY, HENRY, PAPERS, MS. 1316 Correspondence of the Hollyday family of Ratcliffe Manor and Readbourne on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Henry Hollyday, 1725-1789, and others). Correspondence mainly relates to family genealogy and to genealogical material compiled by various family members, much undated. Included is a family chart by Thomas Worthington Hollyday, poems, other family trees. Epistle of William, Lord Russell, to William, Lord Cavendish, July 20, 1683, in Newgate Prison. Letters of Tench Tilghman and Anna Maria Ringgold. 23 items, 1683-1925. Available on microfilm (no. 505).

HOLLYDAY PAPERS, MS. 453 Letters and papers of the Hollyday family (James Hollyday, 1695-1747, et al.), and the Ward, Carvill, and Denwood families. MS. poem, The Engagement of Long Island by John Horn, concerns the battle of 27 August, 1776 (probably contemporary). 1 box and 1 item, 1715-1891.

HOLLYDAY PAPERS, MS. 1317 Correspondence of the Hollyday family of Ratcliffe Manor and Readbourne on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on family, business, legal and land matters. Includes letters of William & James Anderson, London merchants, on the tobacco trade and other topics, 1748-1774. Henry Hollyday, I (1725-1789) to his brother, James, on smallpox inoculations, 1777, salt making, 1779, Continental Currency, 1780, and the British in the Chesapeake Bay, 1780-1781. Papers of Peter Collinson, 1751-1754, 1764; Richard Lloyd and Thomas Ringgold on the French and Indian Wars, 1754-1755. Correspondence of Sarah Anderson, Henrietta Maria Goldsborough, Mrs. Margaret Carroll (inventory of property, 1817), and Henry Hollyday, III (1798-1865). Tabulation of duties levied on the Eastern Shore for the importation of Negroes, Irish servants, liquor, and exportation of tobacco, tar, pork, 1727-1745. c. 600 items, 1677-1905.

HOLLYDAY PAPERS, MS. 1508 Group of family papers consisting of wills, deeds, letters and miscellaneous items, 1711-19th century (and a few 20th century items). Many letters are genealogical in content, and there are genealogical notes on the Greenfield, Waring, Wilkinson, Beall, Wallis, Covington, Hollyday, Gantt, and Hall families. Wilkinson family items include a diary of G. D. Wilkinson relating events during the Civil War, June and July, 1861, also his military pass (oath of parole), July, 1865. Land surveys of Waring and Covington properties, 18th century. Revolutionary War letter of Captain Basil Waring to his uncle, December 25, 1782, describing the death of Captain William Wilmot on James Island, South Carolina. Clement Hollyday marriage license, 1816. 88 items, 1711-1934. Selections available on microfilm (no. 505).

HOPPER, CHARLES C., PAPERS, MS. 461 Recollections and historical studies (mainly typescript and apparently unpublished), by Charles C. Hopper, concerning many aspects of life in Maryland in the period immediately following the Civil War. Topics include the islands in the Chesapeake Bay, blacksmithing, funerals, Eastern Shore politics. c. 200 items, 1920-1940.

HOSKINS, CHEYNEY, PAPERS, MS. 1761 Account book, 1847-84, by Cheyney Hoskins (1805-87) containing journal entries, 1847-84, about the sale of fertilizers (including poudrette, one of the first commercial fertilizers); journal entries, 1849-65, relating to Hoskins's activities in Harford County, including farming (with notes on what he sowed and when), notes on the weather, whom he employed, and supervision of road repairs in the county; ledger, 1865-87, showing sales of farm products (such as butter, eggs, bacon, cattle, and sheep), wages paid for labor, and bridge and road repairs; copies of a rental agreement and of four letters, three of them about road obstructions in 1854 from Hoskins as a supervisor of the Bel Air District, Harford County. Ledger, 1847-74, of Cheyney Hoskins, containing an account with the Marine Bank of Baltimore, 1847-51; an account generated by Hoskins's activity as a provost marshal of Harford County, 1862; reports of the condition of several Harford County schoolhouses in 1865 and Hoskins's accounts as a school commissioner, 1865-66; notes of the weather and on gardening; some miscellaneous accounts, 1870-74, including those with employees and stores, of farm products sold, and a list of levies in Harford County for bridge and road repairs and of the supervisors appointed to oversee various sections of the road, 1854. Other items: Hoskins's appointment as a Harford County road supervisor for 1872-73; letters from relatives, 1884-87, including some from cousins Mary G. Downing of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Hannah Rebecca Hoopes, a librarian in Bloomington, Illinois; a typescript of the constitution of the Fallston Farmers Club in Harford County. 1 box, 1847-87.



JESTER, JOHN R., ACCOUNT BOOKS, MS. 495 Vol. 1, records of births in Registration District No. 118, kept by John R. jester of Church Creek, Dorchester County, as justice of the Peace, 19141919. Two volumes of accounts relating to jester's work as a blacksmith and wheelwright, 1904-1914, 1917-1921. Show work done (miscellaneous repairs, farm work, including threshing, shoeing of horses, repair of bicycles); detailed record of personal expenses, including food, church collection, etc.; expenses connected with the business (supplies of tractor oil, etc.); record of sale of eggs, 1918; a few entries for work performed, 1927. Second volume has entries on cases before jester as justice, 1903-1911. 3 vols., 1903-1921 (1927).

JOHNS FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 1838 Correspondence of the Johns family of Maryland and Delaware: letters to Kensey Johns 11 (1721-63) related to business affairs such as ship repairs, costs for shipping various cargoes, and land sales, 1748; letters from Kensey Johns III (1759-1848) and his wife Ann (d. 1836) to their son John (1796-1876) and his wife Juliana referring to family health, travels, and church affairs; development of factories in Newcastle, Delaware, 1835; memorandum of the announcement of the death of Kensey Johns III published in the Philadelphia North American, 1848. Pedley, 1174 1 box, 1748, 1830-61.

JONES COLLECTION OF DORCHESTER COUNTY LAND PAPERS, MS. 1744 Miscellaneous Dorchester County land papers and a few wills of the following families: Kelley, Jones, Hooper, Woolford, McNamara, Eaton, Mister, and Fallin. 1 box, 1721-1891.

JONES-HOLLYDAY PAPERS, MS. 1717 Family letters of the Jones and Hollyday families of Queen Anne's County: advice on planting; purchases of clothing; social invitations; weather conditions; health; tobacco. Principal family members include James Hollyday (þ. 1749-74) and Anna Maria Chew Hollyday Jones (þ. 1804-18). Pedley, 784-91 8 items, 1749-1819.

JONES HERD BOOK, MS. 1062 Record book of the dairy herd of T. Milton Jones, Venmeer Farm, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Shows sales, pedigrees, etc. Diagrams of markings of particular animals. Miscellaneous photographs, and correspondence with the Breeders Association, 1921. 1 vol., 1921.

