Worcester & Somerset Counties, Maryland, 1795

Eastern Shore Information:
Worcester County & Somerset County, 1795

By Craig O'Donnell

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The inline map here is a JPEG file approximately 250K in size. If you click on the second link, you will load a the same map but at much greater resolution. This second map is bigger when printed out and has also been only slightly compressed from the original TIFF file.

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This detail comes from the Dennis Griffith map of Maryland in the Library of Congress Map Collection. it's an amazing and beautiful piece of workmanship for its day.

I have added two asterisks on the web map which show Senepuxon [etc] Inlet and Sinepuxent Neck. Just north of the Inlet is South Point and Genezar. The islands shown by the inlet don't exist anymore (perhaps there are shoals there) and neither does the Inlet. Note how Fenwick Island extends much further south than it does now. The more northern asterisk is about the location of the present Fassitt House and of Mayfields.

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