JONES PAPERS, MS. 501 A miscellaneous collection of 18th and 19th century material. Includes copy of petition, 1753, from Frederick, Lord Baltimore, to the King on the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. Large collection of deeds, patents, surveys and grants of land, copies of wills, etc., mainly relating to property in Worcester and Somerset Counties, and mainly pertaining to Isaac Jones. Series of letters from various War Department secretaries concerning pensions to be paid to John Jones and Levin Willin. Printed narrative of the United States expedition to "the Corea" (Korea), 1871, reprinted from the Shanghai Evening Courier. 1 box, 1729-1871.

JUVENILE POLEMICAL SOCIETY RECORDS, MS. 1660 Constitution, by-laws, and minutes of this debating club probably located in Easton, Talbot County or Cambridge, Dorchester County. Founding members included John B. Blake, Thomas G. Noyes, John A. Adams, Cornelius McLean, James M. Cutts, Robert G. Kerr, James K. Parsons, and Benjamin Ringgold. 1 vol., 1820-22.


KEATING FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 1718 Family correspondence of the Keating family of Centreville, Queen Anne's County: Elizabeth L. Keating to her children; letters from Mollie Goodwin describing Annapolis social activities, 1880-88; Augustus and Margaret McCabe, 1860-76, and P. G. Hooper, 1855-70, with allusions to the Civil War in Maryland. 1 box, 1855-96.

KEMP FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 2335 Shipyard account books of Thomas Kemp (1779-1824) of Fells Point, 1804-15, relating to ship construction; account records of the Wades Point farm (Talbot County) of Thomas Kemp, 1816-23, and John W. Kemp, 1833, with references to labor, provisions, supplies, and personal expenses; diary of John W. Kemp, 1841-46, on weather and farm activities and yearly summary of activities for 1855-57; waste books, journals, and ledgers of an unknown Dublin merchant. Microfilm only; permission for publication must be obtained from owner. 4 reels (nos. 470-72, 504), 1803-57.

KENNARD DAYBOOK, MS. 506 Daybook of Alexander Kennard, merchant of Chestertown, showing sales of dry goods and staple foods. 1 vol., 1785-1786.

KENT COUNTY COURT RECORDS, MS. 411 Photostat negative copies of Liber A, Liber B, and Liber C, Kent County Court, each with index. Longhand copy of Liber B. Dates of copies unknown. 1 box, 1655-1676.

KENT COUNTY FARMERS' ALLIANCE RECORD BOOKS, MS. 509 Records of the Kent County, Maryland, branch of the Farmers' Alliance. Vol. I has minutes and miscellaneous papers. Vol. 2 has financial accounts of the different local alliances (Chestertown, Eastern Neck, Edesville, Lankford, Locust Grove, Lynch's, and Still Pond). 2 vols., 1890-1892.

KENT COUNTY SCHOOL RECORDS, MS. 1708 Register of attendance and grades for Kent County School No. 3, January 1880-April 1882, for the fourth and fifth grades; notices of the Teachers Association of Kent County; essays on teaching, 1884; deeds and plats of land for the county schoolhouses, many originally owned by the Frisby family. 22 items, 1855-84.

KENT COUNTY TAX LIST, MS. 508 Accounts, apparently kept by Rasin Gale (sheriff) of county and town taxes in Kent County, Maryland. 1 vol., 1807.


LAND PAPERS, MS. 1342 Miscellaneous collection of land grants, etc., mainly relating to Maryland, 1658-1915. Lots concerned are in Baltimore, Calvert, Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Talbot, Somerset, Harford, Queen Anne's, Frederick, Worcester, Cecil Counties; Baltimore City; Virginia; one grant of land in Illinois Territory, 1805. Deed of Thomas Bladen to Daniel Dulany, 1746, Annapolis. [John] Abell, 1767, from Frederick, Lord Baltimore. 101 items) 1658-1915.

LARWOOD PAPERS, MS. 1344 Letters, 1745-1755, of John Larwood of Queen Anne's County concerning his claim to the estate of John Larwood of Amsterdam (d. c. 1745), and later papers on the similar attempt to claim made by his son, John, 1790-1791. 11 items, 1745-1755, 1790-1791.

LLOYD PAPERS, MS. 2001 Farm journals, 18th and 19th centuries; land papers, late 17th and 18th, and some 19th century; personal and business correspondence, 18th and 19th centuries, of the Lloyd family of Wye House, Talbot County. Particularly concern Edward Lloyd, III (1711-1770); Edward Lloyd, IV (1744-1796); Edward Lloyd, V (1779-1834), Governor of Maryland; Edward Lloyd, VI (1798-1861); Edward Lloyd, VII (1825-1907). Some material, but indirect, concerning Edward Lloyd, H (1670-1718), and Philemon Lloyd (16461685). Farm journals show crops planted and harvested, livestock, race horses, slaves, etc., particularly in farms in Talbot County. Land papers contemporary copies of deeds, certificates, patents, transfers, etc. Original deeds and patents; plats. Mainly concern tracts in Talbot, Queen Anne's and Kent Counties. Personal correspondence-family letters, especially 19th century. Business correspondence, 18th and 19th centuries. Some genealogical material on the Lloyd family. Papers, 10 feet; unbound and bound ledgers, 19 boxes, 1660-1890.

LONG FAMILY COLLECTION, MS. 1643 Fifteen bills of sale, including bills of sale for the schooners Commerce and Hope. Letter from Hester Redden to David Long, 1830, concerning slaves. 14 miscellaneous items-deeds, bonds, awards, certificates, etc., all concerning the Long family and primarily David Long. 32 deeds and copies of deeds involving land in Worcester County (Cowley, New Town, and Piney Point) and Somerset County (Puncheon Landing), David Long again being the main person concerned. 62 items, 1782-1855.

LOUD-GOLDSBOROUGH PAPERS, MS. 1513 Papers of the Loud and Goldsborough families of Talbot

LOWE-ENSEY PAPERS, MS. 2221 Family of Talbot County and Baltimore: documents pertaining to John Lowe and his wife Mary, 1845-52; a library card, 1839; stock certificate, 1891; confirmation certificates, 1844-46; a few letters regarding Lowe family property and the running of the Lowe family home; will of Lot Ensey, 1704; marriage, confirmation, and insurance certificates pertaining to Loulie Seth Lowe and her husband, Lot Ensey, 1879-89; two deeds, 1849-51; a history of "Mary's Delight," Talbot County, by Mary Grace Ensey; a few letters to John Lowe and Mary Grace Ensey about family history and property, 1909-24; newspaper clippings regarding "Mary's Delight" and Lowe-Ensey family members, especially James M. Seth, Joseph B. Seth, George W. Fahnsestock. Pedley, 985 50 items, 1823-1924.

LOWE FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 1949 Autobiography of Mrs. Enoch Louis Lowe (Esther Winder Polk) written in 1913: recollection of her childhood in Princess Anne, Maryland; comments on the effects of isolation on the people of the Eastern Shore, transportation, entertainment, the fear of slave revolts, life in Frederick County with the Vincendiere family, anti-Protestant feelings, life in Annapolis from 1851 to 1854, the immigration of the Vincendiere family from Santo Domingo to the United States, the flight south during the Civil War, refugee life in Virginia and Georgia, family life during the Civil War, changes on the Eastern Shore during the Civil War. Other papers: miscellaneous wills and deeds of the Lowe family; genealogical records of the Lowe, Magruder, and Polk families; biographical sketch of Enoch Louis Lowe (1820-92). 27 items, 1692-1970.

LOWE-SETH PAPERS, MS. 1567 Business papers of various members of the Lowe, Seth, and Ensey families, consisting of indentures, deeds, inventories of household goods, etc. c. 75 items, 1709-1909.


MCLANE-FISHER FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 2403 Correspondence and financial and legal papers of the McLane and Fisher families of Bohemia in Cecil County and Baltimore. Mostly McLane family materials: Louis McLane and his wife Catherine, Louis McLane, Jr. and his wife Sophie and their family. These papers document the political career of Louis McLane and the naval and financial careers of Louis McLane, Jr. Papers of the Fisher family related to the McLanes by marriage consist of family correspondence of D. K. Este, 1800-30, and D. K. Este Fisher, 1875-1906, especially his genealogical research. Register available. Pedley, 779 15 boxes, 1800-1906.

MCKIM, THOMAS, COMMONPLACE BOOK, MS. 2278.1 Record of Delaware merchant (d. 1784): navigational, astronomical, and trigonometric problems and solutions; tabulated course of the vessel Mary Galley to Cape Clear, Ireland from Cape Henlopen, Delaware and back; accounts for goods and voyages; carpentry and household instructions; religious sentiments; account practices. 1 vol., 1732.

MARINE, FLETCHER E., COLLECTION, MS. 1016.2 Account books of Fletcher E. Marine (1821-1889), concern his store and freighting business. Daily record of purchases and sales, commissions as merchant for tobacco, snuff, fish, and other commodities. Commissions on freighting business. Names of debtors. Ledger, 1852-1853, has list of balances before moving from Dorchester County to Baltimore in 1854. Fletcher Marine accounts date from 1852-1873. Also included in the collection are account of James H. Marine for 1873-1876 (possibly working for his father, Fletcher). Accounts of W. G. Marine concerned with running the Maryland Independent, 1867-1883. 3 boxes, 1852-1883.

MARYLAND MARITIME COLLECTION, MS. 1931 Miscellaneous papers of a number of vessels, shipping companies, and maritime agencies: cargo manifests and bills of lading; customs records on imports and exports, tonnage, seizures of ships and goods, and health certificates for crews and passengers; stock certificates for shipping companies; ships' passes and registrations, including one from Secretary of State James Monroe, 1812; papers relating to insurance, sales, and repairs; journals and logbooks for a privateer in the War of 1812 and a United States naval vessel during the Spanish-American War; several articles on ships, shipbuilding and sailing; articles on the Ark and the Dove Society and its gift to the Maryland Historical Society; bills and advertisements including a list of vessel arrivals in Maryland, 1634-79. Register available. 1 box, 1633-1965.

MARYLAND FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH COLLECTION, MS. 2269 Family history research papers written by undergraduate students of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Towson State University; additions will be made to this collection as future family history courses are offered. Register available. 49 items, 1976-77.

MARYLAND FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH PAPERS, MS. 2372 Family history research papers written by students of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Photocopies only; permission for publication must be obtained from owners. 9 items, 1977.

MARYLAND FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH PAPERS, MS. 2443 Family history research papers prepared for a course at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. Families include Drohan, Jackson, Kulacki, Lewis, Weaver, and Yoncha families. Researchers may not cite proper names or directly quote. 7 items, 1978.

MARYLAND FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH PAPERS, MS. 2443.1 Family history research papers prepared for a course at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. Families include Collins, Cox, Holland, Horwath, Keith, Meickle, and Omer. Researchers may not cite proper names or directly quote. 7 items, 1979.

MARYLAND LEVY, LAND, AND COURT RECORDS, MS. 1117 Levy lists and papers of Baltimore County, 1777, 1781; Charles County, 1793; Dorchester County, 1782-1786 (returns 1781 and 1790); Frederick County, 1782, 1785, 1787; Harford County, 1781; Montgomery County, 1782, 1787-1788, 1790-1792; Prince George's County, 1798, 1820; Queen Anne's County, 1813, 1816-1819, 1823; St. Mary's County, 1771, 1782, 1825; Somerset County, 1781-1788, 1790-1791, 1815-1816, 1820, 1822-1823, 1827; Washington County, 1781-1788, 1790-1701, 1809, 1814-1817. Land records include abstracts of deeds (various counties), 1785-1788; list of leases in the hands of Colonel Edward Lloyd, Queen Anne's Manor, 1713-1765; certificates to land (various counties), 1782-1852, and miscellaneous land papers, 18th century; list of Maryland land certificates, 1769; deed by Charles Bevin to Alexander Chappell for Smith's Delight, Calvert County, 1688; patent of Alexander Whitaker for addition to Coles Purchase, Frederick County, 1788; Basil Dorsey's patent to resurvey of Hobsones Choice, 1753; copy of Dulany deed, Baltimore County, 1776; confirmation of sale of confiscated property from the Esau Fishwicke estate to Dr. James Murray, 1789; list of lands devised by last will and testament, 1733-1734, in Anne Arundel, Calvert, St. Mary's, Kent, Charles, Talbot, Baltimore, Somerset, Cecil, Dorchester, Queen Anne's, and Prince George's Counties; land papers dealing mainly with estates and administration. Court records, miscellaneous accounts, and other material include rough drafts of letters between Governors of Maryland and Virginia on the boundary survey of 1833. Account of Thomas Russell, North East Forge, October, 1764-October, 1782. Prerogative Court and miscellaneous land papers, Maryland, 1683-1807. Naval Officers' Audits, 1755-1760. Account of money paid to Maryland militia officers in service of the U. S., 1776. Retailers' and tavern licenses granted in Baltimore Town and County, 1789, 1790. List of seals and taxes, 1798. Summary list of military supplies, St. Marys and Washington Counties, 1783. List of fines and forfeitures, Washington County, 1790, 1814-1815. Tax list, Patapsco Lower Hundred, 1783. Miscellaneous printed and manuscript material. 2 boxes, c. 1683-c. 1852.

MARYLAND LINE RECORD BOOK, MS. 124 Pay list of the Maryland Line at its discharge in 1783, with names and ranks, when commissioned, reasons for leaving the service, time of service, amount of pay, money received, and balance due. 1 vol., 1783.

MARYLAND MISCELLANEA, MS. 1134 Miscellaneous collection of Maryland material consisting of a tax list, Talbot County, 1782; William Harwood resignation, 1778; assessors returns for first, second, and third districts of Calvert County, 1783; an account book (unidentified), 1762-1763, which lists sales, monies lent, receipts, deliveries of tools and Ironware, sales of iron and rental paid to the Elk Ridge Company. 8 items, 1762-1783.

MARYLAND NAVAL OFFICE SHIPPING RATES, MS. 2331 Volume of entrances and clearances recorded, 1689-1701, in the districts of Annapolis, Patuxent, Pocomoke, and Williamstadt (Oxford) with the names of the vessel, the master, the owners, when and where built and registered, type and rig, tonnage, number of guns and size of crew, home port, destination, cargo; entrances and clearances of Patuxent district, 1754, and Annapolis district, 1754-64, with the same information. Microfilm only; originals at Public Record Office in London. Pedley, 32, 105, 133, 1197, 1667 1 reel (no. 757), 1689-1701, 1754-64.

MARYLAND PORTS OF ENTRY RECORDS, MS. 2355 Entrances and clearances of vessels at the ports of Annapolis (1748-75), North Potomac (1751-57), Oxford (1742-73), Pocomoke (1751-57), Chester (1771-72), Patuxent (1745-57): names of vessels; date; rig and build; tonnage; guns and men; names of the owner and master; location of construction and registrations ports of departure and destination; cargo. Microfilm only; composite of originals at the Maryland Historical Society (MS. 21, 638, 670) and the Maryland Hall of Records. 1 reel (no. 1460), 1745-75.

MARYLAND TAX LISTS, MS. 807 Large collection of tax records for Maryland and Washington, D. C., 1798-1799. General and particular assessments of dwellings, land, slaves, taxes, in 1798, Baltimore City, 8 vols. Baltimore County, 6 vols. Baltimore County land sold for taxes, 1805, with Baltimore City uncollected taxes, 1801. Anne Arundel County hundreds, 1 vol. Caroline County hundreds, 3 vols. Charles County hundreds, 2 vols. District of Columbia, 1 vol. Harford County hundreds, 4 vols. Prince George's County hundreds, 2 vols. Queen Anne's County hundreds, 3 vols. Somerset County hundreds, 3 vols. St. Mary's County hundreds, 4 vols. Talbot County hundreds, 3 vols. c. 632 shelf feet, 1798-1805. Available on microfilm (nos. 603-612).

MATTAPANY-SEWALL PAPERS, MS. 578 Miscellaneous papers of the Sewall family of Maryland include patents, deeds, wills and land grants, especially relating to Mattapany, St. Mary's County, Sewalls Manor, Cecil County, Maryland. One grant from Charles, Fifth Lord Baltimore, to Nicholas Sewall, 1746, retains its original seal. 32 items, 1650-1840.

MILITARY COLLECTION, MS. 1146 Muster rolls, accounts, payrolls, and pensions related to the military activities of Maryland during the American Revolution: numerous materials in the claims and compensations to ex-Maryland soldiers in the 1780s and 1790s; oaths of fidelity for Anne Arundel, Cecil, Montgomery, Saint Mary's, and Worcester Counties, 1778; accounts of provisions issued at Annapolis, 1779-84, and at Frederick, 1781 and 1785; account book of the intendant's office, 1782-84; Commissary John Crisall's account of receipts, 1776-82; and Council of Safety abstracts of correspondence. Small amount of records of Maryland military units through the 1790s, 1803-16, and 1824: lists of volunteers; appointments of officers; lists of prisoners; accounts of pay. A small portion of the Revolutionary War records has been published in Muster Rolls and Other Records of Service of Maryland Troops in the American Revolution 1775-1783. Archives of Maryland, vol. 18 (Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1900). Register available. 11 boxes, 1776-1824.

MILLIGAN PAPERS, MS. 590 Letters from Henrietta M. Tilghman in Chestertown, Kent County, to her cousin, Mary Pearce, of Poplar Neck, Cecil County, c. 1775-1788. Letters of Elizabeth M. Tilghman of Livingston, New Jersey, to Martha Levy in Philadelphia, 1810-1822. Miscellaneous letters, 1831-1867, to and from Hon. John Milligan, General R. S. Ewell, Dr. Samuel Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Mary Custis Lee. 1 box, 1738-1867.

MINIFIE, WILLIAM, DIARY, MS. 1993 Baltimore industrial drawing teacher (1805-80): his wedding, London honeymoon, journey to Baltimore, his various employments, weather conditions, politics, and religion; July the fourth celebrations in Baltimore, 1828 and 1831; presidential election, 1828; the centenary celebration of Baltimore in 1829; construction of the Washington Monument; a camp meeting in Queen Anne's County, 1828; visits to Philadelphia, New York, and England, 1830. 1 vol., 1828-32.


NUTTER-RICHARDS PAPERS, MS. 624 Deeds, patents, agreements, and depositions dating from 1786-1832, relating to land owned by the Nutter-Richards families of Dorchester County, Maryland, and Sussex County, Delaware. MS. volume of verse and miscellaneous items of Catherine H. Collins, Wilmington, 1820. 1 vol. and 69 items, 1786-1832.


OLDHAM PAPERS, MS. 1380 Papers of Colonel Edward Oldham (d. 1798) include copies of deeds, indentures and wills concerning his inheritance of Bohemia Manor, Cecil County, formerly owned by Augustine Herrman. Several items relate to the mortgage of Bohemia Manor held by Charles Carroll of Carrollton. 14 items, 1680-1824.


PARKER, GEORGE E. PAPERS, MS. 2215 Soldier (b. 1881) in the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I: general orders, memoranda, correspondence, and a 1918 diary (with accompanying photographs) of his march through France to the Rhine River; newspaper relating to the 150th anniversary of a military engagement in Kent County during the War of 1812; pamphlets about the American Legion, 1931-32; review of a history of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church; letters and an award from the Peabody Institute to Edward Parker, 1858-69. 35 items, 1858-69, 1918-32, 1964.

PENNINGTON FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 1827 Correspondence addressed to Josias Pennington (1 797-18 74) from William Henry Clapham (d. 1913) regarding legacy of John Seaberry and genealogical information on the Clapham family, 1855; William Clapham Pennington from Susan William dealing with ancestry of William Cooke, ca. 1904; William A. Hoppin about the paintings of Richard Caton Woodville, 1897; E. Woodville regarding wills of the Woodville family, 1878; to Benjamin Ogle concerning debts owed to the Ogle family, 1800 and 1802; from Clapham and Brice, merchants of Baltimore, to Richard Tilghman of Queen Anne's County about the shipping of crackers, cheese, and tobacco, 1801-2; of C. Kinloch Nelson, rector of Saint Anne's Parish in Annapolis, giving genealogical information about the Clapham family, 1856. Patent for land issued to Jonathan Hanson of Baltimore County, 1713, and deeds relating to Pennington family land, 1796, 1833, and 1834. Wills from various families: Pennington, 1810; Hanson, 1785 and 1802; Tilghman, 1814 and 1839; Cooke, 1817 and 1834; Seaberry, 1853; and Clapham, 1857. 1 box, 1713-1904.

PORT OF BALTIMORE VESSEL RECORDS, MS. 2228 Lists of ship arrivals and departures at Baltimore: name of ship; nationality; tonnage; destination; cargo. Microfilm only; originals from the Archives Nationales, Paris, France. 1 reel (no. 271), 1811-12.

PORT OF ENTRY PAPERS, MS. 670 Reports of Naval Officers for the ports of Patuxent, Annapolis, North Potomac, Oxford, and Pocomoke. 1 vol., 1751-1757.


QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY FREE SCHOOL MINUTE BOOK, MS. 683 Proceedings of the Board of Visitors of the first free school in Queen Anne's County, showing actions taken in regard to masters, courses of study, and property. 1 vol., 1723-1791.

QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY PAPERS, MS. 1526 A small collection of miscellaneous court items relating to personal legal matters, Queen Anne's County, 1732-1817. The names of Charles Brown & Company and John Longfellow are mentioned. 14 items, 1732-1817.

QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY RENT ROLL INDEX, MS. 682 Volume contains index to Queen Anne's County rent roll, 1760. 1 vol., 1760.


RADCLIFFE, GEORGE L. PAPERS, MS. 2280 Radcliffe's (1877-1974) career from his work as an attorney with the American Bonding Company in 1903 to his position as chairman of the governing body of the Maryland Historical Society until 1965: correspondence, meeting minutes, financial reports, and speeches concerning his political career as United States Senator, 1934-46; association with the Maryland Historical Society, 1912-74; his family; Eastern Shore property; work with the Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, the American Bonding Company, the Grace Foundation Inc. of Taylor's Island (195065), The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (1934-65), and the Civil War Centennial Commission (1959-65); eighteen scrapbooks of photographs and printed ephemera, ca. 1885-1972, reflecting his public career, family, and student years at the Johns Hopkins University; fifty volumes of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings of events in Radcliffe's public career, mostly his two terms in the United States Senate. 102 boxes and 50 vols., 1885-1972.

READ FAMILY LAND PAPERS, MS. 1602 Collection of items, including some unidentified fragments, mainly deeds between George Read of Delaware and John and William Read of Cecil County, Maryland. Map of Kinsley in Cecil County, the courses of Hemsley, Cecil County. 9 items, 1792-1823.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR COLLECTION, MS. 1814 Correspondence on economic and political matters: two lengthy letters from Maryland's English agent, Charles Garth, relating to the Stamp Act, 1766; a letter from a Boston merchant describing the British blockade, 1774; letter of acceptance of Thomas Johnson, Jr. to become the first state governor, 1777; the letterbook of Samuel Smith to George Washington on the defense of Fort Mifþin, 1777; a letterbook and receipt book of the Baltimore Town Commissioners for the procurement of supplies, 1780. Records created by the provisional and state governments including the proceedings of the Eastern Shore Branch of the Council of Safety, November-December 1775; oaths of fidelity, 1778; three journals of accounts for the legislature, 1778-81; journal of the Commissioners for Preserving Confiscated British Property, 1781-85; minutes of the Board of Patuxent Associations, 1781; miscellaneous Loan Office papers, legislative petitions, and records of the Intendant's office; a 1776 population of the counties with real and personal estates; and a 1781 account of different "species" of property showing land, slaves, and livestock. Military records: muster rolls; pensions; correspondence; 1780-81 accounts of the Clothier General for the Maryland troops. A small number of later histories and articles, mostly unpublished. Some of these documents have been published in various volumes of the Archives of Maryland and the Maryland Historical Magazine. Register available. 17 boxes, 1750-1962.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR OATHS OF FIDELITY, MS. 1586 Photostats of returns of Oaths of Fidelity for Baltimore City and the following Maryland counties: Worcester, Washington, Queen Anne's, Prince George's, Montgomery, Dorchester, St. Mary's, Baltimore, Calvert, Caroline, Anne Arundel, Talbot. 2 boxes, c. 1778.

RICHARDSON PAPERS, MS. 1405 Correspondence of Levin Richardson (1758-1865) of Church Creek, Dorchester County. Deals with shipbuilding by Richardson Brothers, land in Dorchester County, shipments of merchandise, local politics, management of Church Creek and Loomtown Academy. Letters of Richardson while a member of the state legislature. Letters from James L. Dorsey describing the riot of April 19, 1861, in Baltimore, and slaves held. 41 items, 1831-1861.

RIDGELY, DAVID, OF ANNAPOLIS, PAPERS, MS. 1603 Collection of two MS. volumes and two letters relating to David Ridgelys work on geological and geographical descriptions of Maryland. Description of Maryland (Geological) treats the counties of Maryland in order of their settlement (17 pp.). Description of Maryland (Geographical) has data on counties, towns, rivers, and other features (92 pp.). Letter from Levin Handy in Princess Anne, Somerset County, and Ridgely's reply, concerning the early settlement of Princess Anne. 2 vols. and 2 items, 1841.

RINGGOLD PAPERS, MS. 1407 Letters of the Ringgold family of Baltimore on personal and business matters. Samuel Ringgold, Sr., describes a farm in Kent County, 1849. Samuel Ringgold, III, writes of a ranch in California, 1851. Captain Richard S. Ringgold reports Thomas C. Ringgold's death in a fight with Apache Indians, New Mexico, 1855. Richard S. Ringgold, surgeon, writes from Alabama and Mississippi (55 pp.) at the close of the Civil War, 1864-1865. Letter, December 17, 1941, from Raphael Semmes to Thomas C. Ringgold (b. 1868). 16 items, 1849-1865, 1941.

RODNEY AND COCHRAN FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 1411 Small collection of legal papers relating to land in Cecil County owned by the Rodney and Cochran families. Executors' reports, correspondence with Internal Revenue. Individuals mentioned include John P. Cochran, John H. Rodney. 6 items, 1720-1900.

ROWLAND PAPERS, MS. 1412 Land papers of the Rowland and Sappington families of Cecil County, Maryland, covering 1736-1875. Material of Dr. John K. Sappington (1791-1868), includes deeds to land in various parts of Maryland, lectures given at the Maryland Institute, 1829-1837, and lecture given to the Medical Society of Harford County, February, 1867. Passbook of William B. Rowland (1811-1885) as Treasurer of the trustees of the West Nottingham Academy, 1852-1864. Indentures, legal documents, business papers, 1727-1834. c. 250 items, 1727-1875.

RUSSELL, ANN MEMORANDUM BOOK, MS. 2057 Cecil County resident (ca. 1778-1830): weather; personal health; social affairs; household chores; management of the farm; references to the Sewall and Thomas families. 1 vol., 1822-30.

RUTH, JOHN C. PAPERS, MS. 2154 Records of the Farmers Inspection Club of Corsica Neck in Queen Anne's County, ca. 1848-50, including the club's constitution, inspection records about cultivation and management techniques, and letter from John C. Ruth (1776-1869) on practical versus scientific farming; papers of John Nycum and Son, commission merchants at Rays Hill, Pennsylvania, including orders, often from merchants in Baltimore, 1855-67; orders directed to Philip Weisel and E. L. Anderson, spring water merchants of Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania, 1841-49; a few bills, a letter, and a contract relating to the personal affairs of John C. Ruth and Thomas D. C. Ruth, 1849-64; accounts pertaining to Louisa Brown, 1857-60, and the estate of Ann Nichols. 1 box, 1841-67.


SAINT STEPHAN'S PARISH RECORDS, MS. 1961 Cecil County Episcopal parish: lists of births, marriages, and baptisms, 1717-1804, 1853-60, and 1869-1905; vestry minutes, 1693-1726 and 1805-1913. 3 boxes, 1693-1913.

SAVAGE-DASHIELL ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 725 First part of this volume is a ledger of Joseph Savage, Somerset County merchant dealing mainly in fabrics, 1812-1813. Latter part of ledger has similar entries, made by John J. Dashiell (1808-1865), 1844-1849, with a long statement of his accounts with Dr. Cadmus Dashiell (1813-1898), which "are involved in some difficulty and intricacy and obscurity." 2 vols., 1812-1813, 1844-1849.

SCHARF PAPERS, MS. 1999 Large collection of miscellaneous materials prepared and collected by John Thomas Scharf for his works on the history of Maryland. The collection mainly consists of original documents, correspondence, broadsides, legal papers, land, financial, and military papers, account books) lists, etc.

1. Land Office Papers, 1723-1875. Colonial leases, rent rolls of the various counties of Maryland, titling books. Receipt book, 1773, dockets, 1778-1782, land grants. Material on confiscated British property, deeds, bonds, wills, settlements of estates, etc. Account books from the Treasurer's Office, lists of land owners in Maryland (various dates). Group of notes taken by Scharf concerning dead towns in Maryland, including material on Joppa, with plat and original entry book of the settlers of Joppa.

2. Maryland Financial Papers, 1734-1884. Continental Loan Office papers, bonds, 1721-1789, writings of consent, tax lists, correspondence of Thomas and Benjamin Harwood, Treasurers of Maryland. Books of seals and taxes, 1823-1851. Papers relating to the Internal Revenue of Maryland. Numerous bills and receipts paid by and owed to the State of Maryland by the United States and others.

3. Maryland Court Records, 1747-1870. Cases tried before the Chancery Court, extracts, Western and Eastern Shore judgments, Principio Company material, Washington claims, amercements, petitions for remission of fines, sentences, etc. Probate Court records, ordinary and tavern licenses, French spoliation claims. Correspondence between lawyers on cases, legal opinions. Large number of letters to Louis Gassaway, court clerk. Letters to the Chancellor and others. Lists of records of the Prerogative Court, 1635-1777.

4. Maryland Military and Naval Papers, 1747-1865. Oaths of Allegiance; lighthouse returns; returns of Naval Officers; shipping notes, 1747-1796; muster and payrolls of barges. Lists of Maryland soldiers; register of Maryland troops discharged at Frederick, 1783; list of deserters, Harford County, 1780; accounts for quartering soldiers. journal of ship, Defence. Material on share of Maryland in the War of 1812, including private letters, records of Maryland privateers in South America; papers of General William Winder. Financial material (deployment of supplies and food). Copies of military items from newspapers. c. 5, 000 documents, reports, and letters of the Civil War. Include Maryland campaign records, political material. Papers on the 6th Massachusetts Regiment incident, April 19, 1861.

5. Miscellaneous Maryland Historical Records. Acts of Council, letters written by the Council. Letters to the Governors of Maryland on various subjects-petitions, personal items, finances, administration, and policy. Newspapers of Baltimore. Records of the Council of Safety, 1776. Description of the Whig mobbing of William Goddard, 1777, for an attack on George Washington in his paper, the Maryland Journal. A list of members of the General Assembly and the Governor's Council from the first settlement. Non-importation agreement of Baltimore merchants, June 22, 1769. Papers relating to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, and other public works. Commissions, recommendation petitions for civil positions. Papers of various individuals, including Daniel Dulany, Jeremiah T. Chase, Charles Carroll of Carrollton. Biographical dictionary entries (MS.). Posters of sales, election material, census returns, acts of the General Assembly. Notes on mobs, riots, and strikes. Report of the Town Watch in Baltimore, 1788. Material on public works, roads, tobacco warehouses. Diplomatic correspondence relating to French vessels, 1777-1786. Transactions of the Governor and Council, 1777-1786. Original MS. of E. Vallette, Deputy Commissioner for Maryland, 1774. Correspondence of Scharf with Jefferson Davis concerning Scharf's intention of writing a biography of Davis. Correspondence of Scharf with various historians on his books, notably with Thomas Westcott on Historical Mansions and Buildings of Philadelphia, 1877. Miscellaneous material relating to states other than Maryland is included in this collection, especially Philadelphia items (licenses to run taverns are particularly numerous).

7 filing cabinets, 32 boxes, 17th-19th centuries.

SCOTT ACCOUNT BOOKS, MS. 714 Tax book for Queen Anne's County, Maryland, kept by Solomon Scott (þ. early 19th century), showing assessments on property and payments, 1800. No details of this Solomon Scott known. Poll book kept by Augustus Beitzel for No. 216 Camden Ward, Baltimore, late 19th century. Newspaper clippings of death notices are pasted over some of the entries and the volume is entitled as belonging to Solomon Scott (presumably the collector of the clippings). This Scott lived 1855-1937. 2 vols., 1800, c. 1890-1896.

SEMANS PAPERS, MS. 1419 Correspondence of R. Semans concerning the property of Mrs. A. A. Spaight in Kent County, Maryland. 8 items, 1859-1862.

SHARP, RICHARD G., COLLECTION, MS. 2309 Papers related to the Bank of Baltimore: letters to the board of directors, President George Salmon (d. 1807) and cashier James Cox, 1798-1821, about various accounts, loans, debts, policies on dividends and stocks, competition of state banks with the Bank of the United States, the printing of bank notes; letter from President William Wilson to Albert Gallatin about the bank's use of notes of the Bank of the United States; an opinion by Luther Martin on the security of a mortgage, 1803; meeting minutes about the use of foreign gold, 1810; advertising broadsides, 1815-35; technical pamphlet on the stereotype steel plate, 1806; pamphlet on the one hundredth anniversary of the National Bank of Baltimore, 1895; photocopies of the manumission of the slaves of Thomas Wilkins of Kent County, Maryland, 1794-1819 and 1824. Register available. Pedley, 141, 270, 1327 32 items, 1794-1895.

SMITH PAPERS, MS. 764 Collection containing title deeds and other papers concerning land in Queen Anne's County, Maryland, owned by John Smith (þ. 18th century) and other Smiths [Smyths] 35 items, 1650-1844.

SMOOT, ALEXANDER, DAYBOOK, MS. 2204 Owner of store at Northwest Fork Bridge in Talbot County: sugar, cloth, coffee, rum, shoes, molasses, salt, wheat, and flax; numerous mentions of Nicholites living in the area. 1 vol., 1784-85.

SOMERSET COUNTY COURT RECORDS, MS. 757 Photostat copies of Liber B, No. 1, and Liber AZ, Somerset County Court, including the clerks' contemporary indices in the front of each volume. Liber B, No. I dates from December 11, 1665-September 29, 1668, with some deeds entered as late as November, 1668. Also included are a large number of cattle marks recorded from January, 1665-May, 1719. Liber AZ records court sessions October, 1671-September, 1675; also summonses to court, 1674. 2 vols., 1665-1719.

STEEL FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 2240 Cecil County family: deeds; bonds; wills. Land papers for the area along the Susquehanna River. 23 items, 1760-1829.

STEELE PAPERS, MS. 1429 Land papers (Dorchester County) of the Rider, Billings, and Steele families, 1683-1770. Letters and papers of James B. Steele (1794-1861) and family, 1788-1844, covering financial affairs-bills and receipts, and the formation of the Union Bank of Maryland. Small collection of papers of Dr. Thomas B. Steele (1822-1905), 1845-1856, consisting of letter of thanks to him from Portsmouth, Virginia, October 1, 1858, for his services there during an epidemic; letters describing his life as a U. S. Navy surgeon. Letters of Dr. Guy Steele to his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Steele, 1891-1894, while serving in the U. S. Navy. Describe life on board ship, an Asiatic tour. c. 100 items, 1683-1894.

STEVENSON, JOHN, ACCOUNT BOOKS, MS. 1662 Records of merchant and shipmaster, possibly from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Ledger, 1824-36: records of the schooner, Echo; invoices for þour, tobacco, corn, sugar, and molasses shipped to Baltimore; letters from Antigua on market conditions; ship repairs. journal, 1821-34: cash disbursements and receipts for the schooner Potosi (1827), schooner Fanfare (1830 and 1834), barque Canton (1836-37), schooner Blucher (1821), brig Hyperion. 2 vols., 1821-36.

SUDLER PAPERS, MS. 726 Papers of Thomas Sudler, lawyer of West Over, Somerset County, Maryland. Include poetry, receipts, deeds and divisions of land, indentures, wills, miscellaneous real estate papers, grocery catalogue, auction tickets, order sheets and advertisements for grain and fertilizer. Personal and business letters, account books for wills and family business, 1837-1849. 1 box, 1811-1878.

SUSQUEHANNA BRIDGE AND BANK COMPANY MINUTE BOOK, MS. 837 Proceedings of the Susquehanna Bridge and Bank Company, Port Deposit, Cecil County. Include list of directors appointed, 1815, rules of the company, minutes of meetings of the directors, details of financial transactions. 1 vol., 1815-1831.


COUNTY DISTRIBUTION OF ESTATES RECORD BOOK, MS. 1471 Record book (MS. copy) of distribution of estates, Talbot County, Maryland. Shows executor or administrator by whom the estates were distributed. Indexed. 1 vol., 1751-1776.

TALBOT COUNTY INDENTURES AND DEEDS, MS. 1484 Collection of indentures and deeds to land, Talbot County, Maryland. Tracts involved include Troth's Addition, Powell's Patent, Kingston, Wales, Sutton. Principals include Daniel Powell and his wife (1707), William Dickinson (1707), Howell Powell (1649), John Whittington (1649), Nicholas Holmes (1674), John Dickinson (1667), Thomas Powell (1663), Henry Alexander (1667), Thomas Weanning (1664), Frances Armstrong (1727), John Alexander (1726), Samuel Dickinson (1727), Andrew Skinner (1663), Edward Lloyd (1663, 1665), John Preston (1740). 12 items, 1649-1740.

TALBOT COUNTY LAND RECORDS, MS. 2330 Talbot County deputy surveyor certificate book: reports to the surveyor general for official land records; names of property owners; descriptions of property locations and boundaries; alphabetical index to volume for 1662-66. Pedley, 757, 982, 1501, 1503 4 vols., 1659-82.

TALBOT COUNTY MARRIAGE LICENSES, MS. 801 Notebook containing MS. copies of Talbot County marriage licenses, apparently made from the original records of John Leeds, clerk of Talbot County. Copies may have been made by John Bozman Kerr, whose name occurs in the back of the volume (1870). 1 vol., 1738-1750 (1870).

TALBOT COUNTY SURVEY BOOK, MS. 1595 Survey book for Talbot County, 1667-1726. Entries up to 1689 made by William Coursey. At this date the hand changes and later additions were probably made by William Turbutt, Surveyor for Talbot County, or by his deputy, Philemon Hemsley. Area covered includes what are now portions of Queen Anne's and Kent Counties. 1 vol., 1667-1726.

TANGIER STEAMBOAT COMPANY ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 802 Account book showing charges for freight shipped for various customers from Baltimore to Prince George's and Somerset Counties by the Tangier Steamboat Company. 1 vol., 1855-1856.

THOMPSON, DR. SAMUEL A., PAPERS, MS. 1720 Business and legal papers, mostly about land, of Doctor Thompson (d. ca. 1843) of Queen Anne's County. Family estate papers of Richard Thompson and Sarah Thompson. 10 items, 1812-43.

TILGHMAN, WILLIAM, PAPERS, MS. 1446 Miscellaneous business papers of various individuals, including bonds, legal opinions, statements on land disputes. Letters to William Tilghman (1756-1827) of Chestertown, Kent County, from Patrick Hamilton, James Holyday, Benjamin Ogle, and John Warden. Will and inventory of George Little, 1772-1773. Collection of letters and documents in the hand of or addressed to William Tilghman, concerning land boundaries, the validity of old Indian deeds. Letters to various families both before and after the Revolution. Business records of Tilghman. c. 270 items, 1732-1826.

TOBACCO WAREHOUSE BOOK, MS. 1690 Record, possibly belonging to Alexander Douglass: tobacco received for storage; to whom assigned; hogshead markings; accounts of the firm Forrest and Stoddert with warehouses in Dorchester, Somerset, and Wicomico Counties. Letter from John Hutchinson to Alexander Douglass, 22 October 1799, and Douglass's reply, about renting space in Vienna, Maryland for the storage of grain. 1 vol., 1783-89, 1799.

TRADER PAPERS, MS. 1448 Collection of deeds, patents, and miscellaneous contracts relating to the Trader family of Worcester and Somerset Counties, Maryland. 31 items, 1803-1875.




WARFIELD, RIDGELY, COLLECTION, MS. 873 Papers of Dr. Ridgely Warfield (1864-1920) include miscellaneous indentures and wills of Talbot County, and various letters and accounts. Correspondents include Mark Alexander, James Cox, Ross Winans, Severn. Teackle Wallis. 1 file, 1725-1874.

WHITAKER, GEORGE P., PAPERS, MS. 1730 Deeds, plats, surveys, and administrative and legal papers concerning various tracts of land in Baltimore and Cecil Counties acquired by Joseph and George P. Whitaker (1803-90): land tracts purchased by Benjamin Rumsey, their sale by heirs Amelia and Mary Rumsey to William Sappington, and later purchase by Joseph and George P. Whitaker, trading as the George P. Whitaker Company, 1859-62; the Principio Company, including a record of two runaway servants from Steven Onion of the Principio Iron Works (1730), a statement of stock (1841); sale of the Principio Company to George P. Whitaker, 1837-66, and the incorporation of the George P. Whitaker Company as Whitaker Iron Company, a Delaware corporation, 1881-83; agreements with the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad for freight rates, 1887, and the burning of trash, 1909-13; plans and drawings of a turbine wheel by Poole and Hunt of Baltimore, 1867; a map of the route of the Annapolis and Drum Point Railroad, 1881; Whitaker Iron Company interests in the Crescent Iron Works in Wheeling, West Virginia. 2 boxes, 1670-1913.

WICKES LETTERS, MS. 179 Miscellaneous correspondence of the Wickes family of Kent County, Maryland, mainly addressed to Joseph Wickes (1826-1915), lawyer, and Simon A. Wickes, physician. Subjects include legal business, family affairs, and social news. 407 items, 1822-1866.

WICKES, SIMON A., JOURNAL, MS. 900 journal kept by Simon A. Wickes of Chestertown, Kent County, while studying with Henry Dutton at Newtown, Connecticut, for re-admission to Yale, 1825. Comments on activities of students with frequent accounts of convivial evenings spent at taverns. Notes on graduation in 1827, and memoranda dealing with the opening of his medical practice in Philadelphia, 1833-1834, as Out Door Physician to the Alms House. Two typed copies are included with the original diary. 1 vol. and 2 items, 1825-1834.

WICOMICO COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MINUTE BOOK, MS. 901 Volume containing minutes of the meetings of the county commissioners of Wicomico County, including details on appointments of county officers, bills paid, repair of roads. 1 vol., 1878-1896.

WILLIAMS, OTHO HOLLAND, ACCOUNTS, MS. 908.2 Accounts and payrolls of the barges Fearnaught, Defence, Protector, Terrible, and Revenge during the Revolutionary War. Crew list and rAbLftip of wages. Accounts cover 1776-1783. List of the officers and men of the Defence (Captain George Cook), 1776. Examination of the conduct of Captain [George ? ] Dashiell in relation to the action between Maryland barges and the British, November, 1782. Commissioner's instructions to barge commanders, signed by Matthew Tilghman, n.d. 45 items, 1773-1796, and n.d.

WILLIAM WILSON AND SONS RECORDS, MS. 2278 Account book, 1787-95, of cargoes received for several voyages of the ships Paca and Sarah and the brig Baltimore owned and operated by William Wilson (1749-1824); an alphabetical index to a ledger; a contract with shipbuilder Joseph Kemp of Talbot County for the construction of a vessel; articles of partnership, 1854, between Thomas I., Henry R., James G., and D. S. Wilson; an announcement of a voyage of the Andalusia; brief notes on the history of the firm including ships owned and incidents; information on the ships Jane and Galen including dimension, year built, owner, and master. 8 items, 1787-1854.

WOMAN'S EASTERN SHORE SOCIETY SCRAPBOOKS, MS. 938 Record books chronicling the activities of the Woman's Eastern Shore Society and other items of Eastern Shore interest. Include menus, programs, clippings, pictures, typewritten reports, materials on the Washington bicentennial celebrations. 7 vols., 1926-1956.

WOODWARD COLLECTION, MS. 1636 Dorchester County land papers, 1680-1858, including surveys of Paradise for Lawrence Woodman, Skinner's Neglect for William Skinner, and Abott's Chance for Thomas Abott, all in 1680. Deeds involving Benjamin Woodward, ? Sr. and Jr., 1797-1850. Wills of Moses Lecompte, 1799; Peter Stokes, 1764; Sarah Stokes, 1783; Benjamin Woodward, ? Sr., 1817-1818 (3 wills). Commission of Benjamin Woodward, ? Jr., as paymaster to the 48th Regiment, Maryland Militia, 1824. Accounts of the estate of Annie Woodward (William E. Woodward, guardian), 1850, 1852-1858. Miscellaneous invitations and letters. Genealogical material on the Woodward and Lecompte families. Tickets to the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson, 1868. Letter of George Williams, 1865 describing Baltimore after President Lincoln's assassination. 36 items, 1680-c. 1914.

WOODWARD-SMITH PAPERS, MS. 1842 Correspondence of J. Douglas Woodward, a New York lawyer, to Gen. J. Spear Smith (1786-1866) about efforts to locate heirs for final settlement of claims of military officers who served in the Revolution. Mentions of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Rhode Island soldiers. 39 items, 1856-57.

WORCESTER LOCOMOTIVE COMPANY ACCOUNT BOOK, MS. 921 Volume with miscellaneous accounts of Dr. George W. Bishop, treasurer of the Worcester Locomotive Company, an organization at Snow Hill, Maryland, formed to purchase engine, tender, and cars for a small railroad on the Eastern Shore. List of partners with accounts paid. 1 vol., 1874-1885.

WRIGHT-MAY-THOM FAMILY PAPERS, MS. 2416 Business and personal correspondence, journals, accounts, and bills and receipts of William Henry De Courcy Wright (1795-1864), Clintonia Wright May Thomas (1825-ca. 1902), William May (ca. 1815-61), De Courcy W. Thom (1858-1932), and other family members residing in Baltimore and Queen Anne's County: European travels; William May's naval career in the Mediterranean aboard the U.S. Frigates Congress and Constellation; and W. DeC. Wright's career as a U.S. consul to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1825-34. Genealogical notes collected by DeCourcy W. Thom on the following families: Barclay, Bennet, Bland, Brett, Brooke, Clayton, Courcy, DeCourcy, Fitzhugh, Hard, Jett, Keyser, Lea, Lewis, Massie, May, Mayo, Poythress, Rose, Smith, Tabb, Thom, Triplett, Warner, and Wright. Register available. Pedley, 714 17 boxes, 1802-1965.

WROTH, DR. PEREGRINE, MEMOIRS, MS. 926 Volume with memoirs of thirteen Kent County physicians, prepared by Dr. Peregrine Wroth (1786-1879). Subjects include James M. Anderson, Jr., James Bordley, Morgan Browne, Jacob Fisher, William F. Harper, Henry Page, John Reese, Edward Scott, Charles Tilden, William B. Tilden, Thomas Wilson, and Edward Worrell. A note by Dr. Wroth says that the memoirs "were prepared by me at the request of Dr. G. M. C. Roberts of Baltimore, who, at the time, had in contemplation a work on the physicians who were members of the medical and chirurgical faculty of Maryland." The memoirs are dated 1862. Dr. Wroth was a resident of Chestertown, Kent County. 1 vol., 1862.



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